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The Devil & Sam Oliver
Sam and Andi try to find Tony to help them translate the scroll Nina brought back from Hell. Sam discovers that he can summon The Devil with a specific incantation that will trap him into a competition.

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Business Casualty
The Devil places Sam in a corporation that is actually a front for corrupting people into sinning so the Devil can collect their souls. Sam receives a text message from his Dad in Hell, revealing that he has important information about how Sam can get out of his deal.

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To Sprong, With Love
Sam is excited to learn the next soul he has to capture is his old high school biology teacher, Mr. Sprong, whom everyone hated.

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My Brother's Reaper
Since Ben and Sock burned down her lair, Nina moves in with the guys. A remorseful Morgan shows up without a place to stay, so Sam also invites him to live at the house but he turns into a horrible houseguest.

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No Reaper Left Behind
Sam is sent to the home of the Devil's lover Sally so that she can teach him more of the "family business." She initially refuses, but realizing she can possibly help him out of his contract, Sam asks her to teach him anyways.

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The Home Stretch
Sam convinces Alan to tell him how Alan won his soul back from the Devil. In exchange, Sam must figure out how to relocate Alan to the Vatican, where the consecrated ground will keep him safe.

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The Good Soil
Sam and Morgan are forced to capture another soul together but Morgan decides to split, leaving Sam to do all the work. Meanwhile, Sam tries to win Andi back, and Nina offers to take Ben flying but he's afraid of heights.

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The Devil misleads Sam into thinking his next escaped soul is an easy catch and encourages him to take along the gang for a road trip. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they discover a tentacled beast has taken over a small town and is eying each of them as its next dinner.

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I Want My Baby Back
Morgan tells Andi that Sam is the Devil's son. An escaped soul leaves her baby behind, causing Sam, Sock, and Ben to turn to Tony for help.

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The Favorite
The Devil introduces Sam to Morgan, his charming, rich, perfect other son. The Devil tells Sam he must teach Morgan how to have a stronger work ethic as he's grooming him to take over the "family business" so Sam reluctantly takes Morgan with him to capture the next escaped soul.

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The Sweet Science
Ben would like to introduce Nina to Sam and Sock but he's concerned they won't accept her because she's a demon. Andi discovers Sock has created a fake employee at the Work Bench to double his salary, but when he refuses to fix the situation the two go head-to-head in a battle of wits.

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Dirty Sexy Mongol
Sam's been given a new assignment from the Devil but all he can focus on is finding out how Alan got of his deal with the Devil. However, after Sam and Alan are attacked by two demons sent by the Devil, Alan refuses to talk to him anymore and disappears.

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Episode IV: A New Hope
Sam deals with a soul who is immune to his vessel... and steals it from Sam. Meanwhile, the guys discover they've been evicted from their apartment, and Andi refuses to resolve things with Sam.

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Reaper is a distinctive comedy-drama television show that aired on The CW network from 2007 to 2009. Reaper offers a unique blend of humor, thrills, drama, romance, and supernatural elements. Conceived by Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, the series follows an unconventional storyline that revolves around the life of its protagonist, Sam Oliver, portrayed by the talented Bret Harrison. Sam Oliver is your average twenty-something living a humdrum life, caught in the monotony of a dead-end job at a home improvement store "The Work Bench". His life takes an unforgettable turn when he learns on his 21st birthday that his parents had sold his soul to the Devil before his birth. Suddenly, Sam’s life mission evolves to being an unofficial bounty hunter for Hell, reaping lost souls and returning them to the fires of damnation, hence the title 'Reaper'. The devil, played brilliantly by Ray Wise, constantly arrives out of nowhere, usually at the most inopportune times with a new assignment for Sam. To aid him in his hellish tasks, Sam is given otherworldly tools that may seem mundane but hold great power - these ‘vessels’ range from a dirt-devil vacuum to a hand-carved wooden stake. In this uneasy journey, Sam is not alone. Accompanying him are his best friends and co-workers, Bert ‘Sock’ Wysocki, played by Tyler Labine, and Ben, portrayed by Rick Gonzalez. The squad of slackers embarks on frequently dangerous, if not outright bizarre, adventures, struggling to balance their personal lives with the supernatural responsibilities thrust upon them. The show also features a complex romantic element due to Sam's relationship with Andi Prendergast (Missy Peregrym), one of his co-workers. This romantic subplot further complicates Sam's life. Sam's inability to reveal his double life to Andi due to his deal with the devil creates an interesting dynamic and adds emotional depth to the story. The series also takes occasional dives into the parental relationships Sam has, with deep-seated resentment toward his parents for signing his life away before he even existed. In addition to the main cast, the series features several recurring characters that enhance the show's supernatural angle. This includes characters such as the devil's advocate, portrayed by Ken Marino, and demons Ted and Nina, played by Donavon Stinson and Jenny Wade, respectively. Reaper distinguishes itself with its perfect blend of hilarity and seriousness. The humor part of the show emerges from the banter and camaraderie among Sam, Sock, and Ben. On the other hand, the seriousness refers to the grim task Sam is compelled to perform - that of tracking down and capturing lost souls. The character development is good, with Sam's transformation as a reluctant hero, and the interplay between Ray Wise's devil character and the trio is both entertaining and engaging. Further bolstering the show's appeal is its sharp, witty writing, and well-crafted plot that deftly balances comedy, drama, and supernatural elements. The scripts regularly present a fresh approach to an episodic format, balancing overarching plots with 'soul of the week' escapades. Visually, the show provides appealing, well-staged supernatural elements without losing within the realm of plausibility or allowing its technical feats to overshadow its character development. In a nutshell, Reaper is an underrated, surprisingly engrossing series that mixes good fun with darkly comedic undertones and supernatural thrills. Its irreverent plot and heartfelt performances make it an entertaining show, and the progression of the hero's journey keeps audiences hooked throughout the two seasons. An innovative mix of workplace comedy and supernatural drama, Reaper is a truly unique show that pushes the boundaries of genre television.

Reaper is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 31 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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Bret Harrison, Tyler Labine, Rick Gonzalez, Ray Wise, Valarie Rae Miller, Missy Peregrym, Andrew Airlie, Christine Willes, Donavon Stinson, Jenny Wade, Allison Hossack
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