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Their Solitary Way
Now squarely in the frame for another murder, Spector recounts the night Susan Harper died to both his defense team and the police. After a shockingly violent incident, doubts surface about the veracity of Spector's amnesia.

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Wounds of Deadly Hate
To her discomfort, Gibson's dream journal is released to Spector's defense team. Spector's psychiatric team evaluates his fitness to stand trial, and Katie appears in court for violating her bail conditions.

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The Hell Within Him
Despite Gibson's warnings to her superiors, Spector's wife and children are involved in a nearly tragic incident. Spector meets with his defense team before being moved from the hospital to a psychiatric clinic.

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The Gates of Light
Having found Spector's lock-up, Gibson reads through his journals, considering the possibility that there may be as many as nine more murders. Still recovering in the hospital, Spector seems to be suffering from long-term memory loss.

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His Troubled Thoughts
Burns and his superiors decide to give Spector's name to the media, and Gibson faces opposition from Burns before her interview with the policing executive about the shooting. Katie lashes out, and Spector's daughter grows more curious about what happened to her father.

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Silence and Suffering
Gibson watches over Spector as he undergoes emergency surgery for gunshot wounds. Spector's latest victim, Rose Stagg, also recovers in the same hospital, along with DS Anderson.

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The Fall is a gripping psychosexual thriller scripted by Allan Cubitt, aired on BBC Two from 2013-2016. The series explores complex narratives set in a chilling backdrop and is packed with masterful performances, particularly from its lead cast - Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

The Fall is primarily based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The series weaves intricate narratives, examining the lives of two hunters - one is a serial killer who stalks his victims at night and the other is a talented detective superintendent brought in to catch him.

The story unfolds from the perspective of the serial killer, Paul Spector, portrayed by Jamie Dornan, and the detective, Superintendent Stella Gibson, performed by Gillian Anderson. The narrative oscillates, providing audiences with a unique blend of horror and fascination as each persona invades their space.

Jamie Dornan's character, Paul Spector, is an epitome of distressing contradiction. On one side, he's shown as a bereavement counselor, a husband, and a doting father. On the other, he is a brutal murderer who preys on young women. This dichotomy paints a chilling, intricate portrait of a killer, hidden in plain sight, which is a cornerstone of the suspense in The Fall.

Equally captivating is Gillian Anderson's performance as DSI Stella Gibson. The character symbolizes formidable strength and unwavering dedication to her duties. Unlike the stereotypical troubled detective, Stella Gibson stands out through her assertion of female strength and her refusal to succumb to societal gender norms.

Her engagement with the case of the serial killings is the show's driving force. Stella's approach to resolving the crimes and her relentless pursuit of justice adds depth to the narrative and ratchets up the tension with every episode.

The supporting cast, including Laura Donnelly, Bronagh Waugh, Niamh McGrady, Michael McElhatton, John Lynch, Ian McElhinney, Archie Panjabi, Stuart Graham, and Aisling Franciosi, lends richness to the narrative. Each character has been carefully drafted, serving to revolve the main plot and subplots. Their performances extend the narrative's breadth, heightening suspense and intensifying the plot's depth.

The Fall brilliantly balances multiple storylines and handles complex character development with aplomb, establishing a connection between the victim, detective, and the hunter. This is facilitated by a unique storytelling style which gives equal footing to both the hunter and the detective and allowing for the simultaneous exploration of their personal and professional lives.

The cinematography of the series deserves special mention for its ability to portray the grimness of the narrative visually. Belfast is beautifully captured; its charming days show stark contrast to its eeriness at night. The lighting design is a stroke of genius, which sets the tone for each scene and underscores the tension effectively.

At its core, The Fall is a psychological puzzler that delves deep into the psyche of its subjects, opening up broad questions about the existence and manifestation of pure evil within seemingly normal individuals. It deeply probes the issues of obsession, love, lust, death, and manipulation, bouncing between profound psychological intricacy and dreadful horror.

Overall, The Fall emerges as a masterclass in suspense narratives, churned through absorbing characters, powerful performances, and a gripping storyline. Its blend of thriller genre and immersive psychoanalysis provides for an incognito journey into the minds of its central characters, exploring the terrifying depths human beings can reach. It's not just a crime drama but a powerfully portrayed human condition's study, making it novel and compellingly watchable.

The Fall is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 17 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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