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The Last Day
Darrell and Sally are determined to solve the mystery of the Malory ghost, but discover the truth is far more complex than they could ever have imagined.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 13 Now

The Ghost
Darrell and Sally are determined to solve the mystery of the Malory ghost, but discover the truth is far more complex than they could ever have imagined.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 12 Now

The Spider
Sally and Darrell hatch a plan to make Mary-Lou braver than she could ever imagine, whilst Gwen is determined to keep her best friend at any cost.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 11 Now

The Dress
When a beautiful dress arrives at Malory Towers, the girls are buzzing to realise there is a debutante in their midst, but who is it?

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 10 Now

The Letter
Sally's family secrets are about to be revealed when her mother arrives at Malory Towers. Meanwhile, Darrell's meddling causes problems for Miss Potts.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 9 Now

The Push
When Sally is taken seriously ill, Darrell blames herself and resorts to desperate measures to find a doctor. Meanwhile, Alicia inspires anarchy in the dorm.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 8 Now

The Open Day
It's open day at Malory Towers and the girls' parents pay a visit, for fun and picnics! Meanwhile, Darrell has a big decision to make about her future at the school.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 7 Now

The Midnight Feast
The girls are set to have their first North Tower feast! Things don't go to plan when Matron hears them and are forced to hide in one of the school's most off-limit areas.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 6 Now

The Match
It's the big lacrosse match, but when Sally falls ill Darrell has to play and discovers Malory Towers are playing her old school, she's forced to face past.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 5 Now

The Slap
Jealous of Darrell and Alicia's new friendship, Gwen takes the fun & games too far. Darrell lets her temper get the better of her leading the North Tower to have their first meeting.

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 4 Now

The Trick
Darrell starts helping Alicia to play pranks in class, whilst a mysterious red handprint appears on the door of the dormitory--could it be from the ghost of Lady Jane Malory?

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 3 Now

The New Girls
Jealous Gwen is determined to find out more about Darrell's past and leaves the school in pursuit of the truth--will Darrell be able to find Gwen before her secret is revealed?

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 2 Now

The First Day
It's the first day of term at Malory Towers and new girl Darrell Rivers can't wait for a fresh start! But whilst she's keen to settle in, will her past come back to haunt her?

Watch Malory Towers Season 1 Episode 1 Now

Malory Towers is an exquisite British-Canadian drama series that airs on BBC iPlayer. The series is based on Enid Blyton's most cherished work, centered around a boarding school that shares the show's name. Launched in 2020, one of the significant characters is marvelously played by Ella Bright.

Set in the iconic World War II era, Malory Towers promises to transport you back to a time of vintage school uniforms, ink pens, and an unrivaled sense of nostalgia. The show's setting is the delightful yet disciplined all-girls boarding school in the sun-soaked Cornish coast. Amid the spectacular cliffs, the timeless sea, and the imposing building of the school, the show unfurls its story thread by thread.

Ella Bright stars as the main character, Darrell Rivers, who takes center stage in the show. A young girl with a twinkle in her eye and a zest for life, Darrell departs from her familiar surroundings and steps into a whole new world of boarding school. A world that lays the path for many firsts – first friendships, first enemies, first bouts of homesickness and her first steps into adulthood. Ella Bright portrays this character brilliantly, truly bringing young Darrell Rivers back to life.

The show perfectly captures Darrell's highs and lows. As she aces her way through joyful victories, minor scuffles, bitter disappointments, and exhilarating school matches, Darrell is just another schoolgirl learning to swim against the tide. As you join her in this journey, you can't help but relive your own school days, filled with mischief, laughter, tears, and growth.

This enduring classic is more than just a simple schoolborne saga. It is threaded with timeless lessons on resilience, friendship, integrity, and determination. It's about girls navigating their way through life’s challenges, grappling with sorrows and celebrating joys while standing by each other. While decades have passed since these stories were first published, the show retains its relevance, proving that some lessons are truly universal and ceaseless.

Alongside Ella Bright’s Darrell, we meet a plethora of fascinating personalities. From the strict, no-nonsense headmistress Miss Grayling, the fun-loving French teacher Mam'zelle Dupont, to Darrell's loyal friend Sally Hope, each character is meticulously crafted. They’re brought to vibrant life by a talented cast, creating a rich tapestry of characters that audiences of all ages can relate to.

The production values of Malory Towers are simply top-notch. The creative team has brought Blyton's world to life ever so strikingly onscreen. The location where the series was shot mirrors the novels’ descriptions, projecting a world of grandeur and authority. Each episode, unfolding in breathtaking settings, is a visual treat that very few shows in the recent past have managed to attain.

The retro-inspired wardrobe adopted for the characters is another charming aspect. It feels authentic, enhancing the narrative’s believability, and allowing viewers to immerse themselves completely in the era. The show artfully matches the retro look and feel while ensuring that the contemporary relevance of the stories isn't lost.

Malory Towers’ music is another element that deserves mention. The evocative score complements the storyline immaculately, elevating the show's mood and ambiance. The series truly transports its viewers, both new fans and those who grew up reading the books, into an enchanting world from a different time, captivating them with its charm.

In essence, Malory Towers is a heartwarming and adventurous series that beautifully encapsulates the infectious spirit of boarding school life. The series wonderfully reflects the spirit of Enid Blyton's books, balancing a retro aesthetic with modern, progressive storylines. Ella Bright’s Darrell Rivers will inevitably remind you of your school days when your dreams were fueled by relentless courage and a boundless imagination.

Perfect for an after-school watch, a dose of nostalgia, or a family viewing, Malory Towers is as unlikely to fade from the viewer's memory as it is from the beautiful Cornish coastline where it is set. It's a celebration of friendship, courage, honesty, and adolescence, everything that Enid Blyton ingeniously weaved into her books. So whether you're a Blyton fan or a newcomer to her magical world - climb aboard the train to Malory Towers, where every episode promises a delightful journey.

Malory Towers is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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