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Episode 14
Mr Merdle's death and the collapse of Merdle's Bank sends shockwaves through London as thousands face financial ruin. Arthur returns to the Marshalsea a prisoner, Amy goes back to her birthplace to look after him as he lies gravely ill, and Rigaud returns to play out his blackmail in the Clennam house.

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Episode 13
Mr Dorrit returns to Venice a broken man, after a visit to London revives some unwelcome memories. Meanwhile, Arthur warns his mother that she may be in danger from Rigaud, and he is reunited with Amy once more.

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Episode 12
Mr Dorrit leaves Amy behind in Venice as he returns to London with newlyweds Fanny and Sparkler, but the high life is not all he had hoped it would be. Meanwhile, Arthur invests Doyce and Clennam's capital in Merdle's Bank, and Flora investigates the mysterious disappearance of Rigaud.

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Episode 11
Romance is in the air as Mrs General starts her campaign to woo Mr Dorrit, and Fanny turns the full beam of her attention on Sparkler. Meanwhile, an unwelcome reminder of the old days comes to haunt Mr Dorrit in Venice.

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Episode 10
Fanny has stolen the heart of Edmund Sparkler, whose mother is determined to separate them once and for all. Meanwhile, Merdle's Bank is besieged by investors, and Arthur is worried when he sees a suspicious French stranger, the villainous Rigaud, at his mother's house.

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Episode 9
The Dorrits arrive in Venice, and Fanny renews an old acquaintance with Edmund Sparkler and his redoubtable mother Mrs Merdle. Meanwhile, Amy makes a friend in Pet Gowan, united through their mutual affection for Arthur, and Rigaud scents a deeper connection between the Dorrits and the House of Clennam.

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Episode 8
Mr Dorrit is released from the Marshalsea after more than twenty years, and takes his family abroad to reinvent themselves as members of society. Miss Wade commissions Rigaud to spy on Pet and Henry Gowan, and he takes the chance to follow the Dorrits abroad and find out what connects them to the House of Clennam.

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Episode 7
Rigaud introduces himself to the House of Clennam, while Arthur is best man at Pet's marriage to Henry Gowan. Pancks concludes his investigation into the Dorrit family's long incarceration in the Marshalsea Debtors' Prison, and Arthur and Amy break momentous news to Mr Dorrit.

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Episode 6
Pancks recruits John Chivery to help him solve the mystery that connects the Dorrit family with the House of Clennam, while Arthur proposes to Pet Meagles. Elsewhere, Tattycoram runs away from Twickenham, and Amy resigns herself to a life without the man she loves.

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Episode 5
Amy accompanies her sister Fanny to meet Mrs Merdle, queen bee of London society. Meanwhile, Rigaud comes into possession of the Clennam papers, and Chivery the turnkey asks Arthur to put in a word for young John with Amy.

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Episode 4
Amy receives a proposal of marriage which throws her into confusion, Arthur is taken on as a partner in Daniel Doyce's engineering works, and the French villain Rigaud arrives in London.

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Episode 3
Flintwinch taunts Arthur's mother about the mystery at the heart of the House of Clennam, while Amy discovers that 'a gentleman' has paid off her brother's debts, and Arthur is invited to Twickenham to renew his acquaintance with the lovely Pet Meagles.

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Episode 2
Suspecting his family's involvement in their ruin, Arthur, having befriended Amy Dorrit, involves himself in her family's affairs. While hoping to pay off Amy's brother's debt and give him the chance to start again, Arthur himself is also planning to start again with a new job, and perhaps renew his love for childhood sweetheart Flora Casby.

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Episode 1
When Arthur Clennam returns to England after years abroad, his curiosity is piqued by the presence in his mother's house of a young seamstress, Amy Dorrit. Seeking to discover why Mrs Clennam, not usually given to charity, has taken on Amy, Arthur visits Marshalsea Prison where he meets and befriends Amy's father, William, the prison's longest-serving inmate.

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Episode 1
Arthur Clennam returns from China, keen to uncover the mystery of the House of Clennam.

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Episode 2
Arthur befriends Amy Dorrit and involves himself in her family's affairs.

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Episode 3
Amy receives a proposal of marriage, and the villainous Rigaud arrives in London.

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Episode 4
Pancks recruits John Chivery to help solve the mystery at the heart of the Dorrit family.

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Episode 5
The Dorrits make their triumphant departure from the Marshalsea. Mr. Dorrit employs Mrs. General to offer instruction in etiquette to his daughters. Mrs. General suggests that the family goes on a Grand Tour and, before they know it, the Dorrits have left the country, where abroad they encounter Rigaud traveling with the newly-wed Gowans.

