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Me Without You
When Allison becomes a lawyer and Joe starts a new job, the Dubois family is forever changed.

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Labor Pains
A man seeks Allison's help to determine the truth regarding his wife's disappearance. Meanwhile, Joe and Allison become concerned when Marie breaks down during a spelling test.

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Only Half Lucky
While Allison's dream raises suspicion regarding her brother Michael, Bridgette's abilities grab the attention of Devalos' campaign manager.

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Blood on the Tracks
Allison dreams of a murder that involves a man being struck by a train and, when a man is killed just like in her dream, Allison is convinced it's a homicide. Also, Joe has difficulty handling his mother's diagnosis.

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The People in Your Neighborhood
When a convicted sex offender moves into Allison's area, her neighbors are on the defense, but Allison's visions leave her questioning his guilt. Also, a potential career opportunity for Joe conflicts with his and Allison's professional goals.

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Smoke Damage
A series of mysterious fire-related deaths may be tied to Allison's dreams of a blaze. Allison must also think about where her professional career is headed, as Devalos starts thinking seriously about running for mayor.

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Native Tongue
Allison becomes suddenly unable to understand spoken language, developing a friendship with a linguist along the way. The situation really tries Joe's patience, as he thinks about how many strange situations he's had to put up with during their marriage.

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Where Were You When...?
When Allison begins having flashes to a specific time in the future, her sense of dread increases as she anticipates a catastrophic event from occurring and is unable to do anything about it.

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Talk to the Hand
When Allison gets a skin graft on her hand after a burn, she is puzzled when the same hand acts with a mind of its own, gesturing uncontrollably. Also, Bridgette keeps her real role on the soccer team a secret from her parents.

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How to Kill a Good Guy
While investigating a missing girl's murder, Allison experiences more friction with Scanlon after finding a possible link to his late brother. Also, Ariel deals with her siblings' reactions to her leaving for college.

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Means and Ends
Scanlon is haunted by dreams of his late brother, leaving Allison concerned about her colleague. Also, while making her final preparations for college, Ariel has visions of missing young women, past and present.

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The Match Game
Visions of symbols floating over people's heads makes Allison think they could be used to find their perfect mates. Meanwhile, Joe must figure out what to do when one employee accuses another of sexual harassment.

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Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
When they have the same dream about a missing homeless man who is the subject of Allison's most recent case, Bridgette and Allison swap personalities, causing mayhem at home, at school and with the investigation.

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Medium is a captivating supernatural crime drama series that aired on CBS from 2005 until 2011. It is centred around the life of Allison Dubois, fittingly portrayed by Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette. The show is based on real-life medium Allison Dubois, who has claimed to use her psychic abilities to assist law enforcement in solving crimes.

The series is set in Phoenix, Arizona, providing an inviting and consistently sunny backdrop to the sometimes dark narratives played out in the series. As the drama develops, one of the key elements that makes Medium stand out is its blend of genres– it’s not purely a procedural crime series, nor is it purely a supernatural thriller; instead, it skilfully integrates elements of both, creating a show that is truly unique in its field.

The storyline revolves primarily around Allison's psychic experiences, which often take the form of dreams about violent crimes or speaking directly with the spirits of deceased individuals. Interesting mysteries and gripping storylines are paramount in Medium, as each episode presents a new case or situation which Allison's abilities are vital in solving. Co-stars include Jake Weber excellently playing Allison’s patient and understanding husband, Joe, and Miguel Sandoval, who portrays District Attorney Manuel Devalos, a close confidant of Allison who frequently utilizes her abilities in his work.

A quintessential element to the show's appeal is the realistic portrayal of spirituality, psychics, and mediums. The writers of Medium have done a commendable job of representing these phenomena as part of everyday life, neither overdramatizing them nor relegating them to the realm of pure fantasy. Rather, the supernatural aspects of the series are intertwined seamlessly with the normal, mundane aspects of life. This realism, combined with the complicated, likable characters and the dramatic tension inherent in the crime-solving narrative, makes Medium a series that keeps its audience engaged, episode after episode.

Beyond the intriguing premise and engrossing storylines, Medium's strength lies in its character development. Patricia Arquette's portrayal of Allison is particularly noteworthy — she manages to make Allison a believable and relatable character, skillfully balancing her dual roles as a dedicated law enforcement consultant and a loving mother and wife. The chemistry among the cast, which includes Sofia Vassilieva and Maria Lark as Allison's elder daughters, is palpable, adding to the show's genuineness and charm.

Additionally, the series doesn't shy away from exploring the struggles and doubts that the Dubois' face as a result of Allison's extraordinary talents. We see the family grappling with an uncertain, challenging reality as they come to terms with their matriarch's unique abilities, yet they always manage to pull through, their love for each other serving as their anchor in the maelstrom.

While Medium is a series focused on solving crimes and navigating the supernatural, at its heart, it is also a family drama. The poignant relationship dynamics between Allison and her husband, as well as their three daughters — Ariel, Bridgette, and Marie — adds a familial warmth to the series that perfectly balances out the darker, more intense elements of the narrative. Despite the high-stakes crime solving and psychic dream-diving, it consistently highlights the day-to-day struggles and joys of the Dubois family, cementing its place as a show that resonates on multiple levels with its viewers.

Medium garnered a loyal fan base and positive critical reception during its six-year run, not only for its unique concept and compelling narratives, but also for its well-written characters and strong performances, particularly from Patricia Arquette, who won an Emmy Award for her work on the show. From its engrossing storylines to its believable depiction of supernatural events, Medium has left an indelible mark in the realm of supernatural crime dramas.

Medium is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 133 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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