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We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday
Aaliyah disrupts Lilly's wedding planning after she comes down with a flu; The tension between JJ and Dalanie continue to escalate; Emalee delivers a healthy baby despite being scared of having a C-section; Kayleigh schedules an induction but Graham is missing.

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Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday
Jenna prepares for her birthday with JJ and Dalanie; Lilly feels overwhelmed by wedding planning and her limited budget; Aniyah gives birth to baby Aniyis, without Dakwon there; Emalee goes into labor, but is quickly derailed from her birth plan.

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Dad, Bye
Aniyah's Covid-positive during labor, and she has to choose who will be her one visitor during birth; when Kayleigh confronts Graham about his unreliability, he emotionally breaks down; LJ completely derails Lilly's meeting at her wedding venue.

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Aniyah starts to feel sick and goes to the ER; Lilly and Lawrence host Christmas dinner for their families and make a big announcement; Kayleigh and Mandy prepare and throw Kayleigh's baby shower, annoyed that Graham and Bekki aren't very involved.

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Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright
Lilly tells Lawrence they have to start planning for their wedding; Kayleigh and Mandy start planning the baby shower, while Graham and mom Bekki discuss Graham's struggles; Emalee and Nate have a tense date after Emalee's difficult checkup.

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And the Old Folks Wished Them Well
Lilly asks Kim to help her with school drop-off as Lawrence works. Aniyah and Dakwon bring their families to an ultrasound.

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Edge of Seventeen
Aniyah has her boyfriend, Dakwon, paint her baby bump. Matt helps Jenna and Luca make the move to Myrtle Beach.

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We're the Kids in America
Parents-to-be Emalee and Nate attend school and Nate's motocross tournament together. Jenna and son Luca return to Pennsylvania from a summer spent in Myrtle Beach.

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Unexpected is an engrossing reality television series that first premiered on TLC in 2017. As the title subtly hints, the show delves deeply into the unpredicted journeys of teenage parenthood by following the lives of young expecting parents and their families. The premise of the show revolves around teens, their significant others, and their respective families who did not anticipate becoming parents or grandparents at such an early stage of life. It showcases their sincere efforts and struggles to navigate the dimensions of parenthood while they themselves are in a major transitional phase of life: adolescence.

The strength of Unexpected lies in its unabashed and honest portrayal of the subject matter at hand. The show is an intimate chronicle of the abrupt transition from adolescence to parenthood, offering viewers a genuine glimpse into the challenges that come with such an early responsibility. Running through various seasons, Unexpected is characterized by an array of complex emotions, compelling relationship dynamics, and some unanticipated scenarios that further justify the show’s name.

The vibrant spectrum of the show’s characters is one of its major draws. The cast is not just limited to teenagers but also involves their immediate families, majorly their parents or, in this case, soon-to-be grandparents. Their perspective adds a complex layer to the narrative, making the show all the more intriguing. The unfolding of familial bonds, the often-overwhelming anticipation and preparation for a new family member brings a cathartic and at times, tense viewing experience.

Unexpected doesn’t shy away from the hard truths of this subject matter. It is not just about the pregnancy, but it also focuses on what happens after the baby is born. The show does not just glamourize the journey; it uncovers the myriad of difficulties that these teens face while trying to balance school, relationships, jobs, and at the same time, managing to be a new parent in the process. Everything from routine hospital visits, shopping for baby furniture, to dealing with school gossip makes it to the script, allowing the audience to fully grasp the intensity of their situation.

Furthermore, the show also explores how unexpected teenage pregnancy can put a strain on relationships. It delves into the dynamics of romantic relationships under the added weight of having a child, as well as how it affects relationships within the family.

Unexpected also focuses on education around teenage pregnancy, thereby reinforcing parental and societal responsibility in nurturing open dialogues. It highlights the importance of guidance and support teenagers need during such a life-altering journey. The show consciously tries to make viewers ascertain the gravity of the situation and implicitly dissuade teenagers from rushing into parenthood without a comprehensive understanding of its implications.

From a production viewpoint, Unexpected is aesthetically filmed, effectively using multiple perspectives to string together the narrative. The documentary-style shooting approach provides a noble and real-life touch, making the viewing experience beyond the realm of heavily produced reality TV. The cinematography is subtle and engages the viewers into these personal moments, while the editing paces the show in a manner that every episode leaves you wanting to know more.

In general, Unexpected serves as a reality check to its audience, about the consequences and realities of unplanned teenage pregnancies. It ensures that the conversation around such an unforeseen happening does not remain hushed or stigmatized. Simultaneously, it calls for society to be more accepting and provide the necessary support for such young parents. While the show primarily caters to a teen audience, the maturity with which it handles the subject makes it suitable for a diverse audience, including adults and families.

In conclusion, Unexpected on TLC from 2017 is a compelling reality show that serves not just drama, but thoughtful and vital conversations around teenage pregnancy, parenthood, and the associated responsibilities. By focusing on reality over the glorification found in teen dramas, this show is engaging, emotional, and educationally relevant in today’s day and age.

Unexpected is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 83 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.9.

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