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Half Magic is a romantic comedy film written and directed by the talented Heather Graham, who also stars in the leading role alongside Angela Kinsey and Stephanie Beatriz. The movie revolves around the lives of three women who are tired of feeling invisible in a world dominated by men.

The character named Honey, played by Heather Graham, is an aspiring writer who feels stuck in her career and love life. She is convinced that her boyfriend is cheating on her and is unable to stand up for herself at work, where she is constantly undermined by her male boss. One day, while attending a self-help seminar, she meets two other women, Eva (Angela Kinsey) and Candy (Stephanie Beatriz), who are facing similar struggles.

Eva is a struggling actress who has been trying to make it in Hollywood but is constantly rejected for being too old and not thin enough. She also happens to be dating a married man and is unable to break free from the toxic relationship. Candy, on the other hand, is a confident and assertive woman who seems to have it all, but deep down, she is struggling with her own insecurities and fears.

The three women bond over their shared experiences and decide to take control of their lives by using a mystical book of spells to empower themselves. Honey, who is the most skeptical of the three, is surprised when the spells actually start working. They give her the confidence to stand up for herself at work and to confront her boyfriend about his infidelity. Eva uses the spells to break free from her toxic relationship and to pursue her dream of becoming an independent filmmaker.

As for Candy, she uses the spells to help her overcome her fear of commitment and to open herself up to love. She meets a charming man named Peter (Chris D'Elia) and begins a whirlwind romance. However, as their relationship progresses, she realizes that Peter may not be as perfect as he seems. Meanwhile, Honey's relationship with her boyfriend takes a surprising turn, and Eva finds herself struggling with the pressure of being a female director in a male-dominated industry.

Half Magic is a humorous and relatable film that tackles important issues such as gender inequality, self-discovery, and the power of female friendship. It is refreshing to see a movie that celebrates and empowers women without being preachy or over the top. The cast is excellent, and the chemistry between Heather Graham, Angela Kinsey, and Stephanie Beatriz is impressive.

The film also features a fantastic soundtrack, which adds to the overall feel-good vibe of the movie. The use of bright colors and playful imagery further enhances the fun and whimsical nature of the story.

Overall, Half Magic is an enjoyable romantic comedy that offers a fresh perspective on the modern-day struggles of women. It is a must-watch for anyone who has ever felt like they are not living up to their full potential. The film inspires us to believe in ourselves and to take control of our lives, no matter what obstacles we may face.

Half Magic is a Romance, Comedy movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 49.

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