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Live As Legends
An old friend helps the Foursome get FIS'd and solidify their status as legends by throwing a party at Brayer High.

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Capture Your Capsule
The Foursome DIG deep and unbury a time capsule. With Summer coming to an end, they scramble to make their pasts, present.

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Friend Yo Folks
The Foursome seek advice for their futures from their family. Unforunately Mom and Dad's history gets drunk, and they reveal too much.

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Overnight Delight
When the Foursome include their lovers in the list and have a sleepover, temptation takes the treehouse as the gang earns their title - FOURSOME.

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Applaud Yo Squad
With the Foursome acting as entourage for Dakota, Andie is forced to partner with Greer and open Josh's sex-file, diving into his dirty past.

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Be a Friend, Amend!
Greer reentering the Foursome's world causes a sex rift between Andie and Josh and a sex drift between Greer and Hugh.

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Discovering Hugh You Are
Andie's epic summer is threatened when she finds out Hugh's new chick is an old trick. She teams up with Wynn to make sure her cuz isn't conned.

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Stay Linked - Get Inked
When the final member of the OG Foursome returns, the gang decides to get tattoos, but when the bond becomes too familial, the tension over tats pulls them apart.

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The Fourth Season
The Foursome THRUST their focus to list item: BANG and BABBLE and romance - novel is in the air as they compete for peen points.

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The Hot M.E.S.S.
HOT SUMMER = HOT NEW SEASON. Andie takes a slow-mo strut down memory lane when an OG friend re-surfaces and blast-from-the-pasts her to the Foursome's childhood treehouse where she discovers THE HOT M.

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Foursome is a teenage-centric drama-comedy series that streamed on YouTube Red from 2016 to 2018. The series is an exploration of the intricacies of high school relationships, teenage angst, sexuality, and friendship, painted in vivid and humorous strokes. Foursome successfully manages to volte-face the typical sitcom archetypes and delivers a refreshing outlook to the classical teenage bildungsroman. Set in the contemporary backdrop of suburban wonderland, Foursome revolves around a determined and feisty protagonist named Andie. The series depicts Andie's passage through the labyrinth of high school life with all its trials & tribulations, friendship & fun, uncertainty & understanding, dating & heartbreaks. Her evolving relationships, increasing self-awareness, and unique ways of approaching problems act as the catalysts for the narrative, thereby gripping the viewers through every exciting minute. Andie's journey is not just an individual adventure but involves an inseparable group of her three close-knit friends, earning the series' title "Foursome". These friends serve as both her lifeline and sometimes lifeline-upending factors. Their camaraderie forms the heart of the show, leading the viewers through a maze of comedy, chaos, and everything in between. They navigate the ups and downs of teenage life together, their bonds alternately tested and strengthened as the series progresses. One of the key elements in Foursome is an overprotective older brother who sets a bunch of ground rules for Andie when it comes to dating, further complicating her love life. His rules and Andie's rebellious spirit create endless comedic situations and heart-touching moments, making this complicated brother-sister relationship one of the highlights of the series. While the show is teeming with varying degrees of drama and comedic elements, what makes Foursome stand out is its relatability. The makers of the show have managed to sketch characters that represent a wide spectrum of the teenage experience. This series is known for its bold and unapologetic take on teenage sexuality, friendship, and issues, thereby justifying YouTube Red's reputation for producing adult-themed young-adult content. Foursome weaves its narrative through multiple social scenarios, including school life, parties, sleepovers, road trips, and summer camps. These settings not only cater to the show's tone but also serve to provide the characters with their own personal growth and development arc. The series employs a modern, youthful language, complemented by crisp dialogues loaded with wit, humor, and cultural references. The strong script is backed by equally vibrant cinematography. The viewer perspective is exceptionally managed with a first-person narrative style that gives a feeling of inclusivity and engagement. The artistic and bold portrayal of sexuality in the series is commendable. It doesn't shy away from discussing sexual orientations and consent, a rarity in teenage dramas, making it not just a show for fun, but one with an underlying, socially relevant message. The cast of Foursome is aptly chosen, and their performance mirrors the vivacity of their characters. Jenna Boyd's performance as Andie is noteworthy for her comedic timing, broad expressions, and the natural charm that she lends to her character. The actors playing Andie's friends and her brother perfectly complement her performance, ensuring a well-balanced ensemble. In conclusion, Foursome is a series that captures the chaotic beauty of teenage life. It successfully explores the different layers of teenage complexities with a generous dash of humor, making it an irresistible watch for viewers of all ages. The four main characters' deep friendship and their individual experiences ensure that Foursome isn't just another teen series, but a reflection of every teenager's life that offers a fun, cringeworthy, and emotional journey.

Foursome is a series categorized as a . Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 36 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.8.

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Jenn McAllister, Cameron Moulène, Rickey Thompson
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