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Starting From Scratch / Snow White's Seven
Benjamin asks Piper to create an original story. Piper meets new friends while trying to unlock the gates of the royal kingdom.

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Wonder Chicken Returns / Professor Goose Visits
Grandma teaches a valuable lesson as Piper suits up for a superhero mission. A popular author sparks creativity for Mrs.

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The Royal Rollercoaster / Clucky Sinclair and the Three Bears
Piper and friends help the King build an exciting new ride. Hoping to solve a mystery, Piper transforms into a detective.

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The Magnificent Magician of the Mailbox / Once Upon a Chicken
Theodore, Duckston, and Piper work together on an illustrated story. Mrs. Slothworth teaches the class about fairy-tale cliches.

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Mary Had a Little Chicken / The Princess, the Chicken, and the Pea
Piper puts fun genre twists on a familiar favorite. When a royal athlete can't fall asleep, Piper leaps into action.

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Save the Stalk! / Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Grandpa encourages Piper to help a struggling storybook character. A friendly lion looks to Piper for guidance on how to be funny.

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Funky Chicken / Hansel & Gretel and the Chicken
Papa's friend shares his passion for hip-hop. Piper rewrites a time-honored tale to make it a little less spooky.

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Captain Claw’s Clawsome Quest / Cinderella’s Story
Piper sets sail with a pirate crew to search for treasure. When a favorite book falls apart, Piper and friends try to piece it back together.

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Interrupting Chicken is a delightful animated series on Apple TV+ that brings to life the whimsical charm of David Ezra Stein's beloved children's books. Launched in 2022, the show captures the spirit of storytelling through a colorful cast of characters, primarily centered around a spirited young chicken named Lil' Red and her imaginative father, Papa Chicken. The series encapsulates the wonder of bedtime stories and the adventures that come with them while highlighting the bond between a parent and child.

At its core, Interrupting Chicken revolves around the unique premise of Lil' Red and her habit of interrupting the tales that her father narrates. Each episode features a different classic fairy tale—often with a twist as Lil' Red's creative interruptions steer the stories into unexpected and often hilariously fresh directions. The visual design is vibrant and engaging, enhancing the narrative with bright colors and expressive character designs that immediately draw viewers into Lil' Red’s playful world.

The animation style is both charming and accessible, appealing not only to the young audience it primarily caters to but also to parents who may share in the storytelling experience. The characters are designed with a mix of comedic expressions and heartfelt moments that resonate with the emotional undercurrents of childhood imagination and parental love. As Lil' Red dives into each story with a mix of enthusiasm and mischief, viewers witness a blend of humor and life lessons that are wonderfully woven into the fabric of the narrative.

The dynamics between Lil' Red and Papa Chicken are particularly noteworthy, showcasing a heartwarming relationship filled with playful banter and affection. Through their interactions, the show emphasizes key themes of creativity, the importance of storytelling, and the joy that comes from sharing imaginative narratives. Papa Chicken serves as both a storyteller and a guide, gently encouraging his daughter’s adventurous spirit while also recognizing the value of her unique interpretations of the stories he shares. This interplay fosters an environment where originality and collaboration thrive, encouraging young viewers to embrace their creativity.

The series is structured in short episodes, making it ideal for a quick viewing experience before bedtime or during short breaks throughout the day. Each episode typically introduces a new story, continually providing fresh material for Lil' Red to interrupt, which keeps the format lively and engaging. However, it is the delightful twists that Lil' Red brings to familiar tales that are the highlight, transforming well-known characters and narratives into something new and exciting.

In addition to the engaging plotlines and lively animation, the voice talent behind Interrupting Chicken is impressive, featuring well-known actors who bring depth and humor to their roles. Their energetic performances add another layer of enjoyment, making the characters feel relatable and endearing. The humor ranges from subtle wit to outright silliness, ensuring that both children and adults can appreciate the comedic timing and clever dialogue.

The series also subtly champions the power of storytelling itself. By illustrating how stories can evolve and adapt through Lil' Red's interruptions, the show provides a valuable commentary on the nature of creativity. It promotes the idea that storytelling is not a rigid process but rather a dynamic and collaborative one. This notion is especially empowering for young viewers, encouraging them to take ownership of narratives and to view their imagination as a powerful tool for expression.

Throughout the series, the animation is complemented by a charming soundtrack that enhances the whimsical feel of each episode. The musical choices help to create an immersive experience, drawing viewers deeper into Lil' Red's lively antics and the enchanting worlds of each story.

Ultimately, Interrupting Chicken stands out as a celebration of imagination and childhood relationships. It invites young audiences to engage with familiar tales in playful and innovative ways, while also encouraging them to see the potential for creativity in their own storytelling endeavors. The heartfelt messages, paired with fun-filled narratives, make for an enchanting viewing experience that resonates with families.

In a crowded landscape of children's programming, Interrupting Chicken distinguishes itself through its unique concept and endearing characters. It manages to strike a balance between humor and meaningful moments, ultimately crafting a series that entertains while also nurturing the love of storytelling in its audience. Each viewing is an opportunity for laughter, connection, and inspiration, making it a worthy addition to any family's watchlist on Apple TV+.

As parents cuddle up with their children for a viewing session, they are sure to enjoy both the humor and the deeper underlying themes, making Interrupting Chicken a delightful choice to foster imagination and creativity in young hearts and minds. Whether you're a long-time fan of the original books or new to Lil' Red's adventures, this series promises to enchant and entertain viewers of all ages.

Interrupting Chicken is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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