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Episode 13
Gunfights ensue as El Chapo tries desperately to avoid being captured and extradited. Don Sol's ambitions drive him to a dark place.

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Episode 12
El Chapo tells Vanessa how he thinks his Hollywood film should end. Don Sol investigates his wife to find something he can use to keep her in line.

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Episode 11
The world reacts to El Chapo's escape. The drug kingpin reveals his successor and tells his men to stop fighting.

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Episode 10
After seeing an interview in which a famous actress speaks favorably about him, El Chapo demands a meeting. Meanwhile, tunnel construction continues.

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Episode 9
With El Chapo incarcerated, a power struggle occurs between Quino and Dámaso, with each man insisting he's the one in charge of the Sinaloa Cartel.

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Episode 8
An isolated El Chapo tries to build a friendship with a guard. Berta and Don Sol worry about their futures as a political scandal affects Prieto.

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Episode 7
With the Mexican government turned against him, El Chapo gets cornered in Mazatlán. Berta becomes suspicious of Don Sol's love life.

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Episode 6
Gov. Jorge del Toro is linked to the Sinaloa Cartel and the DEA puts pressure on Esteban Prieto and Don Sol to capture El Chapo.

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Episode 5
El Chapo asks his men to do social work on behalf of Esteban Prieto so that people vote for him. Esteban wins the elections and Don Sol is appointed Secretary of Governance.

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Episode 4
Isidoro leaves a message for El Chapo demanding him to defend his place, since he is determined to be his worst enemy. Elba tells El Chapo that she is expecting twins.

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Episode 3
El Chapo se las arregla para soportar la alianza entre la DEA y la Marina, y se resiste a dejar su casa en Culiacn. Contacta a Don Sol y negocia un nuevo acuerdo de cooperacin.

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Episode 2
Don Sol acepta casarse con Berta para cumplir sus metas polticas. Hombres de "El Chapo" le confiesan a la polica de Estados Unidos que l estuvo a punto de poner una bomba en su embajada.

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Episode 1
El Chapo and his men find the perfect place to build the world's largest drug lab. Don Sol gives Franco money and demands that he stay away from him, but he rejects it.

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El Chapo, a biographical drama series designed to sate the appetite of any crime-thriller lover, premiered on Univision in 2017 and continued its notable run through 2018. Beyond its irregular criminal narrative, the series delves into grittier, more intimate terrains of human nature, boasting an intricate character study of arguably one of the most notorious figures in recent history - Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera, recognizably known as El Chapo.

Spanning across three seasons, the storyline unfolds from the late 1980s, capturing different phases of El Chapo's rise and eventual dominance over the world's illegal narcotics trade. Planted deeply in his humble beginnings, the series tracks his first love affair with substance trade, his struggles, his ambitions, and the tipping points that led him into the abyss of criminality.

El Chapo is keenly focused on character development. It strives to show the man behind the visage that has inspired fear and fascination around the world. It attempts to deconstruct the ideology of absolute villainy, instead introducing viewers to his motivations and resilience in his battle for survival – within the perilous realms of both his personal life and the Mexican drug cartels.

Yet, it does not downplay the sheer brutality that came to be the defining characteristic of El Chapo's reign. The series balances moments of introspective quietude against the backdrop of gripping violence, sanguinary gang wars, and the pitiless dynamics of power-play within the drug trafficking world. Such high-octane, harrowing realism adds depth and intensity to this immersive saga.

El Chapo serves as a vivid backdrop that highlights the socio-political atmosphere festering in Mexico during his ascendency. Besides the intriguing portrayal of El Chapo, the series does not shy away from scoring potent commentary on political corruption, betrayal, and the twisted dynamics between cartel-run narcotics trade and government agencies. The narrative journey explores the corrupt bureaucracies and law enforcement officers who find themselves entrapped in the dangerous co-dependency with drug cartels.

Stellar acting performances leave a lasting impact. Marco de la O's compelling portrayal of El Chapo taps into the intricacies of his complex persona with a nuanced balance of intensity and vulnerability. He meticulously embodies the criminal overlord, cultivating an aura of menace mingled with glimpses of humanity, lending an unanticipated depth to his personification of El Chapo.

It's a series that puts painstaking attention to detail in the presentation of each character, and the authenticity extends beyond the main cast to its carefully curated and ever-evolving ensemble, ensuring that each character fully participates in spinning the intricate narrative web.

The series also showcases exceptional technical aspects, with its authentic representation of the landscape and raw culture of the Chapo era. From intense gun battles to secretive drug trafficking, every sequence is shot with immense realism, capturing the grim and perilous lives of those within the cartel's dominion. The gritty ambiance created by the cinematography further enhances the narrative arc, immersing viewers into the merciless world of the drug lords.

Moreover, despite a plot suffused with intricate relationships and layered storylines, the makers of El Chapo have managed to maintain an impressive narrative clarity and coherence throughout, allowing viewers to stay engaged without losing sight of the broader plot.

Each episode of El Chapo offers a relentless delve into an underworld steeped in blood, power, and political intrigue. Riveting, intense, and thought-provoking, the series shed a new light on the life of one of the most infamous criminal kings of our times. It does not aim to glorify El Chapo but presents an unbiased lens into his life, striving to understand the man behind the formidable myth. El Chapo is a consummate feast for those who appreciate crime dramas espousing reality with artful storytelling. It is gritty, thrilling, and thoroughly captivating on multiple levels, rendering it a must-watch entry in the annals of crime series of the 21st century.

El Chapo is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 34 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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How can I watch El Chapo online? El Chapo is available on Univision with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch El Chapo on demand at Netflix online.

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