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Bluebird Flies
Tamar puts her secret plan to move out on hold following Vince's car accident.

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Last Effort For Peace
Vince and Tamar have a big blowout in Atlanta. She reunites with Tiny and reveals the major news. Also, Tamar gets a phone call that changes everything.

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Hard to Manage
Tamar is forced to make a painful decision; Vince drops a bombshell at dinner. Tamar and her dad come face to face after months of no communication.

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Love Under New Management
Tamar and Vince struggle to reconcile before the show; Tamar makes a heartbreaking decision.

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Scattered, Smothered and Covered
The Mexico trip comes to a dramatic ending when Tamar's need for space makes Vince lash out; constant clashing prompts Tamar to make a painful decision; and Tamar and Vince face off on the night of the concert.

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Becky With The Good Hair
After an explosive fight with Vince, Tamar plans a trip to Cabo to ease tension, but they soon learn they can't leave their problems behind. Vince storms out of dinner, and Tamar is left feeling alone.

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Love and War
In the Season 5 premiere, Tamar confronts Vince when her performance goes wrong; the strain of career and home begins to show cracks in their marriage; and Vince considers risky surgery, but Tamar fears for his life.

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Tamar & Vince is an exciting reality television show from WE tv that was first aired in 2012. The program captured the escalating popularity of powerful celebrity couple Tamar Braxton, a singer and television personality, and her husband Vince Herbert, a successful music executive, songwriter, and producer. The series passionately documents the high-profile couple’s personal and professional life, giving viewers an effortless and immersive insight into their intertwined world of music, entertainment, and family.

The series springs from the successful show titled "Braxton Family Values," showcasing the couple in their unique light. Tamar and Vince's eccentric personality is thoroughly captured by the show, making it a must-watch for fans who are all eager to witness the reality behind the success and glamor of this celebrity couple.

In the show, Tamar Braxton, the youngest of the Braxton siblings, emerges as a superstar. Best known for her chart-topping music and bold personality, Tamar strives to balance her booming music career, ambitions of becoming a household name, and desire for family expansion. Her larger-than-life persona is captured raw and unfiltered as she tackles the day-to-day challenges of the music industry while attempting to secure her position in the limelight.

Vince Herbert, Tamar's husband, adds to the dynamics of the show with a personality that both contrasts with and complements that of his wife. As a high-profile record executive who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, Vince brings to the scene a grounded, assertive, and business-savvy disposition. His role as Tamar's manager adds a business dimension to their relationship which the series unflinchingly explores.

Throughout the show, there are many occasions where the couple's personal and professional worlds collide. The series captures the fascinating journey of their relationship dynamics, showing viewers how they juggle their hectic careers with maintaining a healthy marriage and personal life. The cameras provide a front-row seat to witness Tamar's soaring career, including a Grammy nomination, and also her struggles with performing and touring while trying to stay present as a wife and mother.

A significant part of the show revolves around Tamar's ambition to offer an album that reflects her true self. The work, stress, and, at times, tension involved in the production of this album make for captivating viewing. The emotional rollercoaster, from the ecstatic highs of success to the challenging lows of disagreements, is laid bare with an authenticity that resonates with fans and general viewers alike.

But on the flip side, the show does not solely focus on the hardships. It also well documents the moments of celebration, happiness, and personal triumphs, symbolizing the perfect balance of life. The pair’s playful banter and special moments add to the charm of the series, making it incredibly engaging for the audience.

A potent blend of music, reality, and family topped with the unique flavor of Hollywood celebrity life, the series provides an unprecedented look into the couple's life. Moments of confrontation, tension, and resolution, which are integral elements of their personal and professional symbiosis, are portrayed starkly. This provides viewers with an in-depth look into the glitzy yet candid world of a celebrity couple and the ingredients required to run a successful marriage while maneuvering the constantly changing, high-pressure music industry.

The underlying tones of love, perseverance, resilience, ambition, and above all, keeping family at the forefront, weaves a narrative that’s both captivating and relatable. The heart and humanity shown by the couple amidst the flashing lights and accolades result in compelling watch.

Tamar & Vince is indeed an intriguing eye-opener that reveals the industry’s challenging nuances, making it a fascinating watch for anyone interested in the music industry or those who enjoy the drama and excitement of reality television. At its core, it's a testament to love, commitment, and ambition in an industry known for its capricious nature.

Overall, Tamar & Vince is a must-see for individuals who appreciate unscripted television and a candid peek into show business's intense world. The show's captivating drama, whirlwind emotions, glitz, and abundance of love make it an entertaining and enlightening portrayal of Hollywood glamour and the realities hidden beneath its veneer.

Tamar & Vince is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 47 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.4.

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How can I watch Tamar & Vince online? Tamar & Vince is available on WE tv with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Tamar & Vince on demand at Philo, Plex, Pluto TV, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play online.

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