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Episode 6
Reeling from Will's escape, Emma and Julien must do everything they can to stop the next attack. If they can follow the clues and find Will, perhaps they can succeed.

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Episode 5
With Will safe, Emma and Julien hope to discover the identity of Gomorrah, but instead discover another attack is planned. Now, the pair must race against the clock to prevent it.

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Episode 4
With Alex dead Emma's only hope is to find her other son Will. And when Julien and Zsofia look to Kamilla and her husband, a new lead is uncovered and a dramatic discovery is made

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Episode 3
As Julien and Zsofia investigate Far Right politician Kamilla Agoston, Emma finds a lead on Alex's computer that takes her and Julien to a shocking and bloody discovery.

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Episode 2
Julien and Zsofia track down the tattooed man but he gives little away. Things escalate when the police receive a hostage video, and Emma takes drastic action for her family.

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Episode 1
Julien Baptiste travels to Hungary to help the British ambassador, Emma Chambers, find her missing family. When a body is found, the pressure is on to save Emma's two sons.

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Baptiste is a gripping British crime drama series available on BBC iPlayer. Originally airing from 2019 to 2021, it stars prominent English actor Tom Hollander and outstanding French actor Tchéky Karyo, the latter reprising his role as the eponymous character, Julien Baptiste.

In this show, Baptiste, who was introduced in the acclaimed series "The Missing," is a recently retired yet highly skilled French investigator with an extensive career in solving complex cases. His instinctual perception, sharp intellect, and innate ability to delve into the depth of human nature make him an exceptional detective and a master of uncovering the truth.

The show begins with Baptiste enjoying a quiet and peaceful life in Amsterdam, having retired after a satisfactory career. However, things soon take a turn when he gets dragged into a case by an old friend from the British Embassy, Edward Stratton, played by Tom Hollander. Edward's niece, a sex worker, has gone missing in the Netherlands, and Edward is desperate to find her. Unable to resist the allure of the mystery and the opportunity to use his remarkable skills once again, Baptiste embarks on a journey that leads him deep into the criminal underworld of the city.

Rendered in a dark, atmospheric tone, the two-season series offers a compelling blend of familial drama and criminal investigation. The incredibly written narrative unfolds at a calculated pace, revealing layers of complexity that keep viewers intrigued throughout the series. Each episode carries its own rhythm, building suspense and anticipation, culminating in tense finales.

Moreover, the show has been praised for its strong characterisation. Julien Baptiste, with his earnest demeanor, firm resolve, and deep empathy for the victims of crime, is a character that viewers quickly grow attached to. The narrative provides ample opportunities to delve into Baptiste's psyche, decipher his motivations, and understand the personal costs of leading a life of crime-solving.

Tom Hollander as Edward Stratton delivers a highly applauded performance. Edward is a multi-layered character—a coward and a hero, a victim and a perpetrator, and Hollander presents this complex persona with nuance and depth. The chemistry between Hollander and Karyo is gripping, their dynamics fraught with tension and impending crisis.

One of the integral parts of the series is its backdrop—the picturesque cityscape of Amsterdam. The directors use the beautiful setting to contrast with the dark, twisted world of crime, creating a visually captivating and thematically riveting atmosphere. The show doesn’t shy away from highlighting the underbelly of this beautiful city, and the mysterious, winding canals and charming streets often form the perfect setting for some truly intense sequences.

Thematically, Baptiste delves into multiple significant issues, such as human trafficking, drug trade, corruption, and how they influence the socio-economic fabric of society. It approaches these grave topics with sensitivity and respect, focusing on the human stories and tragedies nestled within.

Additionally, Baptiste is noted for its compelling mystery and storytelling, well-paced narrative, several unexpected plot twists, and high production values. The script is sharp and intense, often interspersed with moments of dry wit and flashes of Baptiste’s quirky personality. The cinematography is atmospheric and moody, capturing the essence of Amsterdam and using it as an integral part of the story.

With six riveting episodes per series, Baptiste keeps its narrative tight and engaging throughout. Even as it delves into the intricate details of the investigation, the show maintains a clear focus on the psychological impact of the events on its characters.

In Baptiste, viewers are offered a gripping, gritty thriller that relies on the strengths of its well-rounded characters and compelling narrative to ask deeper moral and human questions. Each episode is a journey that brings viewers closer to the harsh realities of crime and its impact on society and individuals, all while keeping them on the edge of their seats, right up until the climactic finale.

In conclusion, Baptiste stands out in the sphere of British crime dramas due to its engaging storytelling, strong performances, well-etched characters, and an atmospheric setting that adds to its unique charm. It is sure to captivate fans of intense thrillers and crime dramas, being a must-watch for anyone seeking a series that brilliantly combines mystery, drama, and reality in a dark, absorbing narrative.

Baptiste is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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