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Episode 32
It's been a a year since Jae-wan has seen Mo-ne or the Ciel. Can he ever return?

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Episode 31
Chairman Ah's murderer is finally revealed.

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Episode 30
An inspection into Jae-wan's past reveals the shady way he first got close to Chairman Ah.

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Episode 29
Baek awakes from her coma with a very different mentality.

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Episode 28
Reconciliation with his long-lost mother brings unexpected new challenges.

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Episode 27
Mo-ne makes a promise to Chae-kyung in exchange for helping get Chairman Baek out of prison-although Baek still doesn't know that Jae-wan is actually Hyun-woo.

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Episode 26
Jae-wan is ready to go all the way for love-and revenge.

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Episode 25
Jae-wan and Mo-ne try to organize the labor union against Baek.

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Episode 24
Thought there were no more secret identities to be revealed? You thought wrong. Things continue to heat up between the rival factions fighting for control of the Ciel.

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Episode 23
Both Baek and Chae-kyung plan to exact their revenge on Jae-wan and Mo-ne.

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Episode 22
Mo-ne and Jae-wan team up to foil Baek's scheme to break up and sell the Ciel.

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Episode 21
Jae-wan is attacked and left for dead in the street, but he's got the wrong idea about whodunnit.

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Episode 20
After being ousted by Baek, Mo-ne decides to return to working at the hotel anyway-as a maid.

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Episode 19
Mo-ne's determined not to let Manager Baek usurp her position as Chairman-but Baek's got more tricks up her sleeve than she realizes.

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Episode 18
Mo-ne fires Jae-wan, but his job isn't the only one on the line.

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Episode 17
Manager Baek tantalizes Mo-ne and Jae-wan with more secrets, while Joong-goo reveals the truth of Jae-wan's parentage to Mo-ne.

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Episode 16
Thinking Jae-wan has betrayed him, Joong-goo traps Jae-wan and Mo-ne in a remote cabin.

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Episode 15
Joong-goo's true colors get exposed.

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Episode 14
As a bidding war ensues over the ranch, Mo-ne finds incriminating evidence against Jae-wan and Joong-goo.

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Episode 13
Dark mysteries come about.

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Episode 12
Shaken by learning the truth of his father's identity, Jae-wan must now prove Mo-ne's innocence in a legal scandal.

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Episode 11
A paternity test changes everything.

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Episode 10
Jae-wan's old rival arrives at the hotel to make trouble.

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Episode 9
Jae-wan is back under Joon-goo's thumb while Mo-ne makes her feelings known.

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Episode 8
Jae-wan agrees to protect Mo-ne, but their new arrangement has unexpected consequences.

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Episode 7
Mo-ne and Jae-wan have to babysit a client's child together.

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Episode 6
An arsonist has set fire to the hotel, putting Mo-ne and several other lives in danger-but the flames also ignite new discoveries.

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Episode 5
Jae-wan confront's the chairman's murderer and Mo-ne begins her new position-with the condition that she must increase the hotel's profits 100% in 3 months.

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Episode 4
Mo-na decides not to confront her suspected attacker, but comes forward publicly with new evidence regarding her father's death.

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Episode 3
Someone's trying to kill Mo-na.

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Episode 2
The hotel's heiress returns home after her father's suicide, determined to prove it was in fact a murder.

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Episode 1
An orphan spends years rising in the ranks of his estranged father's hotel to get revenge against him for killing his mother.

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Hotel King is a compelling South Korean television series that aired in 2014 on the MBC network. The storyline spans across 32 episodes, each filled with intense drama, thrilling plot twists, grandeur and heartfelt emotions. The plot centers around the world of luxury hotel management, offering viewers a glimpse into the threats, rivalries, secrets, and romance that thrive behind the opulence.

The central character is Cha Jae-wan, portrayed by accomplished actor Lee Dong-wook, who is known for his versatile acting prowess in South Korean television. Jae-wan, who carries a secretive and tragic past, is the cold and meticulous general manager of the fictional Hotel Ciel, the best luxury hotel in Korea. His character is enigmatic and strategically reserved, thus keeping the audience constantly intrigued about his past mysteries and their possible resolutions.

Opposite him, we have Ah Mo-ne, the bright and exuberant heiress of Hotel Ciel, who is the polar opposite of Cha Jae-wan. Played by the talented Lee Da-hae, Mo-ne is the hotel's only successor and known for her impulsive and passionate nature. Her lively spirit and determination to protect her late father’s legacy, despite her lack of experience and obstacles thrown in her path, become key driving forces within the narrative.

Interestingly, Cha Jae-wan and Ah Mo-ne start their association on a bitter note, full of misunderstandings, and conflicts. However, as the storyline progresses, powerful bonds manifest, and the series adeptly portrays their evolving journey from mutual disdain to unexpected alliances and possibly more. The role of these key characters is to represent contrasting personas, thus giving the storyline depth and dynamism.

Besides the lead characters, Hotel King features a galaxy of actors playing pivotal roles. The support cast is necessary to accentuate the twist-filled storyline, keeping us engaged. Each character has been intricately designed, from ambitious hotel rivals, greedy investors, mysterious guests, and loyal hotel employees, each adding a unique flavor to the show.

The setting of the show, Hotel Ciel, is almost a character in itself. The grandeur, attention to detail, and the behind-the-scenes working of a top-notch hotel is brilliantly portrayed making it a captivating backdrop for the unfolding drama. The hotel's intrigues, secrets, and the inner workings featured predominantly contribute to the allure of the show. This marked emphasis on detail provides an immersive viewing experience.

The element of suspense and intrigue runs strong in the series as well. There are underlying mysteries tied to the characters and plots, and the series excels at slowly unraveling these secrets over the course of the show. Dark pasts, festering rivalries, veiled identities, hidden parentage, and unchecked ambition all blend to deepen the tension and enrich the plot.

Romance too has a considerable role in the series, which builds gradually as layers of the personalities of the lead characters are peeled. They navigate through trials and tribulations, personality clashes, deep-seated complications, and past wounds, thereby making their journey emotionally gripping and engaging.

However, Hotel King is not just about personal stories. It cleverly explores differing concepts of leadership and power. It manages to delve deep into ethics, morality, the brutal consequences of unchecked ambition, and the deceptiveness of outward facades in the corporate world. At the same time, it emphasizes love, loyalty, genuine friendship, and moral responsibility.

In terms of the production, it's well reflected in the high-quality cinematography and the richly designed sets which bring a touch of opulence to the scenes. The screenplay is also masterfully crafted, gradually unfolding a multi-faceted plot without losing grip on its narrative threads. The drama is well paced with skillful placement of plot twists and cliffhangers that maximize anticipation for the following episodes.

The series has its fair share of emotion-filled moments, palpable tension and climactic showdowns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, it also contains lighter moments, blended with humor, warmth, and camaraderie.

To conclude, Hotel King is a gripping tale of power, rivalry, secrets, and love set in a luxury hotel backdrop. It promises to guide viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride, filled with intense drama and human resilience. A recommended watch for all drama lovers who enjoy intricately developed characters, unraveling mysteries, and high-stakes narrative punctuated with ardent romance.

Hotel King is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch Hotel King online? Hotel King is available on MBC with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Hotel King on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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