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Happiness Is Holiday Traditions
Snoopy searches for the perfect tree topper; Woodstock gets trapped in a window display; and Snoopy and Woodstock visit Spike for Christmas.

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Forever Snoopy
Snoopy starts an advice column; gets permission at last to go to school; and reminisces about his favorite things.

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The Beagle Did It!
A puzzle frustrates Snoopy; Sally gets a lesson on summer-camp fun; and Snoopy's height falls short of the best carnival rides.

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Never Trust a Hungry Beagle
Sally asks Snoopy to keep her awake so she can see a comet; Charlie Brown tries recording team practice; and Snoopy's a poor sport at marbles.

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It's All You, Snoopy
Snoopy moves his doghouse to avoid the cat next door; referees neighborhood conflicts; and is interviewed by Peppermint Patty.

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A Beagle's Tale
Franklin considers getting a dog; an injured Snoopy doesn't want Charlie Brown's help; and Peppermint Patty seeks writing advice.

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Happiness Is a Good Skate
Snoopy needs ice to practice his quadruple axel; competes in the Alpine Beagle Games; and fills in for Marcie on the track.

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Who Put the Beagle In Charge?
Linus wants to thwart Snoopy's blanket-stealing ways; Charlie Brown finally hits a home run; and Woodstock sends Snoopy a bill for a wild party.

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Nobody's Perfect, Snoopy
Snoopy quits the baseball team; Peppermint Patty feels left out of Marcie and Snoopy's playdate; and Snoopy fears a falling moon.

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This Is Your Life, Snoopy
Lucy gives Snoopy a test; Spike and Snoopy forget to agree where to meet up; and Snoopy turns the tables on rejection letters.

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You're Up, Snoopy
Snoopy and Marcie help Peppermint Patty with her report; Rerun mistakes Snoopy for a leprechaun; and Marcie's quiet spot is discovered.

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Happiness Is a Hug That Lasts
Secret Agent Snoopy looks for Charlie Brown; the Beagle Scouts come to Woodstock's aid; and a hug from Snoopy goes into overtime.

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Happiness Is a Day at the Beach
Snoopy and Woodstock search for pirate treasure; the Flying Ace steals Sally's map; and Snoopy's expired dog license presents opportunities.

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The Snoopy Show is a captivating series, available on Apple TV+ since 2021, designed to invite the entire family into the animated world of Peanuts. Popular American comic strip Peanuts has journeyed through television specials, movies, and series, capturing hearts for over seven decades now. This recently launched series adds a fresh new spin, focusing more on the beloved beagle from the comic strips, Snoopy, and his feathered best friend, Woodstock. The show brings familiar joy to long-time fans and is a delightful introduction to younger audiences being introduced to the Peanuts universe for the first time. The series is an extensive display of the unimagined imaginative adventures by Charles M. Schulz’s lovable beagle. Snoopy, being a dog of many personas that include the World War I Flying Ace, the famous writer, and even the charismatic Joe Cool, entices the viewers with his fantasy world escapades. Each packed episode displays a focus on Snoopy's imaginative side, with dream sequences offering a look into Snoopy’s multiple identities. In addition to featuring Snoopy and his chirpy ally, Woodstock, the series brings back all the beloved characters from the original comic, including Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally, Schroeder, and Peppermint Patty. The characters' interactions remain faithful to Schulz's original writing, bringing the same childhood charm and wit we know and love. The series projects itself as a light-hearted and delightful compilation of stories, in six parts, each composed of three seven-minute cartoons, making it easy to watch for younger viewers. The episodes are built around everyday happening themes like flying a kite, playing baseball, or simply bringing out the meaning of friendship, which allows it to be relatable and enjoyable. The animation for The Snoopy Show makes an effort to pay homage to its original 2D hand-drawn style, with subtle updates making it accessible to a modern audience. It upholds the charm of traditional animation but thrives with vibrant colors and nimble movements. This unique blend successfully brings Schulz's iconic style into the 21st century without losing the classic touch. The series even revives the classic Peanuts musical theme, setting the perfect mood for the various thoughtful, humorous, and heartfelt stories it unfolds. It is a delight to see the characters express themselves wordlessly, their expressions and movements doing all the talking, especially Snoopy and Woodstock. The series employs visual storytelling to a charming degree and peppers the narration with thoughtful, humorous dialogue from its human characters. By highlighting the bond between Snoopy and Woodstock, the series also brings the charming and heartwarming aspect of friendship into the spotlight. It subtly imparts the importance of friendship, the joy of imagination, and the sincerity of hard work without it coming off as preachy, making it even more appealing. The show perfectly encapsulates the essence of childhood, imagination, and friendship. It carefully balances nostalgia for long-time fans while being a playful introduction to the Peanuts universe for young viewers. The simplicity, delightful character interactions, well-executed animation, combined with the revamped classic musical theme, provide a seamless viewing experience. True to the essence of Charles M. Schulz's original comic strip, The Snoopy Show is warm and wholesome, a series that can be enjoyed by every family member. Although seemingly ordinary, the show brilliantly captures the extraordinary adventures of a creative, imaginative beagle and his unwavering friendship with his cohort, Woodstock. It is not just another animated series, but one that takes you on a journey, fostering a sense of reminiscent childhood while exploring the beauty of simple, everyday life through its heartfelt stories. The Snoopy Show is definitely a beautiful addition to Apple TV+'s growing roster of family-friendly content and a delightful tribute to its timeless source material.

The Snoopy Show is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 39 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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