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Episode 6
After Lydia is married, she and Wickham come to Longbourn for a visit before joining Wickham's new regiment in the North. She is as silly as ever and very proud of her success in catching Wickham, even offering to get husbands for her sisters.

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Pride and Prejudice Episode 5
Elizabeth visits Pemberley and encounters Mr. Darcy who treats her with kindness, and she begins to regret lost opportunities.

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Pride and Prejudice Episode 4
Elizabeth is shocked when Mr. Darcy proposes to her in a manner she considers insulting and unworthy of a gentleman.

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Pride and Prejudice Episode 3
After stunning her mother and Mr. Collins by declining his marriage proposal - a decision supported by her father - Elizabeth holds the disagreeable Mr.

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Pride and Prejudice Episode 2
The encounters between Elizabeth and the handsome, and it would seem, snobbish, Mr. Darcy are frequent and spirited - yet far from encouraging.

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Pride and Prejudice Episode 1
The arrival of wealthy bachelor Mr. Bingley, who takes up residence in a nearby mansion, causes a stir in the Bennet household.

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Pride and Prejudice is a 1995 British television drama adaptation, produced by BBC, of Jane Austen's 1813 novel of the same title. This six-part series provides the viewers an immersion into the Regency era and the complexities of societal norms and expectations revolving around love, marriage, social status, and wealth in the English society of that time. The series stars Jennifer Ehle as the intelligent and spirited Elizabeth Bennet, and Colin Firth as the daunting and proud Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. The plot revolves around the romantic and critical progression of their relationship. Elizabeth, the second of five sisters struggling with her family's incessant ambitions to marry them into good fortune, is quick-witted and strongly opinionated. On the other hand, Darcy, proud of his aristocratic lineage, is a wealthy gentleman who initially comes across as arrogant and judge-brandishing. Their love story is complicit in a backdrop of various societal pressures and preconceived prejudices which form the crux of their initial disliking towards each other. Over the course of six episodes, viewers get to witness the blossoming of their relationship, amidst overcoming their initial misconceptions towards each other and the challenging circumstances that surround them. The Bennet family, led by the hilarious and flustered mother Mrs. Bennet (Alison Steadman), vies to find suitable husbands for their five daughters. With the estate left in entailment to a distant male relation, Mr. Collins (David Bamber), due to an absent male heir, the comedic desperation of Mrs. Bennet and the stoic exasperation of Mr. Bennet (Benjamin Whitrow) add a refreshing layer to the narrative. The elder sister Jane, portrayed by Susannah Harker, and Mr. Bingley (Crispin Bonham-Carter), a rich gentleman and friend of Darcy, forms a parallel love story which complements Elizabeth and Darcy's tale. Julia Sawalha plays the role of irresponsible and flirting Lydia Bennet. Her folly in succumbing to the misleading affections of Mr. Wickham (Adrian Lukis) brings a turning point in the narrative. Each episode brings with it a new revelation, a depth to the characters’ emotions, and a furtherance in the understanding shared between Darcy and Elizabeth. The supporting cast, including Joanna David as Mrs. Gardiner, the sensible and loving aunt to the Bennets', Lucy Briers as Mary Bennet, Emilia Fox as Georgiana Darcy, and Anna Chancellor as the haughty Miss Bingley, enrich the plot with their delicate portrayal of their characters' multifarious hues. Screenwriter Andrew Davies does an exceptional job in adapting Austen’s classic novel for the television screen. His adaptation brings to life the wit and humor deeply embedded in the novel’s dialogues and characters. The presentation of the Regency era, showcased through beautiful country settings, sprawling estates, and elegant costume design, is praiseworthy. Simon Langton, as the director, skillfully navigates the series capturing the minute details of facial expressions and leaving enough space for emotional complexity. His tactical usage of silence to express unspoken emotions adds a layer of subtlety to the narrative. This series is a treat for people with an inclination towards period dramas with its excellent casting, cohesive script, and skillful direction. This adaptation brings to life the essence of Jane Austen's novel on the small screen, with its clever portrayal of manners, heritage, love, pride, and prejudice. Ultimately, the magic of Pride and Prejudice lies in its timeless celebration of differences, the unfurling of love between two strong characters, the societal commentary on women's position in early 19th-century England, and the unraveling complexities of human behavior. The progressive transformation of the relationship between the witty Elizabeth Bennet and the seemingly prideful Mr. Darcy remains etched in television history as a classic tale of overcoming pride and prejudice to find true love.

Pride and Prejudice is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 1980. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

Jennifer Ehle, Colin Firth, Susannah Harker, Crispin Bonham-Carter, Benjamin Whitrow, Alison Steadman, Adrian Lukis, Julia Sawalha, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Lucy Davis, Emilia Fox, Anthony Calf, Victoria Hamilton, Lucy Scott, Lucy Briers, Anna Chancellor, Joanna David, Nadia Chambers, Polly Maberly, Tim Wylton, David Bamber, Lucy Robinson
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