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First Knight is a romantic adventure film released in 1995. Directed by Jerry Zucker and starring Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond, the movie is a retelling of the King Arthur legend, with a special focus on the love triangle between King Arthur, his queen Guinevere, and the romantic and adventurous Sir Lancelot.

The story begins with King Arthur (played by Sean Connery) ruling over Camelot, a kingdom thriving with justice, equality and chivalry. After a brutal attack by the evil knight Malagant on a small village, Arthur decides to send his bravest and most skilled knights to face him, including the young and daring Sir Lancelot (Richard Gere). Impressed by Lancelot’s bravery, Arthur invites him to join his court.

Soon, Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere (Julia Ormond), Arthur's queen. Guinevere is initially hesitant, but ultimately succumbs to Lancelot's charms, setting the stage for a forbidden love story that will test Arthur's loyalty to his knights, his queen, and his kingdom.

While the love story takes center stage, the movie is full of spectacular action scenes, including thrilling sword fights and chases, brought to life by breathtaking landscapes and amazing special effects. The fight choreography is superb, and the action flows seamlessly between the fights and the emotional scenes.

Sean Connery's portrayal of King Arthur is one of his most iconic roles. He conveys a sense of dignity, gravitas, and honor that makes us believe in his leadership and his vision, as well as the importance of the code of chivalry. Julia Ormond is graceful and convincing as Guinevere, torn between her duty to her husband and her love for Lancelot, While Richard Gere, famous for his charming and flamboyant demeanor, delivers a nuanced and complex performance, bringing Lancelot to life as a flawed hero struggling with his own motives and principles.

Overall, First Knight is a timeless classic of action and romance, a movie that combines the epic grandeur of the Arthurian legends with the intimate and emotional weight of a love story for the ages. It's a movie that transports us to a world of knights and princesses, of battles and quests, while also showing us the power of true love, bravery, and loyalty. Whether you're a fan of medieval tales or a lover of romance movies, this film is an absolute must-see.

First Knight is a Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance movie released in 1995. It has a runtime of 134 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 57.

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