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Daddy Issues
Javier decides to go with Jackie to visit her father, Ernie, in prison and retroactively ask permission to marry Elizabeth so their marriage isn't cursed. Also, Luis teaches Elizabeth to drive and, while picking up Sammy from school, learns Sammy's being bullied.

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Mom's Secret
Jackie and Elizabeth are scandalized when they find their mom's secret love letters that suggest she had an affair. Also, Javier takes an unexpected job as a painter.

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Hold Up...Am I a Trash Friend?
Miloh gets a job offer from Belle Magazine. Paul has trouble when an unexpected piece of his past resurfaces.

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You vs. the Bank
Miloh's friend, Kate, moves to LA and finds herself to be a victim of identity theft on the way there. Miloh has a normal day at the bank, while the boys celebrate good news for Paul.

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Running on No Sleep
Paul is less than pleasant when he doesn't get enough sleep. Mo and Miloh try to cure a hangover on a budget.

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Scam or Be Scammed
The boys try to sell Mo's Apple Watch, but run into some bumps along the way. Miloh has a rough day at her job and winds up getting sent home.

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Exes Are Exes for a Reason...
Paul's ex, Samantha, returns with a devious plot to steal Paul back. Miloh and Mo try everything to keep her from succeeding.

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You're Broke and Alone, Girl
Per Miloh's request, Paul and Mo coach her into being more "dateable."

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What Anyone Really Wants on their Birthday
Another year, another birthday for Paul. Miloh and Mo try to find the perfect gift to make up for all of the bad ones he's had in the past.

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Dating: Men vs. Women
Miloh and Mo have double dates that make them question their morals. Paul snags an internship with an eccentric photographer.

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Long Distance Relationship Problems
Miloh struggles with the loss of a loved one from back home. Mo and Paul get too high to function.

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When Your Mom Comes to Town...
Miloh's mother comes to visit and causes a wave of change in the house. Paul helps Mo attempt an alcohol-free life.

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Dream Chasing: Expectations vs. Reality
Miloh and Paul try to dress up a piece of furniture found in the garbage. Mo struggles through a day of auditioning.

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Broke is an outstanding web series exclusively available on YouTube Red, a platform known for distinct, entertaining, and thought-provoking originals. Premiering in 2016, this ten-episode series features a diverse cast in a unique, situational comedy that takes viewers on a ride full of laughter, suspense, and dynamic storylines. The series is a modern-day depiction of three twenty-something roommates who, with their dreams much bigger than their income, experience the testing financial challenges of the adult world in Los Angeles. It blends comedy with commentary, offering humorous storylines and engaging dialogues as it explores themes like friendship, financial hardship, aspiration, and perseverance in the face of obstacles. The main characters are Miloh, Victoria, and Paul. Miloh is an aspiring entrepreneur who's passionate about his ideas but struggles to find the financial backing he needs to realize his dreams. Victoria, an optimistic dreamer, is determined to establish herself in the entertainment industry despite her lack of funds. Meanwhile, Paul, a lovable yet rudderless character, often faces complications due to his lackadaisical approach to his professional life. Broke is often praised for how it presents its characters’ struggles and triumphs in dealing with monetary challenges. It manages to portray dire financial situations in a light-hearted manner, balancing the bleakness of the theme with a healthy dose of humor. At the same time, it acknowledges the seriousness of the issues, showcasing both the harsh realities of money problems and the determination required to overcome them. The series is much more than a tale of financial woes; it also delves deep into the essence of friendship, loyalty, and resilience in the face of adversity. It explores how the characters lean on each other for both emotional and financial support, spotlighting the importance of community and solidarity in overcoming hurdles. The dynamics among the roommates form the heart and soul of the series, providing the viewers with plenty of genuinely heartwarming moments throughout the show. Broke does a phenomenal job of portraying Los Angeles as a city that's full of opportunities yet brimming with challenges. Created with a mix of studio and on-location shots, the series beautifully captures the ‘City of Angels’ in all its glory, forming a dreamlike yet gritty backdrop that perfectly complements the narrative. The show is directed by Howard Murray and produced by Rhett & Link in collaboration with YouTube Red. While Paul is portrayed by Paul Isakson, Victoria is played by Victoria Tate, and Miloh by Miloh Smith. The trio brings a unique chemistry to the screen, bringing their character to life with authenticity and depth. What sets Broke apart from other shows is its relatable premise. With a significant number of millennials and Gen Z grappling with financial struggles and aspiring to make their mark, the hardships endured by the characters resonate with a broad spectrum of viewers. Furthermore, the series does a fantastic job of infusing these everyday issues with humor, presenting viewers with a much-needed respite from their own real-world problems. Broke is a series that promises its viewers a delightful amalgamation of laughter, charm, and relatable circumstances. It offers a refreshing perspective on common life struggles, presenting not only the grim reality of financial challenges but also the strength and endurance of the human spirit. Engaging, heartfelt, and ruggedly funny, Broke is a series that promises to leave viewers captivated from the first episode to the last. Whether you're a millennial trudging through similar life scenarios or someone just looking for a realistic, humorous look at life's struggles, this poignant series surely won't disappoint.

Broke is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

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