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Episode 6
Fanny has stolen the heart of Edmund Sparkler, whose mother is keen to separate them.

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Episode 7
Mr Dorrit leaves Amy behind in Venice as he returns to London with Fanny and Sparkler.

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Episode 8
Mr Merdle's death and the collapse of Merdle's Bank send shockwaves through London.

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Little Dorrit is a captivating and masterful adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic novel, presented in a 14-part miniseries by the BBC, released in 2008. This engrossing period drama extracts the richness of Dickens' narrative and characters, presenting them with great precision and an intricate eye for detail. Produced with excellent production values and directed by Dearbhla Walsh, Adam Smith, and Diarmuid Lawrence, the miniseries delves deeply into the world of the 19th century London, laden with class prejudices, economic disparities, and evident social commentary.

The title character, Little Dorrit, is played with sublime sensitivity by Claire Foy, in one of her early major roles before gaining prominence through "The Crown." Her character, Amy Dorrit, is a modest and kind-hearted young woman living a life full of hardship and struggle, spending her formative years in a debtor's prison, Marshalsea, where her father William Dorrit, portrayed by Tom Courtenay, serves a long sentence.

The plot picks up when the Dorrits' luck changes upon the arrival of Arthur Clennam, played by Matthew Macfadyen. Arthur, upon returning to London after his father's death, discovers a strange family legacy that leads him to the Dorrits - a mysterious connection that's hinted at but the details are withheld to sustain intrigue. Macfadyen expertly crafts a character that is as noble and kind-hearted as he is complex, trying to rectify the possible wrongs committed by his family.

A wealth of supporting characters highlights BBC's production quality evident in the miniseries. Judy Parfitt is unforgettable as the eccentric, buttoned-up Mrs. Clennam, Arthur's mother, and a person who holds many secrets behind her stern demeanor. The web of intricately depicted characters further includes Mr. Pancks, a comically grim rent collector (played by Eddie Marsan), and Rigaud, a scheming French convict (played by Andy Serkis), each contributing to the Dickensian universe with their unique tones and character arcs.

The creative core of Little Dorrit lies in its themes of prison, both literal and metaphorical, a common trope Dickens skillfully explored in his works. Whether it's the physical prison where Dorrits reside or the metaphorical prisons of societal norms, marital norms, and cruel class prejudices, the characters of this series each live in their own confined world. The brilliance of the series is manifested in how it embodies these themes and embeds them within the narrative seamlessly.

Despite being a period drama, Little Dorrit never feels antiquated. Dickens' classic is made contemporary, relevant, and relatable, thanks to some compelling storytelling and brilliant character development. What viewers can find most appealing about the series is its top-class cast delivering career-boosting performances, making the characters come alive with enchanting authenticity. Strong emotional undercurrents provide the show with depth and engage the audience at a profound level.

The visual portrayal of the Victorian era is another exceptional achievement of the Little Dorrit miniseries. Staying loyal to the original novel, the portrayal of a grim and gloomy London creates the perfect backdrop for these tales of love, fortune, and desire. Meticulous attention is given to costume and production design to recreate a world that Dickens himself would find convincingly authentic and immersive. However, apart from the aesthetics marked by grandeur and richness, the very soul of Dickens' original narrative is beautifully retained, thanks to a well-crafted script and strong direction.

In essence, a sense of mystery looms throughout Little Dorrit, with revelations and realizations pacing nicely as the series progresses. Many elements of the series, from its splendid cast to the engaging script, thoroughly crafted characters, and beautifully recreated Victorian era aesthetics, come together to create a truly immersive viewing experience.

As Little Dorrit is a classic tale transformed into a beautiful series, it ensures a viewer’s journey filled with emotions and revelations that skillfully intertwine suspense, love, and mystery. It is an impeccable adaptation of Dickens’ novel that not only maintains the essence of the original work but also transcends it, making it an enchanting watch for lovers of literature and drama alike. By the end, viewers may find themselves wholly immersed in this intricately crafted representation of the Dickensian world, with its textured depiction of society, vivid characters, and compelling narrative.

Little Dorrit is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

Andy Serkis, Maxine Peake, Freema Agyeman, Janine Duvitski, Judy Parfitt, James Fleet, Bill Paterson, Sue Johnston, Alun Armstrong, Claire Foy, Emma Pierson, Ruth Jones, Tom Courtenay, Matthew Macfadyen, Pam Ferris, Jason Watkins, Anton Lesser, Rosie Cavaliero, Ron Cook, Alex Wyndham, Eddie Marsan, Russell Tovey, Amanda Redman, Eve Myles, Jason Thorpe, Sebastian Armesto, Zubin Varla, Arthur Darvill, John Alderton, Georgia King, Geoffrey Whitehead
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