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First Contact
Zoa suffers a massive betrayal as the rebellion crumbles and Brisa races against the clock to save the inhabitants of Eden.

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Reeling from news of another death, the rebels decide to blow Eden up. Astrid learns the truth about Zoa and Gabi.

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Beyond the Stars
Mayka asks Charly to stay away from her. Eloy, Orson and Ibon explore the boundaries of their friendship.

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The New Eden
As the rebels spread the truth about Eden, Astrid makes a bold move to carry out her father's plan. Africa changes course and confronts Zoa and Bel.

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Second Chances
Zoa and Gabi's conflicting tactics put them at odds. Mayka convinces a reluctant Astrid and Erick to give Charly one last chance at survival.

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The rebels set out to take down Astrid. Isaac reveals his true identity to Eloy. Bel admits her feelings for Zoa and plans their first official date.

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Zoa and Bel grow fond of one another, causing a jealous Nico to take action. Erick and Mayka put their positions at risk by defending Africa and Charly.

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After discovering another murder in Eden, Astrid brings an army to the island and seeks revenge. The arrival of Gabi disrupts Zoa's plans.

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Netflix's 2022 show, Welcome to Eden, is an engaging drama series that promises to take its viewers on an unforgettable journey. This Spanish web series spins an intriguing tale of mystery, adventure, and human nature, with its unique premise setting the perfect stage for suspense and emotion. Set in an undisclosed future, Welcome to Eden transports audiences into a tech-savvy world that has achieved remarkable strides in digital innovation and artificial intelligence. Despite these advancements, our modern society is portrayed as increasingly disconnected and discontented. The digital world, despite its allure, seems shallow and unsatisfying, leading to a profound unhappiness amongst its inhabitants. The plot of the series takes a twist when a group of young adults, dissatisfied and tormented by their digitized lives, receive a bizarre invitation to an idyllic and unbeknownst location termed 'Eden.' Driven by boredom, despair, and the palpable need for a different life, they all accept the invitation, embarking on a journey that none of them could fathom. They leave behind their high-tech city lives to venture into the untouched beauty of Eden, trading screens for sunrises, and Wi-Fi connections for human connections. In Eden, they find a paradise untouched by technology – a world without smartphones, computers, or any form of digital devices. It's a new beginning, a place where they can experience true freedom and authentic human interactions. However, their idyllic retirement is quickly "disrupted" when they realize Eden is anything but a paradise. Welcome to Eden explores the complex interplay between technology, human nature, and our innate longing for authentic connections. It investigates whether the group's rejection of a digital life in favor of a natural and analog world will result in the bliss they desire or whether this radical choice will unleash unforeseen consequences. The show features a talented and diverse ensemble cast who breathe life into these complex characters. Each character has a distinctive personality and backstory that contribute to the overall narrative. The character development throughout the series is phenomenal, with each individual facing their own identity struggle, passions, fears, and secrets which are gradually revealed to further thicken the plot. Remember, they were all looking for an escape, a new start, but what they find in Eden challenges them in ways they couldn't have imagined. The series is beautifully shot and contains breathtaking cinematography that is truly immersive. The contrast between the artificial, grey metropolis of a digital society and the vibrant, untapped beauty of Eden is strikingly depicted. The use of visual storytelling enhances the narrative and engrosses the viewers in the unfolding drama. The impressive storytelling combines elements of drama, mystery, tensions, and thrill into a cohesive narrative proving to be a compelling watch. The viewers will find themselves delving deep into the mysteries and secrets of Eden, entangled within the exciting storylines and subplots that keep them on edge. Welcome to Eden isn't just your typical drama series – it's a thought-provoking exploration of our modern fixations and primal instincts. It questions the role of technology in our lives and how far we'd be willing to go to escape from it. The series skillfully intertwines techno-anxiety with the yearning for utopia, offering a critique of our digitally saturated society. All these aspects make Welcome to Eden more than just entertainment; it is an introspective journey that will cause viewers to question their own relationships with technology and the world around them. As a multi-layered drama filled with suspense, excitement, and intriguing characters, Welcome to Eden will surely captivate Netflix's international audience. Whether you are a fan of gripping drama or a reflective seeker questioning the nature of contemporary society, Welcome to Eden promises an engaging and thought-provoking experience that will keep you hooked episode after episode.

Welcome To Eden is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.6.

Amaia Aberasturi, Berta Castañé, Tomás Aguilera
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