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Episode 20
Young Mi writes a confession letter and tries to drown herself in a lake. Sun Mi has a new job in London.

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Episode 19
Woo Jin dies and his mother accuses Young Mi of murder. Cho Jeh tells a reporter about the relationship between Sun Mi and Hyung Chul.

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Episode 18
Woo Jin catches Young Mi searching for the tape; later, he erases it. Young Mi continues to pursue Hyung Chul.

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Episode 17
Woo Jin tells Young Mi he will not report her if she behaves. Sun Mi cannot declare her feelings for Hyung Chul; he thinks she chose Woo Jin.

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Episode 16
Sun Mi rejects Hyung Chul for Woo Jin, who rejects her. Hyung Chul will wait forever. Hyung Chul and Young Mi see Woo Jin and Sun Mi at the bar. Young Mi misses Woo Jin. Young Mi's jealousy consumes her when Sun Mi flourishes at work. Her treachery is discovered.

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Episode 15
Young Mi is frustrated as Hyung Chul remains unresponsive to her advances. Sun Mi fears Young Mi will take Hyung Chul from her.

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Episode 14
Hyung Chul continues to reject Young Mi. Hyung Chul sends Woo Jin and Young Mi on a "business trip" to see if they can reconcile.

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Episode 13
Young Mi admits that she lied about being pregnant. Woo Jin refuses to believe her. They break up. Hyung Chul shows his devotion to Sun Mi. Woo Jin and Sun Mi take a business trip; Sun Mi becomes very concerned about him. Young Mi intensifies her pursuit of Hyung Chul.

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Episode 12
Young Mi is furious that Sun Mi has taken her job. Young Mi sabotages Sun Mi on the air after Joo Hee states that she cannot fire her.

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Episode 11
Hyung Chul and Sun Mi's relationship suffers due to their work. Woo Jin visits In Soo in jail to discuss Young Mi.

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Episode 10
Woo Jin catches Young Mi flirting with Hyung Chul. He confronts her; she denies it. Everyone is concerned that MBS' ratings are dropping. Hyung Chul introduces Sun Mi to his father in front of everyone. Joo Hee is crushed. In Soo proposes to Young Mi; she reports his illegal activities.

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Episode 9
Hyung Chul apologizes to Sun Mi. Young Mi arranges for Joo Hee to see Hyung Chul with Sun Mi. The news spreads quickly. Sun Mi seeks advice from Woo Jin. Sun Mi arranges a blind date for Jin Soo and Cho Jeh. Young Mi sets her sights on Hyung Chul.

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Episode 8
Young Mi pretends not to know Woo Jin at work. He is hurt. Cho Jeh accidentally spills coffee on Jin Soo, which leads to bonding. Joo Hee openly favors Young Mi. Hyung Chul rejects Joo Hee and pursues Sun Mi. Sun Mi finally discovers that Hyung Chul is her boss.

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Episode 7
Sun Mi and Young Mi start work at MBS, now run by Hyung Chul. Joo Hee visits Hyung Chul; her obvious affection is unrequited.

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Episode 6
Woo Jin and Young Mi sleep together; Mrs. Song is enraged. Her displeasure drives them closer. Sun Mi confronts Young Mi again. Hyung Chul returns to Korea due to his father's illness; his friendship with Sun Mi deepens. Young Mi fakes a pregnancy. Hyung Chul takes over his father's business.

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Episode 5
Young Mi and Sun Mi interview for the media scholarship; Sun Mi wins the right to emcee an event. The women argue; Sun Mi says that Woo Jin is only with Young Mi because he pities her.

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Episode 4
Young Mi continues to use Woo Jin to make Sun Mi jealous. Sun Mi develops feelings for Hyung Chul, but returns to Korea to tell Woo Jin how she feels about him.

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Episode 3
Sun Mi arrives in the UK and attends university. On the way home, she is distracted thinking about Young Mi and Woo Jin and gets hit by a car, coincidentally driven by Hyung Chul.

