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VG 2
More of the best moments from the U series of QI, hosted by Sandi Toksvig with Alan Davies and their guests.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 17 Now

QI VG: Part 1
A selection of the best moments from series U, with Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies and their guests.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 16 Now

Sandi Toksvig is joined by Bridget Christie, Rosie Jones, Cariad Lloyd and Alan Davies to find out about ulex and other obscure U words.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 15 Now

Underground and Underwater
Sandi is joined by Zoe Lyons, Dan Tiernan, Josh Widdicombe and Alan Davies for an underground and underwater episode of QI.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 14 Now

Sandi Toksvig takes a look at upbringing with Sally Phillips, Josh Pugh, Aaron Simmonds and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 13 Now

Sandi Toksvig goes to university with Guz Khan, Joe Lycett, Morgana Robinson and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 12 Now

Sandi Toksvig is joined by Maisie Adam, Daliso Chaponda, Jack Dee and Alan Davies for a look at some underthings.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 11 Now

Sandi Toksvig hosts an 'upsadaisy' episode of QI and is joined by Justin Moorhouse, Emmanuel Sonubi, Holly Walsh and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 10 Now

Sandi Toksvig looks at a range of unrelated 'U' topics with Tom Allen, Chris McCausland, Lou Sanders and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 9 Now

'U' Animals
Sandi Toksvig, Rhod Gilbert, Lara Ricote, Ahir Shah and Alan Davies look at some animals beginning with 'U'.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 8 Now

Sandi Toksvig dusts off her tinfoil hat for a look at ufology with Cally Beaton, Nish Kumar, Tom Ward and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 7 Now

Sandi Toksvig presents an ultra-interesting episode of QI with Jordan Gray, Jason Manford, Sara Pascoe and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 6 Now

Uncle Sam
Sandi Toksvig puts the UK-US special relationship under the microscope with Kemah Bob, Alex Edelman, David Mitchell, and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 5 Now

Join Sandi Toksvig for a thoroughly Unsavoury episode of QI, with Gyles Brandreth, Judi Love, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, and Alan Davies.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 4 Now

Sandi Toksvig, Nabil Abdulrashid, Bill Bailey, Victoria Coren Mitchell and Alan Davies are all in it together for this United episode.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 3 Now

Upside Down
Sandi Toksvig is joined by Aisling Bea, Urzila Carlson, Romesh Ranganathan and Alan Davies for an upside-down episode.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 2 Now

All I Want for Christmas Is U
Sandi Toksvig is joined by Eshaan Akbar, Jo Brand, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies for a festive special.

Watch Qi Season 21 Episode 1 Now

Qi is an extraordinary game show that has been a staple of BBC programming since its inception in 2003, featuring the witty and effervescent charm of comedian Alan Davies. A show celebrating quite interesting, and often little known facts, Qi not only provides viewers an opportunity to learn obscure and intriguing information, but does so in a way that takes the interactive and engaging elements of game shows and infuses them with a unique blend of wit, humor, and brain-boggling trivia.

The Qi format is quite different from traditional game shows. Each episode features permanent panelist, Alan Davies, and three guest stars, often including a mix of comedians, actors, and well-known personalities. Each episode is peppered with questions, where the answers are often not only interesting but downright bizarre and unexpected. With its roots in British humor, the show prides itself for focusing on intellectual humor and wit, and for providing a stage where intelligence and education are not just appreciated but applauded.

The mastermind guiding the often chaotic and hilarious proceedings is the show’s host, Stephen Fry, who was the host from its inception up to its M series - approximately 12 seasons, after which Sandi Toksvig took over. Both Fry and Toksvig, who each possess an encyclopedic knowledge and quick wit, contribute heavily to the charm and appeal of the show.

What sets Qi apart from numerous other panel shows is its uniquely constructed point system. Generously awarding points for 'quite interesting' answers, even if they are not technically correct, the show paradoxically also penalizes contestants for obvious and anticipated answers, often resulting in humorous surprises and unexpected turns. Alan Davies, on numerous occasions, falls victim to these 'obvious but not quite correct' answers, making him a beloved figure on the show with his good-natured acceptance of his frequent negative scores.

The range of questions provides plenty of room for panelists to express their wit and humor, often leading to hilarious, side-splitting moments. No topic is out of bounds – from zoology to ancient history, physics to etymology, and even quite interesting anomalies and oddities. The diversity of topics ensures that both participants and viewers always learn something new.

Each season of Qi explores a new series of topics, in alphabetical order. Starting from 'A' in its first season, the show themes its episodes (and the questions within them) beginning with a specific letter of the alphabet. For example, in Series A, episodes revolved around topics beginning with the letter A. By structuring the series in this way, Qi manages to keep the format fresh with each season, while also ensuring a broad coverage of topics.

The show's atmosphere is light-hearted, exuding the feel of a friendly gathering more than a traditional game show. The dynamic between the host, Davies, and the guest stars frequently builds an authentic camaraderie, making audiences feel as though they are witnessing a casual, engaging conversation amongst friends rather than a scripted panel show.

With its unusual concept and undeniably quite interesting content, Qi has garnered a strong following both in its native UK and around the globe. Its seamless blend of education and entertainment (often termed 'edutainment') has undeniably appealed to a broad viewership. Even after numerous seasons, Qi continues to entertain its audience, keeping minds active and encouraging a curiosity for the weird and wonderful world that we live in.

To conclude, Qi, starring comic mainstay Alan Davies, is not your regular panel game show. It is a witty, often irreverent, always informative, and wildly entertaining way to spend an evening. This show challenges contestants and viewers alike to think outside the box, rewarding those answers which are 'quite interesting', if not technically correct. With an alphabetical theming system keeping it fresh season after season, it's nearly impossible not to be drawn in by the charm, humor, and wide-ranging appeal of Qi.

Qi is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 21 seasons with a total of 286 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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