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Get Justice
DGM finally learn the truth, but not without great personal risk and devastating consequences...

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Get It Out
The Police are satisfied they've found the culprit despite a number of loose ends. Can DGM keep investigating when fractures threaten to tear them apart?

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Get Through It
We flashback to when DGM began, while in the present they organise their most joyous prank yet. But then a suspect is arrested...

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Get Out of Hand
Olivia's secret is revealed, Kitty competes in a fencing match, Bree realises she has a boyfriend and a loss means DGM rethink their main suspect.

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Get A Clue
Bree gets benched, Ronny's memorial gig prompts many to seize the day and a suspect makes their way to the top of DGM's list.

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Get What You Want
Kitty is faced with a personal dilemma as the pressure mounts on DGM to expose the truth about a criminal, but not a murderer...

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Get Over It
Margot's past comes back to haunt her, Bree's forced to spend quality time with Rex, and DGM set to work investigating their number one suspect.

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Get It Together
Shocking news shakes the students of Bannerman to their core. Could DGM be in the frame for a terrible crime they didn't commit?

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Get In Deep
DGM get to work on a new mission, bringing down Ronny Kent. Olivia's relationship with Donte is put at risk because of it.

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Get On It
Bannerman Independent School's known for its reputation and status. Only DGM, made up of four disparate but determined students, dare to reveal the truth.

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Get Even is a gripping British thriller series based on the book 'Don't Get Mad' by Gretchen McNeil, which aired on BBC iPlayer in 2020. The plot revolves around a group of four private school girls, Kitty, Bree, Margot, and Olivia, who unite under the name DGM - 'Don't Get Mad', as they prioritise setting bullies in their school straight over friction among themselves to stand up for justice. The series illuminates the complexities of teenagers attempting to navigate the labyrinth of high school, all while taking targeted actions to expose those who use their power to exploit and induce harm.

The characters in Get Even are diverse, layered, and dynamic, each possessing a distinct personality and coming from different social backgrounds lending a robust quality to the narrative. Kitty Wei, played by Kim Adis, is an ambitious student aiming for a leadership role, drawing strength from her strict regimen and disciplined lifestyle. Bree Deringer, portrayed by Mia McKenna-Bruce, is a popular girl with a happy-go-lucky demeanor concealing a sensitive side. Margot Rivers, essayed by Bethany Antonia, is the introverted nerd of the group, while Olivia Hayes, played by Jessica Alexander, is the seemingly naive, wealthy girl next door. The quartet maintains a facade of normalcy during day, but when the sun dips behind the horizon, they turn into formidable vigilantes seeking to deliver justice.

The show skilfully keeps the viewers' intrigue on multiple levels - at one level, it dives into the lives of these diverse, contrasting personalities, depicting their daily struggles, families, friendships, love lives, social pressure, and the challenges of juggling their vigilante deeds with maintaining a normal high school life. Each episode is crafted with meticulous care, revealing characters' backstories and allowing viewers to connect and empathize with them.

On another level, the high school landscape in Get Even is a hotbed for drama and tension, presenting a broad range of characters ranging from the classic school bully to an enigmatic English instructor. As DGM's operation grows, so too does the list of their potential adversaries, each cloaked in suspicion. As the series progresses, though, the girls not only unsettle the power hierarchy of the school but also enter a dangerous realm when they find themselves framed for a murder.

The thrilling elements of the series converge within a high school backdrop, teeming with palpable tension. The narrative is engaging because each 'mission' the girls undertake to deliver justice to bullying students or teachers is filled with suspense and unexpected twists. Their secretive operations and the constant threat of being caught by school officials or discovered by their peers render a sense of nail-biting suspense throughout the series, anchored by an undercurrent of gritty teen drama.

Get Even stands out because it examines significant and relevant issues like bullying, racism, sexism, and privilege through a youth lens within its mysterious and thriller-esque storyline. It also subtly underscores the importance of friendship, teamwork, resilience, and standing against wrongdoing. The series blossoms as the girls, with their shared goal, become the anchor in each other's lives, their friendship fostering unity in diversity.

The series is crafted meticulously, effortlessly blending elements of drama, teenage reality, and mystery. It luxuriates the viewer with visually pleasing cinematography with primary-colored school narratives juxtaposed against the darker, thrilling shades of the characters' secret endeavours. The character arcs evolve gradually, making it a much more immersive experience.

In conclusion, Get Even is not just another high-school drama; it's a thrilling journey of teenage vigilantes who wrestle with various aspects of teenage life and high school dynamics embroiled with mystery, suspense, and teen drama. The series offers a refreshing perspective that marries the thrill of detective work with teen drama without turning into a generic 'kids investigating' series. Get Even is a deeply layered, engaging, and thrilling experience and a must-watch for those who enjoy mystery combined with thought-provoking social commentary nested in high-school narratives.

Get Even is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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How can I watch Get Even online? Get Even is available on BBC iPlayer with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Get Even on demand at Netflix online.

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