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Episode 8
After a deadly virus breaks out on Forthaven, Tate and Stella are concerned that it's the host force answering their attempts at communication. Berger thinks that the ACs are to blame for the outbreak after revealing a devastating secret about Fleur and attempts to bringing down Tate's government and introduce a whole new order.

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Episode 7
Tate believes that there is a superior host force on Carpathia and Stella bcomes determined to work out a way to talk to it. Cass discovers a note that threatens to expose his real identity.

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Episode 6
Three of the expeditionaries missing outside the settlement for several days and as hope of locating them dwindles one of them, Josie Hunter, arrives back at the settlement. Josie is pleased to be back with her family and Forthaven celebrates her sudden return.

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Episode 5
A man arrives at a bar in Forthaven with a load of diamonds and stories of "bodies" outside the compound. He claims that he lives by Carpathia's ocean which seems to be impossible as it'sknown as a radiation hotspot.

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Episode 4
A rogue AC enters Forthaven and ends up attacking one of the citizens which prompts the PAS officers to take action in an effort to control the situation.

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Episode 3
It is predicted that a super whiteout of unprecedented strength could hit Forthaven. Stella uses Tipper's mathematical ability to predict exactly when it could happen and Tate begins to lock down Forthaven.

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Episode 2
Cass, Fleur and Jack leave the settlement to try and find a a missing survival shuttle. Stella and Tate are confronted by their former foe Julius Berger.

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Episode 1
With the arrival of the last known transporter from Earth, loyalties are tested while others develop a sense of hope.

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Outcasts, which aired on BBC One between 2010 and 2011, showcases a unique and fascinating blend of drama and science fiction. This captivating television series, featuring Liam Cunningham among a strong ensemble cast, projects an intriguing peek into the future of the human race.

The show presents a not-too-distant future, specifically set in 2040, where a group of settlers claim a new home in the cosmos – a planet known as Carpathia. The planet, named after the rescue ship that responded to Titanic's distress signal, signifies a beacon of hope and rescue for the human race, just as it did in history. The planet's environment is deemed habitable for humans, presenting a second chance for mankind to evolve and flourish, but not without its challenges.

Liam Cunningham, widely recognized for his roles in 'Game of Thrones' amongst other projects, embodies the character President Richard Tate. He gives a stunning performance as a deeply flawed but fundamentally moral leader striving to maintain a sense of civilization, order and justice in the newly founded society named Forthaven. Under his leadership, a group of pioneers battles against the harsh elements of the alien world while managing the human dynamics and politics within their community. Struggles for power and control intertwine with the fight for survival.

The cast also highlights Hermione Norris, notable for her excellent roles in 'Spooks' and 'Cold Feet,' who plays a complex character, Stella Isen. Yet another significant character is Mitchell Hoban, a security officer played by Jamie Bamber known for 'Battlestar Galactica.' It's through these rich, diverse characters that the show navigates the complex terrains of survival, existence, and human nature in various scenarios that are not always black-and-white, but often reside in grey areas.

However, beyond human conflict and survival, the show also engages with an abstract concept of advanced intelligence – the Advanced Cultivars or 'ACs,' artificially engineered humans. With emotions, advanced intellect, and indefinite lifespans, these ACs are a part of society, often leading to friction, fears, and philosophical questions about homosapien's position and identity.

On a slightly different layer, Outcasts also subtly introduces viewers to past secrets, unresolved mysteries, and hidden agendas of characters, adding depth to the plot. These revelations blend beautifully into the storyline, creating complex characters and sometimes moral dilemmas.

Outcasts succeeds in attending to many elusive themes, like humanism, authoritarianism, racism, and existentialism, making it a very thought-provoking series. The show attempts to contemplate on a rather philosophical perspective: What is the core of human nature? What does it mean to be human? What would humanity do if it got another chance to start over, and what implications would it hold on the social, ethical, and moral front? It approaches these questions through the perspective of various characters, their stories, and their distinctive situations.

The series brings forth the landscape of Carpathia and the interiors of a brave new world through its stunning visual and set designs unlike typical dystopian or utopian renditions. It subtly depicts a sense of desolation and eeriness yet reveals a scenic, beautiful side to the planet, playing into the otherworldly feel. The cinematography expertly encapsulates the striking contrast between the natural elements of a wild, alien environment and the containment of man-made structures of Forthaven.

Outcasts deftly presents an enthralling voyage into the not-so-unfathomable future where the human race stands at the brink of extinction, full of action, tension and emotional quandaries, making it an engaging watch for viewers who enjoy the finer intricacies of human-centered dramas and the expansive possibilities of science fiction. It offers a captivating exploration of human spirit, resilience, societal structures, and much more, highlighting mankind's quest to survive, evolve and redefine its existence. Despite hovering on the brink of destruction, Outcasts portrays the human race in its most visceral form, always aiming for light in the darkest of times, always searching for a new dawn.

Outcasts is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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