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Masters of Phantoms
Cromwell is accused of betrayal by Anne after she discovers that he attempted to protect Mary and not Elizabeth in a time of crisis. Anne's power is waning and her enemies are coming together.

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The Act of Supremacy has been passed by Henry Supreme Head of the Church in England but the Holy Roman Emperor has refused to recognise either his new title or his recent marriage to Anne Boleyn.

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The Devil's Spit
Anne gives birth to a daughter and Henry does not hide his disappointment. Anne knows that if she is to have any power she needs to give birth to a son and she becomes increasingly paranoid.

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Anna Regina
With the Cardinal dead, Cromwell is next in line to arrange the marriage between the king and Anne Boleyn. Although rewarded for his loyalty, Cromwell is being watched.

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Entirely Beloved
Cardinal Wolsey is forced to relocate to York. Cromwell remains in London, hoping to return the cardinal to the king's favor.

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Three Card Trick
Unable to secure the annulment of the King Henry's marriage to Katherine of Aragon, Cardinal Wolsey is stripped of his powers. His fate for his future lies with the ever-loyal Thomas Cromwell.

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PBS Previews - Wolf Hall
PBS talks with the creators and cast of Wolf Hall.

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Wolf Hall is an enigmatically gripping historical drama produced by BBC Two and Company Pictures that first aired in 2015. This six-part series takes viewers on an enthralling journey through the politics and power struggles of 16th century England, seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell.

This riveting series is adapted from two books by Hilary Mantel: 'Wolf Hall' and the 'Bring Up the Bodies', which offers the intrigue of Tudor court politics and the lush drama of a bygone era. The show boasts not only a carefully researched portrayal of the period but also a meticulously curated ensemble featuring some of the finest actors in the industry, making it a fascinating watch for history enthusiasts and quality television buffs alike.

Mark Rylance portrays Thomas Cromwell, a complex figure who vaults from a common blacksmith's son to the closest advisor to Henry VIII, portrayed with hot-blooded intensity by Damian Lewis. Cromwell's rise to power and influence amid the snake pit of the English court is the heart of the series. Rylance delivers a captivating performance, subtly capturing Cromwell's strategic acumen, political savvy and simpering loyalty, which sets the tone for this sumptuous, atmospheric drama.

Claire Foy enlivens the screen as the fiery and ambitious Anne Boleyn, who challenges the religious order of the time by becoming Henry's second wife. Bernard Hill and Anton Lesser portray Bishop Fisher and Thomas More, respectively, in interpretations that sensitively highlight the depth of their loyalty to their faith.

An array of talented actors round out the rich tapestry of characters, each contributing to the intricate weave of the narrative fabric. The Imperial Ambassador Chapuys is played by Mathieu Amalric, and Mark Gatiss portrays Stephen Gardiner, Secretary to the King. Jonathan Pryce brings a sense of solemnity to the role of Cardinal Wolsey, while David Robb lends a touch of aristocracy as Sir Thomas Boleyn.

Kate Phillips plays Jane Seymour, the King's third wife. Jessica Raine takes on the role of Jane Rochford and Tom Holland makes his mark as Gregory Cromwell, Thomas's son. Saskia Reeves imbues Cromwell's sister-in-law Johane with notable depth. Meanwhile, Edward Holcroft plays George Boleyn whose tragic fate impacts several of the characters.

The creative direction of the series is impeccable. Peter Kosminsky, the director, employs a stripped-down, intimate style, allowing for a deep connection with each character. Peter Straughan's adaptation of the books is faithful to Mantel's vision, while still ensuring the complexities of the narrative are understandable for the audience.

The authentic costumes, designed by Joanna Eatwell, and the gritty, moody cinematography by Gavin Finney, paints a perfect picture of the 16th-century Tudor court. The score, composed by Debbie Wiseman, underscores the drama and tension of the story with a hauntingly beautiful resonance.

One of the outstanding features of ‘Wolf Hall’ is its ability to humanely portray these figures, often vilified or sanctified in other historical renditions. The series blurs the line between heroes and villains and earnestly explores their motivations, vulnerabilities, and dreams. ‘Wolf Hall’ is a intelligent blend of politics, religion, and personal ambition, striking the fine balance between historical accuracy and dramatic storytelling.

In conclusion, Wolf Hall is an exquisitely made historical drama that takes its audience on a well-crafted journey through the tumultuous era of Tudor England. With its nuanced performances, intelligent script, and painterly cinematography, it offers an immersive and engaging experience for lovers of the genre, and will likely prove satisfying for any viewer who appreciates a well-told story, whether they are history aficionados or not.

Wolf Hall is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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