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Episode 2
Mrs. Song sees Mr. Jim comforting Young Mi and becomes upset. Young Mi has been studying English. Sun Mi discovers that Young Mi lied about her background and confronts her. Sun Mi and Young Mi compete at work and for Woo Jin's affections. Hyung Chul expresses interest in Joo Hee.

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Episode 1
Hyung Chul learns that his mother has died. Young Mi's father dies, leaving her alone in the world. Sun Mi bonds with Mrs. Song; her affection for Woo Jin is apparent. He loves her as a sister. Young Mi abandons her life. Sun Mi and Young Mi attend school together.

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All About Eve is a captivating Korean drama that aired on the MBC channel in 2000. This award-winning drama consists of twenty episodes that deliver a compelling tale of friendship, rivalry, and the relentless pursuit of success in the highly competitive world of broadcast journalism. The series boasts a star-studded cast featuring the renowned actors Chae Rim, Jang Dong-geon, Han Jae-suk, and Kim So-yeon.

At the heart of its storyline, All About Eve presents an enthralling narrative about the antagonistic dynamic between two women - Sun Mi (played by Chae Rim) and Young Mi (played by Kim So-yeon). Both are ambitious and hardworking but their personalities and backgrounds are in stark contrast. Sun Mi possesses a delicate, warm-hearted demeanor. Raised in a wealthy household, she's always been sheltered from harsh realities. Young Mi, on the contrary, has been hardened by life's adversities. She is characterized by her aggressiveness and insatiable ambition, traits that are attributed to her impoverished upbringing.

Without disclosing any spoilers, the drama begins with the death of Sun Mi's mother, who cared for Young Mi as her own daughter. This event cements the connection between the two protagonists and sets the stage for an intense rivalry that extends from their personal to professional lives. The quintessential elements of passion, love, envy, and betrayal elevate the drama, making it a true roller coaster ride of emotions.

But, All About Eve isn't solely about the two women. It shines a spotlight on two equally compelling male protagonists Woo Jin (played by Jang Dong-geon) and Hyung Chul (played by Han Jae-suk). These men offer viewers a captivating subplot by playing the love interests of Sun Mi and Young Mi. The intricacies of their intertwined relationships with the two leading women makes for a multi-dimensional plot, keeping audiences engaged and guessing with every turn of events.

The series offers more than captivating storylines, rich character development, and an all-star cast, though. It provides an authentic and fascinating insight into the world of broadcast journalism, offering a glimpse into the high-pressure environment and the determination required to withstand the challenges associated with it. This perspective adds another layer to the depth of the drama, enriching its plot even more.

A critical aspect of All About Eve is its exceptional performances. Chae Rim beautifully conveys Sun Mi's transformation from a sheltered heiress to a driven and successful career woman. Kim So-yeon skillfully brings to life the complexities of Young Mi's character, portraying her ambition, ruthlessness, vulnerability, and humanity with equal ease. Jang Dong-geon and Han Jae-suk's portrayals of their characters are full of charm and charisma, making them beloved figures among audiences.

The gifted direction and screenplay of All About Eve serve to heighten the drama. Its script is meticulously crafted with intelligent dialogue and dynamic storytelling, lending the plot its drama and depth. The director's keen vision and attention to detail are evident in every episode. You’ll find that each scene is more dramatic and engaging than the last, presenting audiences with an immersive viewing experience.

All About Eve beautifully blends poignant sentimentality and inhalation including themes like morality, ambition, and the human capacity for change. The series resonates with viewers because of the situations and dilemmas presented that people can relate to, such as the struggle for success, rivalry, and the complexity of relationships.

In conclusion, All About Eve packs everything audiences love about Korean drama - relatable characters, engaging plotlines, romance, rivalry, and a dash of melodrama. Its riveting storytelling woven around dynamic characters and their intertwining destinies makes for a memorable viewing experience. If you're a fan of Korean Drama or simply a connoisseur of compelling storytelling, All About Eve is a must-watch. Its legacy as an award-winning series testifies to its quality and entertainment value.

All About Eve is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2000. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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How can I watch All About Eve online? All About Eve is available on MBC with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch All About Eve on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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