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Dreyfuss finally has enough power to infiltrate the White House, and his group of minions have the strength to attack.

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With a glimpse into what life could be like if Dreyfuss assumes power, the team learns more about Lara. Aware of what they could lose, can Team Witness put a stop to the billionaire mad man before it's too late?

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The Way of the Gun
When a mysterious woman finds her way into the vault, the team must find out her identity and who she is loyal to.

Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Episode 11 Now

When one of Diana's mentors is targeted by a horrific monster, she decides that the team must channel all of their power toward stopping Dreyfuss. Meanwhile, Dreyfuss and Jobe have a breakthrough on a project of which Team Witness may not yet be aware.

Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Episode 10 Now

Child's Play
When a monster shows it's presence, it eerily resembles Molly's childhood imaginary friend. Diana realizes her daughter's life as a Witness will be anything but normal.

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Sick Burn
When internet sensation Logan Macdonald comes to town, a supernatural infection strikes, via a viral video. Meanwhile, Molly has a disturbing vision about a bleak future.

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Loco Parentis
Just before Molly's 11th birthday, her father returns from duty. As Diana begins to wonder if her ex might be ready to be a part of his daughter's life full-time, the team has a shocking realization.

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When the team realizes that the talisman which Dreyfuss seeks might be hidden in the most obvious of places, they race against the clock to find it before the evil forces are aligned. Then, with heightened emotions and bittersweet memories, Jenny and Crane revisit important parts of their past as they return to Sleepy Hollow.

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Blood from a Stone
As Dreyfuss covers solid ground to making progress on his mission, important details of his past surface. His former partner returns to settle the score and it becomes apparent that Dreyfuss' involvement in the supernatural is not something new.

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The People vs. Ichabod Crane
When a monster that makes its victims live out their most personal and haunting memories terroizes D.C.

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Heads of State
When one of Crane's enemies threatens the safety of Washington's highest officials, the team must quickly find a solution. Jake's extensive knowledge of the tunnels becomes vital as they uncover a secret from the past that could lead to answers.

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In Plain Sight
Following a shocking discovery, Crane and Jenny must deliver troublesome news to Diana. Meanwhile, the team learns that there may be witchcraft involved in a new case.

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In the fourth season premiere, Crane and Jenny try to move on with life following the unexpected death of Abbie Mills. When Crane finds himself in the nation's capital, he must make unlikely alliances in his quest to find the next Witness.

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Sleepy Hollow is an intriguing American supernatural drama television series that aired on FOX from September 2013 until March 2017. The series, developed by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Phillip Iscove, and Len Wiseman, captivates audiences with its unique mixture of mystery, history, and the supernatural intertwined with elements of police procedural drama. The genre-bending series serves as a modern-day retelling and reinterpretation of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," Washington Irving's classic short story. The show draws from a broad canvas of mythology and history, while adeptly injecting contemporary societal themes and concerns. The principal protagonist, Ichabod Crane, portrayed compellingly by British actor Tom Mison, is a former Oxford professor who is dramatically thrust into the heart of the 21st century. Unlike the indecisive school teacher character in Irving's original story, this incarnation of Crane is a dynamic and resourceful man of action, offering a fascinating central character to the story. Crane awakens in the town of Sleepy Hollow, New York, after being mysteriously transported from the battlefield of the American Revolutionary War where he was seemingly killed in 1781. However, he is not the only one to arise from the past: he unwittingly brings with him the formidable Headless Horseman, who turns out to be the infamous Horseman of Death from the Book of Revelation. Unwillingly paired with Sleepy Hollow's savvy police lieutenant Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie, Crane grapples with both battling numerous supernatural threats and adjusting to a world 250 years past his time. Their unusual, yet engaging partnership forms the core of the show and reveals a complex and rich narrative around the themes of destiny, history, transcendence, and redemption. Together, Crane and Mills dedicate themselves to vanquishing the menacing entities that threaten not only Sleepy Hollow but the entire world. Their investigations often lead them to crossed paths with other tormented spirits linked to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, resulting in a series filled with thrilling battles, unexpected twists, and profound revelations. Sleepy Hollow meticulously blurs the line between fantasy and reality, the past and the present, creating a fresh and intriguing interpretation of time-bending narratives. The show's strength lies not just in its engaging storylines or well-drawn characters but also in the way it flirts with famous historical figures and reimagines historical events, interspersing ordinarily understood reality with the looming supernatural. On the subject of aesthetics, Sleepy Hollow ranks high with its authentic heart-pounding action sequences, chilling horror scenes, and an overall atmosphere of suspenseful gloom. The production design and costume elements are executed artfully, creating an immersive and vividly terrifying world. Tom Mison's performance as Ichabod Crane breathes life into the unconventional hero resisting the evils of the world. His amusing bewilderment with various modern technologies and evolving societal norms provides comic relief in the midst of somber lore. Mison's chemistry with co-star Nicole Beharie is a source of warmth, grounding the series in genuine relationships, human emotions, and shared determination. Also featuring in the ensemble cast are Orlando Jones and Katia Winter. Jones portrays Captain Frank Irving, Sleepy Hollow's police force leader, who slowly becomes embroiled in the town's supernatural events. Winter takes on the character of Katrina Crane, Ichabod's 18th-century wife, and a powerful witch who serves as a vital connection to the past. Ultimately, Sleepy Hollow distinguishes itself with its audacious rendering of a well-known classic tale. With its gripping narrative, skillfully crafted characters, and tasteful blend of genres, the Sleepy Hollow television series becomes an unforgettable viewing experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is a mesmerizing combination of age-old tales and contemporary realities that hooks viewers with its captivating storytelling and characters. The show is sure to entertain audiences who are fans of suspense, adventure, and a hearty dose of the supernatural.

Sleepy Hollow is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 63 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Katia Winter, Lyndie Greenwood, Orlando Jones, John Noble
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