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Episode 16
When Jessica asks for NIS protection in exchange for Samael's identity, Hae-ri heads to prison undercover. In hiding, Dal-geon plans his next steps.

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Episode 15
Sang-mi leaves behind a warning about a shady figure named Samael, putting everything Dal-geon thought he knew about the crash into question.

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Episode 14
When O Sang-mi disappears, Dal-geon and Hae-ri realize there's more to the situation. Meanwhile, Hong Sun-jo takes advantage of the crisis.

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Episode 13
Dal-geon's explosive on-air accusation toward the president sparks a media storm. Jessica's press conference goes south quick.

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Episode 12
The plan to get Woo-gi safely to the courthouse takes an unanticipated turn -- and throws the Blue House into panic mode.

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Episode 11
Dal-geon and Hae-ri make contact with Jae-sik. Jessica and Yun Han-gi see a big win at the National Assembly.

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Episode 10
After running from the embassy, Dal-geon and the others head back to Korea another way. Min Jae-sik confronts Gang Ju-cheol.

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Episode 9
Dal-geon and the agents try to keep Kim Woo-gi alive, and request NIS backup. Jessica moves to pin the plane crash on someone else.

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Episode 8
Dal-geon runs into trouble while trying to carry out his own search. Tae-ung is displeased that the operation in Morocco doesn’t go as planned.

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Episode 7
Dal-geon sees someone who’s supposed to be dead. Hae-ri and Tae-ung head to Morocco to capture their suspect.

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Episode 6
The NIS takes Dal-geon to a safe house. Tae-ung questions O Sang-mi about her husband’s involvement in the plane crash but is ordered to release her.

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Episode 5
Dal-geon attempts to alert the press about what he knows -- but someone interferes. Hae-ri contacts Gi Tae-ung to get answers about the flash drive.

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Episode 4
Dal-geon gets a call from someone out of the blue and is approached by a journalist, who claims to be pursuing a story about the plane crash.

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Episode 3
Hae-ri remains skeptical about the flight-deck voice recording but is told that the evidence points to a faulty aircraft. Dal-geon is ambushed.

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Episode 2
Cha Dal-geon makes a disquieting announcement to the other bereaving families and implores Go Hae-ri for help, but she seems to be hiding something.

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Episode 1
Cha Dal-geon encourages his nephew to go to Morocco with the taekwondo demonstration group. Go Hae-ri walks in late to a meeting at the Korean embassy.

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Vagabond, released in 2019 by the South Korean broadcasting system SBS, is a high-octane, action-packed crime thriller and political drama that shatters the serene facade of the world and dives headlong into a web of corruption, deceit, and danger. This blockbuster drama draws from many different genres to craft a unique and compelling experience. At the heart of the show is Cha Dal Gun, played by the renowned Lee Seung-gi. A stunt man with aspirations to make it big in the world of action films, Cha Dal Gun's life is thrown into disarray when his nephew dies in a mysterious plane crash. Against the backdrop of action, the drama poignantly weaves in themes of familial love and human resilience when the tragedy becomes a driver for Cha Dal Gun to dive deeper into the unexplained circumstances of his nephew's death. He transitions from action star to action hero, displaying unparalleled tenacity and courage in his quest for justice. He crosses paths with Go Hae Ri, portrayed by the acclaimed actress Bae Suzy. Go Hae Ri is not your conventional heroine. A covert operative working for the National Intelligence Service, she presents an intriguing blend of vulnerability and steeliness, grappling with a financially challenged life due to her father's death and juggling her clandestine and dangerous profession. She ends up getting embroiled in Cha Dal Gun's quest for truth, and the series traces their intertwined journeys as they face off against forces much larger than themselves. The screenwriting duo Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon have meticulously built a world within Vagabond that explores how power moves in shadows within high echelons of society. The drama is a hard-hitting social commentary on corruption that reaches far and beyond what's perceptible to the public eye. The elastic ethical bounds exercised by the characters offer an insight into the sacrifices and compromises made in the pursuit of justice and truth. Vagabond is visually stunning, coupling its potent storytelling with dynamic action sequences, stunning cinematography, and stellar production values. The director, Yoo In-sik, has masterfully executed the drama's high-stakes stunts and action sequences, providing an adrenaline-rush experience that stands shoulder to shoulder with blockbuster films. From intense car chases to thrilling hand-to-hand combat sequences, the show is a treat for action lovers. The powerful performances of the ensemble cast further embellish the drama’s narrative. From the central characters to the supporting roles, every actor convincingly portrays their characters' journey, enhancing the overall immersive experience of the series. The high-energy dynamics between Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy, supported by spine-chilling performances of antagonists, create a captivating character interplay maintaining the tension throughout the series. The musical score of Vagabond deepens the dramatic impact, punctuating the tension-filled atmosphere and amplifying the intensity during the action sequences. It seamlessly transitions to capture moments of emotional vulnerability, underscoring the show's emotional depth. The show's strength lies in its unpredictability. With countless plot twists and misdirections, the series keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. It raises questions about good versus evil, about the role of justice in a system entrenched in corruption, and about the power one holds to change the status quo. Vagabond is a drama that bravely delves into the grim shadows of society – a page-turner that skillfully weaves together a complex tapestry of action, emotion, suspense, and corruption. Exposing a reality hidden behind a veneer of normalcy, this Korean drama series is a must-watch for anyone who thrives on thrillers that challenge conventions and dare to dive deep below the surface of casual appearances.

Vagabond is a series categorized as a continuing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Moon Jeong-Hee
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