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Unfaithful was a romance/drama movie that came out in the year 2002. The movie is about a married woman who runs into a male stranger and begins to have an affair with him. This movie was directed by Adrian Lyne who has made some other fine movies including Jacob’s Ladder and Fatal Attraction. The movie did okay at the box office and was known to be a decent movie. For those who are interested in romantic dramas then this is one of the better selections one can make when it comes to watching movies. The movie examines the lifestyle of an affluent family in New York and how the affair effects them. When watching Unfaithful it has a rather mundane beginning. At first you see a housewife named Connie who is helping her husband Edward and son Charlie get ready for their day. She helps her son get ready for school and also makes sure that the husband is ready for work. The husband and the son leave while she goes into New York City to purchase items for a fundraiser party. On the way home she gets caught in a windstorm and accidently bumps into a guy who is carrying books. When she bumps into him, she falls down and scrapes her knee. The male stranger named Paul asks her to come into his apartment and she comes in. He helps her put a bandaid on her knee and then gives her something to drink. She later leaves his place and thanks him. On her way out he gives her a book with his phone number. The next day she calls him and begins to meet with him on a regular basis over the course of a couple of weeks. After a while Connie’s husband Edward begins to get suspicious of her frequent outings. He hires a private investigator to help him find out what is going on. The private investigator tells him that she has been seeing another man and this devastates Edward. Once he finds out that his wife Connie is having an affair he begins to feel lots of resentment and confronts Paul. While talking to Paul about Connie and the affair he is told that his wife preferred to live in New York City and that the move to the suburbs was his idea. He also finds out that Connie gave a glass ball to Paul as a gift. This upsets Edward because he gave that to her as a gift. Edward snaps and hits Paul in the head with the glass ball and kills him. Edward frantically cleans up the apartment and takes the body out. He arrives to see his son’s school play. After the play he gets very agitated and has a sleepless night due to devastation of learning about his wife’s affair along with having to wash his car and dump Paul’s body at a local landfill. In the end a murder investigation takes place and he and his wife agree to get through the aftermath of the affair. They also contemplate leaving the country. The final scene has them in their SUV talking things over.

Unfaithful is a Thriller, Drama movie released in 2002. It has a runtime of 124 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 63.

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Adrian Lyne
Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Olivier Martinez, Erik Per Sullivan
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