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Episode 6
Roland begins interviewing for a replacement sous chef as Bib gets ready to start a new life in Australia. With Robin away Caroline is left at the mercy of Celia's bartending skills.

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Episode 5
Roland gets the chance to film a segment for a television show. Bib finds himself distracted when Skoose manages to usurp his role as Roland's right-hand man.

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Episode 4
Health and safety inspector Heather Critch vists the restuarant and her reputation forces Roland to give up his usual routine of casual bribery and make an effort to improve the standards in the kitchen.

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Episode 3
Bob finds himself being forced to go see somebody at the fertility clinic.

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Episode 2
Roland ends up agreeing to update the menu when Caroline keeps going on at him but he ends up delegating the task to Bib. When culinary superstar Shay Marshall pays a visit, the sous chef decides to try out a variety of unusual recipes, which ends up stirring up plenty of resentment in the kitchen.

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Episode 1
Roland is writing a book and when he sinds out that a publisher will be eating in the restaurant, he is determined to show that he is a top-quality cook.

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Whites, a 2010 offering from BBC Two, is an engaging, articulate exploration of kitchen culture in a high-end country hotel restaurant and the complex, often comedic, dynamics that underpin it. Spanning one season with six episodes, the narrative presents a light-hearted, episodic account of the trials and tribulations of people working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment where every nuanced detail carries significant weight. Mindful of its milieu, the show’s strong point lies in its remarkable aptitude to channel the chaos, drama, and light comedy of the industry into a compelling watch.

At the helm of this culinary universe is Roland White, played to perfection by Alan Davies, an accomplished British actor and comedian known for his role in Jonathan Creek. Roland is a middle-aged, somewhat complacent executive chef who's lost touch with his past ambitions. The charming irony of Roland White's world is that while he runs a kitchen in an upscale country restaurant, he barely cooks. In terms of personality, he happens to reside somewhere between a lazy genius and a locked-on autopilot, generally indulging in his past glory rather than actively pursuing present-day accolades. He thrives on routine, living largely in a comfortable world of his own, not particularly striving to win the coveted Michelin Star, much to the chagrin of his boss.

In comes his sous-chef, Bib, ingeniously interpreted by Darren Boyd, eager to learn from Roland and desperate for his praise. Playing the eager sidekick, Bib is constantly pushing Roland to climb back to the culinary apex, a motivation that runs almost parallel to his struggle for validation from his indifferent mentor.

One of the additional points of tension and humour is sous-chef Bib’s tormented relationship with the ambitious restaurant manager Caroline, played by Katherine Parkinson, who provides an idiosyncratic blend of the professional and dysfunctional that becomes a source of regular comedy and drama.

The narrative fabric of Whites is also enriched by an ensemble of supporting characters - consider Skoose, the hot-headed Scotsman and Kiki, the happy-go-lucky pastry chef - each with their own story arcs infusing a multi-layered texture to the series. The emotional resonance, light satire, and low-key drama layered within their interactions offer a well-crafted portrayal of the hustle and bustle of restaurant life, unfolding against the backdrop of a charming rural setting.

Notably, the writing team behind Whites includes Matt King and Oliver Lansley, respectively renowned for their work in the comedy genre. The dialogues are sprightly, sprinkled with the deft use of humour, accentuated further by insightful glimpses into the stressful, yet exciting world of professional cooking.

On a subtler level, Whites serves up a slice-of-life portrayal of characters existing at an intersection of success and mediocrity, striking a perfect balance between hope, ambition, and the uncanny ability to find contentment in somewhat absurd situations. This introspective perspective enlivens the narrative, turning it into a delightful consumption for viewers who enjoy detailed character work and light comedy.

Featuring seamless pacing, excellent comedic timing and equipped with the collective talent of a seasoned cast, Whites effortlessly crafts a portrayal of the culinary world beyond the simmering pots, sizzling pans, and meticulously arranged plates. In its own captivating way, it highlights how the rhythms of this busy kitchen extend beyond the craft of food alone, but are intrinsically interwoven with the lives, ambitions, and quirks of the people behind the action.

All these elements work in synergy to make Whites a series worth watching - a comical parody of the frenetic world behind the restaurant swing doors. The series attracted a loyal audience and was well received by critics, leaving them to relish the savoury, satisfying aftertaste of this delightful culinary sitcom and its complex characters.

Whites is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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How can I watch Whites online? Whites is available on BBC Two with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Whites on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Alan Davies As Rol, White Darren Boyd As Bib Isy Suttie As Kiki Katherine Parkinson As Caroline Maggie Steed As Celia Stephen Wight As Skoose
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