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Episode 8
CID is chasing a notorious cop killer and Gene is going undercover as part of a departmental sting operation to catch the villain red-handed during a train heist. All Sam has to do, Morgan promises, is one more job and he can 'come home'.

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Episode 7
Sam is woken in the middle of the night by Gene - drunk, and apparently having killed someone. While the evidence stacks up against Gene, Sam tries to prove his Guv's innocence, watched by DCI Frank Morgan from Hyde division.

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Episode 6
Heroin has hit the streets of Manchester and Gene wants culprits. When investigating the murder of a Ugandan Asian man, Sam battles against the bigoted reaction of his DCI.

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Episode 5
Sam feels strange - stranger than usual. Whilst trying to work out the cause of his vivid imaginings, he has to deal with an urgent investigation when a man tries to hang himself in A-division.

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Episode 4
The body of a young woman is found in wasteland. The investigation takes the team to suburbia, where a local car dealer is throwing private parties, employing the make-up girls to 'help out' when the wife-swapping begins...

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Episode 3
When a bomb warning is reported, A-Division goes on red alert. The IRA has begun its mainland bombing campaign.

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Episode 2
With his mentor presiding over an armed robbery investigation, DCI Gene Hunt is keen to show off his team. And with his own (future) mentor working with the team as a lowly DC, Sam too tries to be at his best.

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Episode 1
Despite eerie visions of 2006, DCI Sam Tyler remains in the 70s - where he encounters the young incarnation of a nasty villain Sam put away in 2006. He sees the chance every policeman dreams about: stopping the killer before he kills.

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Life on Mars is a riveting, time-traveling drama series produced by ABC between 2008 and 2009. The American adaptation of a hit UK series, this show stars an ensemble cast led by Jason O'Mara, Harvey Keitel, Jonathan Murphy, Michael Imperioli, and Gretchen Mol.

The primary narrative revolves around Sam Tyler, a New York Police Department detective in 2008 played by Jason O'Mara. In the wake of a severe car accident, he mysteriously wakes up in the year 1973. Struggling to comprehend what happened, Tyler attempts to make sense of his new reality while, at the same time, solving the complex puzzles of being a detective in what seems to be a different era.

Significantly, the series explores the narrative through Sam Tyler's perspective. As an outsider to the 1970s period, his modern sensibilities often clash with the prevalent norms of the time. Addressing social issues, policing techniques, and technological advancements from a unique vantage point, the series provides an absorbing journey through New York City's vibrant and gritty past.

O'Mara's character captivates the audience with his struggle to understand whether he is in a coma, completely insane, or genuinely stuck in the past. His yearning to reconnect with his former life and acquaintances provides a compelling emotional charge to the story, which contrasts sharply with the more procedural aspects of police investigation that the show presents.

Harvey Keitel, portraying Lieutenant Gene Hunt, chews up the scenery in his role as the abrasive and slightly anarchic ringmaster of the 1973 police department. His character's intensely traditional and no-nonsense approach to law enforcement presents an intriguing juxtaposition against Tyler's distinctly modern, protocol-driven perspectives. At the same time, Jonathan Murphy and Michael Imperioli, playing detectives Chris Skelton and Ray Carling respectively, provide a unique blend of humor and edginess to the show's distinctive and sometimes surrealistic atmosphere.

Gretchen Mol, as the only major female cast member, shines as policewoman Annie Norris. Her character evokes the primary struggles and significant contributions of women in law enforcement during a period where patriarchal norms were the order of the day. Her nuanced performance adds depth to the storyline and acts as a mirror to reflect the evolving attitudes toward gender roles and equality.

One of the show’s unique strengths lies in its historical immersion, with rich detail devoted to authentically recreating the period. The 1970s New York City depicted in the series evokes a compelling sense of nostalgia, portrayed through vintage wardrobes, decor, and dated cityscapes, accompanied by an iconic soundtrack that resonates with the audience.

Furthermore, the show skillfully blends genres, somehow managing to play as a detached police procedural, as well as a psychological and metaphysical drama that raises questions about reality and perception. The suspense of the overall narrative, mainly owing to Tyler's continual quest to return to his own time, complements the week-to-week criminal cases that bring an element of unpredictability to the story.

In addition to the high-stakes narrative, Life on Mars features an array of guest appearances that adds diversity to its episodic arcs, further cementing the uniqueness and appeal of the series. The culmination of these elements makes Life on Mars a show that sets its own pace, firmly balancing nostalgia with modern sensibilities to deliver a thoroughly entertaining, and sometimes contemplatively trippy, viewing experience.

Although Life on Mars ran for a single season, it has left a lasting footprint in the world of serialized television, due to its unique combination of mystery, drama, humor, and historical evocation. It remains a fascinating piece of television history that continues to draw in new viewers and admirers. This innovative, genre-bending series serves as a compelling study on the interplays of time, memory, identity, and the continual evolution of societal norms.

Life on Mars is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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