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Episode 6
As the first shipments of gold ore are transported from the reopened Southwell mine, the gang intends to intercept the train, but Jay has found clues pointing to their plans. A deadly confrontation results, but it"s only the beginning, as the long-hidden corruption within the town puts more lives in danger.

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Episode 5
Artwork and Aboriginal artifacts are stolen during a break-in at the Southwell house, and the police are still struggling to understand what motivates the gang and where they will strike next. A video camera left behind from the assault on Max reveals vital clues.

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Episode 4
Jay discovers a debt notice among his father's things that he later also finds in mail addressed to his brother, Sputty. Suspecting a scam, Jay grills Sputty, who denies any knowledge of the debt or the business that owes the money.

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Episode 3
Reeling from his father's death, Jay questions whether Jack truly killed himself. He follows his father's trail and discovers that Jack had a secret marijuana plantation on the salt lake, which is being guarded by a woman named Ziggy.

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Episode 2
A cattle truck is pulled over by the robber gang, masquerading as police by using Max's stolen patrol car. Theorizing the gang could be the Sons of the Soil—a group with links to drug dealing, crime, and white supremacists—the cops pay them a visit that leads to a surprising revelation.

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Episode 1
It's 1999, and young constable Jay Swan arrives for his new posting in his old stomping grounds. He grew up in the dusty Outback town of Jardine, and his estranged family still lives there.

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Mystery Road is an engrossing crime drama series produced for Acorn TV. It was first aired in 2018 and brings together a talented ensemble cast including Aaron Pedersen, Judy Davis, and Deborah Mailman. The series also features performances by Colin Friels, Anthony Hayes, John Waters, Madeleine Madden, Ernie Dingo, Aaron L. McGrath, Connor Van Vuuren, and Jada Alberts, among others. Heartstring-tugging performances by Tasma Walton, Sofia Helin, Callan Mulvey, and Rob Collins further enrich the narrative texture of this gripping drama.

The story revolves around the complex and gritty figure of Detective Jay Swan, played with expertise by Aaron Pedersen. Swan is an indigenous Australian detective with a tenacious spirit and a sharp mind. He is tasked with unraveling complex crime mysteries in remote Australian communities, primarily in the Outback. Throughout the series, viewers follow Swan in a journey that takes them deep into the authentic and often harsh realities of the Australian heartland.

An essential part of the narrative is the exploration of tensions and relationships within small communities. These are settings where secrets are kept close to heart, but where underlying power dynamics, lingering historical conflicts, and ongoing socio-cultural issues impact every day and every person. The character of Jay Swan plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the local indigenous communities and the larger Australian society.

Judy Davis is central to the series as Emma James, a local policewoman that often clashes with Swan due to their divergent ways of handling investigations. Davis portrays a multi-dimensional character dealing with her professional commitments, personal feelings, and the societal expectations of a small-town setting.

The cinematography of Mystery Road is noteworthy, presenting the vast, unending landscapes of Australian Outback in an atmospheric and vibrant way. It plays a defining role, not just as a backdrop, but also as a character in itself – feeding into the narrative, influencing its events, and adding layers to its mysteries.

The story masterfully blends elements of detective stories with social commentary. Themes of racial tensions, cultural alienation, societal power structures, disillusionment, and redemption are intricately woven into the fabric of Mystery Road. The creators have not shied away from portraying human nature in all its complexities, often blurring boundaries between heroes and villains as characters are allowed to grow, stumble, and be human.

The show also extends beyond individual episodes and crime cases. Over time, viewers find themselves invested in Swan's personal journey and struggles – his attempt to rebuild his relationship with his daughter Crystal (Madeleine Madden), his evolving dynamics with Emma James, and continuous efforts towards truth and justice despite systemic and societal hurdles.

Mystery Road's supporting cast adds significant depth and variety to the narrative. Wayne Blair, Anthony Hayes, and Colin Friels impress with their respective performances, while the younger generation of actors, including Madeleine Madden and Ernie Dingo, offer intriguing perspectives and narratives.

The soundtrack of the series is another compelling aspect. It sets the mood and complements the intense visual storytelling of the series. It echoes in the background, subtly heightening the intrigue, tension, and often complementing the poignant moments on screen.

Despite the Australian setting, the themes and narratives explored in Mystery Road render it universal. The series has been acknowledged for its striking portrayal of indigenous Australian culture and their relationship with the typical ‘Aussie’ community, making Mystery Road a momentous addition to the crime-drama genre.

Mystery Road can be quite a riveting watch for fans of detective thrillers, mysteries, and social dramas. The series boasts an engaging storyline, dynamic characters, compelling performances, and a setting that exudes a unique charm of its own, making it a worthwhile watch.

Mystery Road is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch Mystery Road online? Mystery Road is available on Acorn TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Mystery Road on demand at Apple TV Channels, Vudu online.

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