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How Sweaty's Your Hands?
Wayne, rejected by both his mother and Del, finds himself arrested in Ocala. Reggie, determined to get the Trans-Am back, hatches an evil plan to settle it with Wayne once and for all.

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Buckle The Fuck Up
With Del gone, Wayne feels out a new life with his mother in Florida. But things go south fast when Calvin and Reggie refuse to lay out the welcome mat and Donna has to make a hard decision about her son.

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Thought We Was Friends
When things with both Del and his mom go south, Wayne turns this attention back to his dad’s Trans Am. But he has to contend with Calvin and Reggie to get it.

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Musta Burned Like Hell
After their first kiss, Wayne and Del arrive in Florida, where they have a chance encounter with the elusive Trans Am. But when Wayne reconnects with his mom Maureen, Del starts to realize Wayne’s real reason for coming to Florida might not be the car after all.

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It'll Last Forever
Wayne struggles with whether or not to tell Del that her dad is in the hospital, while Sergeant Geller lays a trap for Wayne and Del.

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A look back on a day long before Wayne met Del; a day that changed Del, Daddy, and the boys forever.

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Find Something Black To Wear
After being robbed, Wayne goes to work as a day laborer as Del becomes obsessed with a stranger’s death. Meanwhile, Carl and Teddy celebrate their birthday on the road and come to terms with who their father really is.

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The Goddamned Beacon of Truth
After Wayne and Del make an appearance on the local news, Del gives Wayne a lesson in lying in order to keep their new cool friends at bay. But it’s not long before their lies are discovered and their cover is blown.

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No Priests
When Wayne fails to do one simple task for Del, she questions her choice to leave Brockton. The consequences of this small failure have life-threatening results when Wayne crosses paths with a dangerous local.

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Chapter One: Get Some Then
Wayne, a 16 year-old Dirty Harry with a heart of gold, sets out on his dirt-bike from Boston to Florida with his new crush Del, to get back a s*** hot '79 Trans Am that was stolen from his father before he died.

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Wayne from YouTube Red, released in 2019, represents a teen-centric action and comedy-drama that wonderfully marries grim darkness with bold humor, offering its audience a dense narrative filled with gripping escapades, gritty action sequences, and a romance storyline infused with depth. The series, created by Shawn Simmons, manages to engage viewers not only with its thrilling elements and comic relief but also with its heartfelt depictions of unique, rebellious characters facing adversities in a challenging world. At its core, the narrative revolves around the protagonist, a tough and troubled teen called Wayne, portrayed by Mark McKenna. Wayne is a 16-year-old antisocial misfit who, beneath his rough and violent exterior, possesses a strong moral compass and an inherent sense of justice. Orphaned and bereft of any guardian support, Wayne grapples with a world that is harsh and unforgiving, bearing the burden of the void left by his deceased parents with stoic resilience and courage. He relies on his unconventional moral code rather than established laws to bring justice to his own life and others alike. Wayne's character is designed to keep viewers alternating between the emotions of sympathy and surprise - his heartbreaking loneliness grips the heartstrings while his outlandish actions keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The plot is set in motion when Wayne discovers that his late father's classic 1979 Trans Am car, a prized possession that was stolen before he was born, is currently with his mother and her new family in Florida. This lays the foundation of an exciting road trip from the chilly outskirts of Brockton, Massachusetts, to the sunny expanses of Florida. He ventures on this risky mission not just for the car, but also to confront his mother, who abandoned him years ago. Alongside Wayne is a 15-year-old sharp-tongued, feisty girl named Del, played by Ciara Bravo. She becomes not just his partner in crime but also his love interest, adding a romantic subplot to the main narrative. Del's character is a perfect foil to Wayne's, and their chemistry makes for some of the show's most heartfelt and amusing moments. The development and dynamics of their relationship serve as a crucial pivot of the series, demonstrating both the complexities of teenage love and the brutal realities that shape their lives. The road trip witnesses a series of hair-raising adventures, interspersed with moments of comedy and romance. As Wayne and Del encounter an assortment of colorful characters and dangerous situations, they evolve from being reckless teenagers to unlikely heroes. All the while, the show maneuvers between juxtaposed scenes of violence and sentimentality. Its uncensored depiction of crude realities is balanced by its astute humor and poignant characterization. Besides the lead characters, Wayne holds a robust supporting cast. There's Wayne's best friend, played by Francesco Antonio, a local police officer played by Stephen Kearin, and a duo of high school principals played by Mike O'Malley and Dean Winters. Each character is well-etched, adding dimension to Wayne's world, and contributing to the narrative's depth and richness. Wayne succeeds in achieving a brilliant mix of Tarantino-style chaos and John Hughes-esque teen drama. Featuring a blend of drama, romance, comedy, and action-thriller elements, the show projects a unique vision that doesn't shy away from expressing violent and dark undertones. The script is loaded with raw emotions, engaging dialogues, and interconnected subplots, which ensure that viewers will remain hooked till the very end. The cinematography deserves special mention, with stylized action sequences, impactful framing, and aptly chosen locations intensifying the visual narrative. The soundtrack further sets the mood, infusing the scenes with everything from tension to nostalgia. Although Wayne encapsulates elements that seem inspired by other popular shows and movies, it distinctively stands out due to its original storyline, strong performances, intriguing characters, and beautifully balanced mix of dark and light tones. Combining the struggles of life, teen romanticism, and an adventurous treasure hunt into a single narrative, it provides a refreshing change from typical teenage drama. Despite its edgy violence and mature themes, the show has an underlying message of resilience, hope, and redemption, making it a full-bodied viewing experience for its audience. Overall, Wayne is an exciting blend of action, humor, and emotion that offers an incomparable view of teen life, weaving together realism and a splash of fantasy.

Wayne is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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