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Persona Non Grata
The captive leech is identified and the squad uncovers a plan to exterminate mankind. Meanwhile, Michael searches for Kirsty, who seems to have been abducted.

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Terra Incognita
The squad becomes interested in a shipment of mysterious crates from Brazil. Michael suspects Kirsty has been 'taken' and meets her to find out.

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Mea Culpa
After a boy kills a priest, the squad discovers signs of infection among the schoolboys, even though none appear to have been bitten.

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Sub Judice
A barrister, Marion is attacked but a mysterious protector kills her assailants and the squad suspect it was a vampire.

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In Nomine Patris
Whilst investigating a suspicious hit-and-run by a car with blacked-out windows, the squad suspects that the son of a well-known businessman is a leech and decides to look into his financial activities.

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Habeas Corpus
Mike is dragged away from Jack's stag night by a terrified, yet unreliable, informant who's desperate to talk to Jack. Mike simply wants to stop him turning up at the reception, but when the informant turns up dead and Jack disappears, Mike finds himself being pulled into a dark underworld of which he knows nothing.

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Ultraviolet from Channel 4 is a unique and gripping six-part miniseries that deftly combines elements of both drama and horror genres. Originally aired in 1998, this British television series is known for its distinctive twist on the traditional vampire narrative, infusing elements of modern scientific investigations into this supernatural storyline.

Set in contemporary London, the show revolves around Detective Sergeant Michael Colefield (Jack Davenport), a diligent and tenacious cop who leads an ordinary life. However, his life takes an extraordinary and unexpected turn when his best friend disappears on the eve of his wedding. As Michael delves deeper into the mysterious disappearance, he finds himself plunged into an enigmatic world where lines between science and superstition blur.

During his investigation, Michael crosses paths with a covert government task force known only as 'Code 5', composed of Dr. Angela March (Susannah Harker), and former soldier Vaughan Rice (Idris Elba) operating under the authority of the somewhat shadowy figure, Pearse J. Harman (Philip Quast). Both Angela and Vaughan have personal reasons for joining this secretive taskforce, which relentlessly hunt down a group of vampires termed 'Code 5' or 'leeches' who exist secretly amongst humanity.

These 'leeches' are depicted differently from the traditional gothic caricatures of vampires. Instead, they are represented as a group of viral offenders who carry a mysterious and deadly pathogen. This pathogen, when infected, turns the afflicted into one of them—immortal, impervious to nearly all forms of harm, but bound to a life of survival by feeding on human blood.

The series astutely marries these fantastical themes with a hard-edged realistic portrayal of the characters' emotional journeys, bolstered by the intriguing dynamics among the characters and their unique perspectives on the unfolding circumstances. Michael's reluctant transformation from a standard-issue police detective to a vampire-hunting operative provides a compelling emotional underpinning to the story, showing how he grapples with an expanding understanding of the reality he thought he knew.

The acting is exceptional, with Davenport’s portrayal of Michael weaving a balance of stubbornness and vulnerability while Harker excels in presenting a driven scientist who is emotionally scarred by her past. Elba's Vaughan is a soldier torn between duty and his struggle against the 'disease', and Philip Quast brilliantly embodies the figure of authority in the team with a relentless quest to eradicate the 'leeches'.

Additionally, the writing and production quality set Ultraviolet apart. The island's misty, gloomy atmosphere pairs perfectly with the show's dark theme, lending an aesthetic that propels its sense of danger and mystery. The presentation of vampire mythology is handled with subtlety, relying more on dialogue and innuendo rather than explicit horror and violence. The interwoven narratives are revealed gradually over the course of the series, very much like peeling the layers of an onion, with each layer revealing additional depth to the mystery.

Ultraviolet also explores a multitude of thematic issues, such as the ethical dilemmas that often surface in the face of scientific discovery and progress. The show questions the limits of morality, as characters grapple with decisions about immortality, survival, and conflict. It also delves into themes of friendship, loyalty and the possibility of corruption within institutional structures.

Ultraviolet might be classified as a genre piece – vampire horror and police procedural combined, but it's the kind of series that pushes beyond its category. Yes, it revels in its genre trappings, but there is plenty more going on beneath the surface. Whether it's engaging in philosophical debates about nature versus nurture, highlighting the unyielding grip of regret, or investigating the horrific, it does so with intelligence and no small amount of style.

Nevertheless, unlike many TV dramas that spoon-feed audiences, Ultraviolet demands attention, making it a rewarding watch for viewers who appreciate subtle, sophisticated narratives and character-driven plots. The series certainly leaves a profound impact with its fresh take on an age-old lore, trendy production polish, and the ensemble cast’s stellar performances, making Ultraviolet a must-watch television masterpiece.

Ultraviolet is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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How can I watch Ultraviolet online? Ultraviolet is available on Channel 4 with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Ultraviolet on demand at Amazon Prime, Crackle, Plex, The Roku Channel Free, Pluto TV, Tubi TV online.

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