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By taking that one step, we become different than yesterday.
Ma-eum and Producer Kwon choose the same webtoon artist again, and they must come up with proposals to win the artist's heart. Jun-young thinks of the ways to confess his feelings for Ma-eum.

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Life is... a process of breaking through the limits.
Dae-ryug successfully submits and uploads the next episode of "Weapon Feeb," thanks to everyone's help. The long-awaited board meeting is held, keeping everyone on the Webtoon Team on their toes.

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The stars are shining for you.
Dae-ryug's mother visits Neon, hoping to get his address. She ends up following Ma-eum to Dae-ryug's place, and he panics at the sight of her.

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Let's hurry our steps so that bad luck can't catch up.
Jun-young tells Ma-eum why he's been seeing Director Heo separately. Ma-eum meets Director Shin with Dae-ryug to discuss the drama adaptation of "Weapon Feeb".

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No one is courageous.. Only those who muster courage...
The managing director of Neon gives the webtoon team one last chance to prove their place in the company. Chief Editor Jang gathers the whole team to encourage them to work with him for their final shot.

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You were always trying to tell me that I was a flower too.
Jun-young mistakenly thinks that Ji-hyung and Man-chul are responsible for his sister's death. He can't decide whether to betray the team even further and hand over the materials he got from Young-bae to Director Heo.

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Stars don't disappear, they'll be seen again someday.
Ji-hyung gets confused after he got an offer as the chief editor of Youngtoon. Man-chul tells him to think about himself first.

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Don't lose! Not to fate, nor to loneliness.
Man-chul and his colleagues visit the artist Ma Hae-kyu to persuade him so that they can publish a remake of a legendary cartoon as a webtoon. Ma-eum tries to care for his daughter since she hates her father.

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I'll become your unchanging sincerity.
Gang-nam contemplates about moving to another platform who would give him better treatments. However, he realizes that working with Neon would give him more memories about "Princess Kumiho", so he decides to extend his contract.

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You're just like my long-time dream.
Dong-hee feels inferior to Dae-ryug, who looks like a genius to him. Despite the ten years he spent working under Baek Eo-jin, he thinks that he's hit his limit.

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Something incomplete can be filled with infinite possibilities.
Ma-eum finds out that Producer Kwon has been treating the newbie artist, Goo Seul-ah, in a harsh way. She confronts him at work, asking him to cut her some slack.

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The number of people needed to support one person.
Ma-eum recruits rookie artists through the Webtoon Camp, but helping their debut is more difficult than she thought. She has to convince Sin Dae-ryug to work more on his drawing skills and tell Goo Seul-ah to improve her storyboard.

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The talented ones will be slaves to their talent.
Ma-eum succeeds in convincing her artist and gets her hard work and effort recognized. Thanks to her, the storyline of "Princess Kumiho" improves, helping the artist gain his fans back.

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You will not arrive in paradise when you run away.
Ma-eum and Jun-young are assigned to their first webtoon artists. Ma-eum is assigned to one of her favorite artists, but she finds it difficult to control him.

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Change as much as you want! You just have to be different now!
An emergency breaks out at Ma-eum's office, and it has something to do with her meeting with one of the artists earlier that day. Ji-hyung and Ma-eum knock on his door, but he refuses to talk to them or let them in.

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The future is always unpredictable, so life has its meaning.
Ma-eum has only six months to figure out what she really wants to pursue in her life now that she has decided to move on from judo. When she realizes that webtoons were what made it possible for her to endure hardship, she applies for a job at webtoon platforms, including Neon.

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Today's Webtoon is a South Korean television series that aired on the SBS network in 2022, offering viewers a fresh and vibrant take on the world of digital comics, known as webtoons. Set against the backdrop of a bustling webtoon editorial department, the show delves into the often competitive but passionate industry of online comic publishing, intertwining personal stories, professional struggles, and the triumphs of its engaging cast of characters.

The narrative centers on a young, spirited woman named On Ma-Eum, played by Kim Se-Jeong, a former Judo athlete whose dreams of Olympic glory are dashed due to a career-ending injury. Venturing into the world of webtoons with little experience but boundless enthusiasm, Ma-Eum joins the webtoon editorial department of a fictional company, Neon. She is undeterred by her lack of knowledge in this field and seeks to carve out a new path for herself. Through her dogged determination and infectious positivity, she aims to prove her worth in an industry that is as challenging as it is rewarding.

Alongside Ma-Eum is a cast of colleagues and creators who are all uniquely tied to the webtoon world in their own ways. There's the sharply skilled but standoffish Seok Ji-Hyung, played by Nam Yoon-Su, a talented editor who excels in his craft but struggles with interpersonal relationships due to his blunt demeanor. His character arc offers a deep dive into the psyche of a young professional wrestling with the pressures of maintaining high standards in an industry defined by constant change and fierce competition.

Another prominent figure in the Today's Webtoon universe is the seasoned editor Jang Man-Cheol, portrayed by Park Ho-San, whose years of experience in the field provide a grounding, mentor-like presence for the younger cast members. He embodies the challenges faced by industry veterans in adapting to new digital trends while upholding the integrity and quality of the content they produce.

At the heart of the series is the process of creating and publishing webtoons. Today's Webtoon provides a behind-the-scenes look at the often overlooked editorial roles that are vital to the success of digital comics. Viewers are transported into the brainstorming sessions, the late-night editing, the moments of inspiration, and the intense deadlines that drive the creation of webtoon content. Amidst these insights into the creation and curating process, the series showcases the wide spectrum of genres webtoons cover, from romance and comedy to fantasy and drama, reflecting the versatility and creativity of the medium.

Adding more depth to the show is the exploration of the relationships between webtoon creators and editors. These interactions reveal the sacrifices, creative clashes, and collaborative spirit that underscore the production of each webtoon series. As the editorial team navigates the various hurdles that come with managing their artists' workflows and coping with the pressures of the corporate side of the business, they also deal with their personal conflicts and aspirations.

Today's Webtoon does not shy away from highlighting the cutthroat nature of the industry, with webtoons being a relatively new yet explosively popular entertainment medium. Competition is ripe not just amongst creators striving for the top spots in rankings, but also between webtoon platforms fighting for market dominance and the next viral hit. This dynamic sets up an interesting commentary on the evolution of media consumption and the ever-changing landscape of digital content.

Throughout each episode, Today's Webtoon also subtly reflects on broader themes such as the pursuit of dreams, the resilience in the face of failure, and the importance of finding one's place in the world. It strikes a balance between lighter, comedic moments and more serious, reflective ones, ensuring that while the show is entertaining, it also resonates emotionally with its audience.

Visually, Today's Webtoon features a vibrant and graphic aesthetic that echoes the artistic style and energy of the medium it represents. Illustrations and animations are often weaved into live-action scenes, creating a unique viewing experience that mirrors reading a webtoon. Bright colors and dynamic panel transitions help to blur the line between the fictional world of the show and the real-life webtoon industry.

Today's Webtoon also boasts a talented supporting cast that adds even more layers to the series. From the ambitious fellow editors, each with their unique quirks and backstories, to the diverse roster of webtoon artists that they work with—whose personalities are as varied as their artistic styles—the series offers multifaceted portrayals of the individuals who bring the world of webtoons to life.

In conclusion, Today's Webtoon from SBS is an insightful and heartwarming series that delves into the uncharted territory of the webtoon industry. With a delightful mix of humor, drama, and the celebration of creative spirit, it is a modern tale that speaks to the dreamers, the artists, and anyone who has ever aspired to turn their passion into a profession.

Today's Webtoon is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Kim Sejeong, Daniel Choi, Ha Do-kwon
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