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Episode 10
Return of the period drama series about the owner of the iconic London department store. It is now 1928 and Harry Selfridge is at the pinnacle of his power and public celebrity - a retail giant at the heart of the roaring twenties.

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Episode Nine (Original UK Edition)
Josie takes on a new role and an old one. Whiteleys' troubles lead Jimmy and Mr. Crabb to take a big risk. Found out, Jimmy takes desperate measures.

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Episode Eight (Original UK Edition)
The Whiteleys deal starts to look bad. A reporter confronts Jimmy. Grove undertakes a good deed and a new project before retiring. Harry and Mae also retire.

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Episode Seven (Original UK Edition)
A former employee is laid to rest. Kitty and Frank reach an understanding. Grove confronts Tilly. Jimmy thinks he's a hunted man, even as he makes the deal of his life.

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Episode Six (Original UK Edition)
Jimmy comes up with a plan to save Harry??s bacon. Gordon gives in. One couple breaks up, and another ties the knot. Plus, a love triangle meets an unfortunate end.

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Episode Five (Original UK Edition)
Grove and Josie make a new start. Frank is in the doghouse. Movie mogul Harry courts trouble with a mob boss and a press lord.

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Episode Four (Original UK Edition)
Frank turns into prey at a swank junket for the press. Josie arrives to console Grove. Harry faces a choice: either settle a gambling debt or bankroll the Dolly twins�۪ dream job.

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Episode Three (Original UK Edition)
To Gordon�۪s horror, Harry and Jimmy make a high-risk deal. Meanwhile, Harry courts one of the Dolly twins, Jimmy courts Mae, and Elizabeth Arden courts Kitty.

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Episode Two (Original UK Edition)
The newspapers report Gordon will take over the store, stoking tension between father and son. The Dolly sisters mar Mae's fashion show.

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Episode One (Original UK Edition)
Wheeler-dealer Jimmy Dillon makes his cocky entrance. The Groves are at loose ends. Harry has a run-in with the Queen of Time. The Dolly sisters mar Mae??s fashion show.

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The Making of The Final Season
Take an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the final season of Mr. Selfridge. Featuring set, costume and hair and make-up design with cast and crew. Interviews include Jeremy Piven (Harry Selfridge), Katherine Kelly (Mae Rennard), Ron Cook (Mr. Crabb) and Amanda Abingdon (Miss Mardle).

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Mr. Selfridge, an enchanting period drama series from PBS, graced television screens from 2013 to 2016. The series is a fascinating study of entrepreneurship, ambition, and the birth of retail therapy set against the backdrop of early 20th-century London. Inspired by author Lindy Woodhead's biography of pioneering retail tycoon Harry Gordon Selfridge, the series boasts an impressive cast, including Jeremy Piven in the name role of Harry Selfridge. Other stars such as Frances O'Connor, Katherine Kelly, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen provided solid support throughout the series’ thrilling four-season run. Jeremy Piven portrays the ambitious and charismatic American entrepreneur Harry Selfridge. The series follows Selfridge's tireless ambition, the launching of his lavish department store on London's famous Oxford Street, and the hurdles that come his way. Known for his showmanship, and sometimes hasty judgment, Harry’s life outside the store is just as dynamic, presenting endless challenges, and high drama. Frances O'Connor portrays Harry Selfridge’s devoted wife, Rose. Her character portrayal brings a perfect combination of strength, charm, and vulnerability that makes her easily one of the most compelling characters on the show. Throughout the series, she supports Harry in his ambitions while also trying to maintain their family and personal integrity despite Harry's relentless ambitions and occasional indiscretions. Katherine Kelly delivers a stellar performance as the savvy and accomplished Lady Mae Loxley, a socialite with vital connections in London's high society, who becomes an ally to Harry Selfridge. Her charisma, intelligence, and nerve make her an indispensable asset to Harry's business enterprise and intriguingly complex character in the series. Oliver Jackson-Cohen appears as no-nonsense store artiste Roddy Temple. Roddy, with his artistic skills and romantic allure, brings additional drama and excitement into the series, contributing significantly to the invigorating tale of ambition, glamour, and desire. Mr. Selfridge promises viewers a glimpse into the glamour and excitement of the time with its brilliant costume and set design. London during this era was experiencing tremendous growth and change, and the series captures this vibrant energy. The series explores the seismic shifts in society's structure and norms triggered by the First World War and the Roaring Twenties. The backdrop of Mr. Selfridge's department store offers a perfect stage to showcase societal changes of the time. The store becomes a symbol of modern consumerism and the growing middle class, forever changing the way people shopped. Each floor of the magnificent Selfridge’s store holds a treasure trove of goods from around the world, using displays and marketing methods unheard of at the time to draw in consumers. One remarkable aspect of the series is how it weaves both real and fictional characters through its narrative. This adds a colorful layer of authenticity to the unfolding drama and events. Historical characters like the Suffragettes, aviator Louis Blériot, and even a young Winston Churchill go in and out of the narrative, all while our main characters juggle personal turmoil and the constant work to keep the dream of Selfridges alive. The innovative retail strategies employed by Selfridge are expertly portrayed in the series. Selfridge was a pioneer in creating shopping as a leisurely activity, making the public feel welcome to merely browse and meet at the store. It insightfully highlights the evolution of consumerism and modern retail methodologies that we take for granted today. The series is also unafraid to examine the darker side of ambition and success, chronicling Selfridge's tragic flaws, reckless decisions, and the consequences he faces for them. He’s a man with a vision but is also realistically flawed, enjoying the seductions of success but also grappling with its heavy price. Mr. Selfridge offers a captivating blend of history, high-stakes business, societal change, and personal drama. With its cast's top-notch performances and a narrative that's equally enthralling and educational, it's an immersive foray into a time and place where nothing was impossible for those bold enough to dream. The show was a hit for PBS during its four-season run and continues to endear itself to audiences who appreciate well-written historical drama series.

Mr. Selfridge is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 42 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

Will Payne, Jeremy Piven, Frances O'Connor, Aisling Loftus, Ron Cook, Lauren Rose Crace, Amanda Abbington, Amy Beth Hayes, Tom Goodman-Hill, Deborah Cornelius, Malcolm Rennie, Kika Markham, Trystan Gravelle
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