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Episode 8
Miss Higgins receives an unexpected visitor, and Sister Monica ruffles feathers. Poplar votes for its Mother of the Year.

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Episode 7
Joyce receives an unexpected visitor, and a teenage mother reveals a disturbing truth.

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Episode 6
Rosalind oversees the care of a teenage mum and uncovers a disturbing truth. Trixie and Matthew struggle with their change in fortune whilst Joyce receives an unexpected visitor.

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Episode 5
In his new role, Cyril faces his toughest challenge yet, whilst Matthew is summoned to a board meeting with his mother. Elsewhere, the pupil midwives prepare for their final exams.

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Episode 4
It's July 1969, and everyone is giddy with nervous excitement about Apollo 11's imminent landing on the moon. The whole community wishes to mark this special occasion, and there is a public showing of the landing outside, using the Nonnatus House television set.

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Episode 3
Reggie comes home for a few weeks' holiday and helps Fred to make over the small unkempt green space outside St Oswald's church. This is paid work for them both and marks the first time Reggie has earned his own money.

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Episode 2
At Tuesday clinic, Shelagh and Joyce oversee the care of Edna Bristow, a heavily pregnant mother of one, whose husband has left her just days before their baby is due. Edna proves to be quite a difficult patient, but there are greater challenges ahead when it becomes clear that her flat is riddled with damp.

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Episode 1
Sister Julienne and Shelagh are thrilled that the new midwifery training scheme is underway, which includes pupil midwives Rosalind Clifford, Joyce Highland, Kathy Downes and Norelle Morris. Once introduced to the routines of a home delivery, Rosalind and Joyce unpack their belongings and settle into Nonnatus House.

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Special: Christmas 2023
It's December 1968. The countdown to Christmas is on, as is the launch of Apollo 8's moon mission. Sister Monica Joan is convinced this could be her last yuletide and that she will not live to see man walk on the moon. Meanwhile, as Shelagh and Dr Turner navigate family life, they are unsettled when a parcel arrives from May's mother in Hong Kong.

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Call the Midwife is a British television drama series, originating on the UK's BBC network and subsequently syndicated across the globe with a prevalent presence on PBS in the United States. Broadcasted since 2012, the series is based on the best-selling memoirs of the same name by Jennifer Worth, providing an intimate, harrowing but also heartwarming look into midwifery in the 1950s and ‘60s East End London. The show examines and critiques societal norms and healthcare conditions during one of the most complex periods in British history.

At the heart of Call the Midwife is a young nurse named Jenny Lee, portrayed eloquently by Jessica Raine, who takes on a new role as a midwife. Her journey forms the core narrative as she navigates her new life and encounters various challenges of her time. The series focuses quite profoundly on Jenny's transformation and growth, both personally and professionally; her experiences shape her understanding of the world.

Alongside Jenny Lee, the show presents an ensemble cast of memorable characters. Miranda Hart is unforgettably endearing as the clumsy but thoroughly compassionate Nurse Chummy; Jenny Agutter portrays the wisdom-infused Sister Julienne and Pam Ferris brings to life the lively and sturdy Sister Evangelina. Treading the line between piety and pragmatism is Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan. Helen George delivers an excellent portrayal as Trixie Franklin, a glamour-loving midwife, while Bryony Hannah presents a nuanced performance as the shy, introverted Nurse Cynthia Miller.

Another layer of depth is added through peripheral characters. Cliff Parisi shines as the loveable Fred Buckle who provides comic relief, Stephen McGann as the empathetic Dr. Turner, and Laura Main plays Shelagh Turner, a nurse-turned-matron battling her insecurities. Alisha Bailey, Emily Barber, Laura Howard and Georgie Glen appear and enrich the series with their remarkable performances, adding to the cohesive and engaging ensemble.

Despite the substantial cast, Call the Midwife expertly deals with their development, providing them intertwined narratives and allowing audiences to connect individually to each of them. It humanizes them and paves the way for the audience to understand their experiences, their struggles, and their triumphs.

The writing and acting come together to create a powerful character-driven drama that does not shun away from presenting the socio-economic disparities and healthcare inequalities. It presents a sensitive and raw perspective on issues such as unwanted pregnancies, poverty, disease epidemics, abortion, domestic violence, prejudice, and racism, among others. It highlights how the midwives not only delivered babies but also extended their care to include the families, especially women, by providing care that transcends mere medical intervention.

Midwifery and nursing are depicted as truly noble and compassionate vocations. The series captures the profound joy of new life, familial bonds and the strength of community spirit amidst the struggles of life and death. With every new episode, it introduces new characters and individual storylines, each one deeply involved in historical and cultural subject matter.

With early 20th century London as the backdrop, the series not only explores the intricacies of its characters' lives but also provides a vivid historical context to the storytelling. It exhibits the East End as a place teeming with life; bustling, grim, challenging, yet spirited, shaping the lives of its dwellers. The period-appropriate settings, props, costumes, and strong archives of fact and anecdote effortlessly transport the viewers back in time.

The show boasts exceptional performances all round, a stellar script and fantastic direction that smoothly integrates the actors, setting and storyline. The characteristic blend of drama and tenderness in Call the Midwife makes it transcend generations and geographies.

In sum, Call the Midwife is a moving, socially conscious narrative. It is a masterful and absorbing TV drama, offering an insightful look into the lives of midwives and the communities they serve, whilst maintaining an entertaining narrative that engages viewers at every turn. Over the years, it has become an immensely popular acquisition for PBS, celebrated as a monumental contribution to historical dramas.

Call the Midwife is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 13 seasons with a total of 121 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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