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Move Over, I'm the Star
A new student is put on the competition team and gets special attention from the instructors leaving the moms extremely upset.

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No One Likes a Quitter
When Abby and Sammy don't show up, the moms assume they've quit the team.

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Pushed to the Edge of the Dance Floor
Sammy and Jessi are paired with Hannah in a dance trio, but when rehearsals go over, Abby takes Sammy from practice early.

Watch Dance Moms: Miami Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Don't Take That Tone With Me!
The moms become skeptical of the methods employed by Victor and Angel; Susan is concerned the choreography for Jessi's solo is too artistic; Victor doubts Mayra's ability to keep the moms controlled.

Watch Dance Moms: Miami Season 1 Episode 5 Now

Your Duet Can Take a Bow
Hannah and Sammy are paired in a duet that portrays issues between the girls and their moms. Kimmy accepts her biggest challenge to date, portraying a sinister character in her solo performance.

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Don't Judge Me!
Angel and Victor create a strong group number that is based on the dancers' insecurities. Meanwhile, the moms turn on Debi.

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Moms Making Waves
Lucas lands a starring role; a dance mom's outbursts ruin the mood in the studio.

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Get Fierce!
In the series premiere, Victor and Angel, the dance coaches of Stars Dance Studio, begin the dance season with a funky jazz number. But Victor gets sick and leaves all the coaching to Angel.

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Fan Chat: Your Duet Can Take a Bow
Fans discuss what went down in Episode 4.

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Dance Moms: Miami was a popular reality series that first aired on Lifetime in 2012. The show was centered around the world-renowned dance studio, Stars Dance Studio, located in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. The series was a spin-off of the original Dance Moms series and brought a fresh twist to the franchise by incorporating the diverse culture and energy of Miami.

In every episode of Dance Moms: Miami, spectators were given the chance to peek into the intense, fast-paced and at times, high-stress environment inherent to a competitive dance studio. The show was not solely about dance; it also exhibited the close-knit relationship between the instructors, students, and their overzealous mothers.

Two dance instructors were primarily showcased: Victor Smalley, who gained fame as a finalist on the contemporary season of "So You Think You Can Dance," and Angel Armas, a gifted dance teacher who’s known for his meticulous attention to detail and his passion for perfection. Both instructors were distinguished for their unique teaching style, focusing on delivering world-class dance education while fostering an atmosphere of love and support for their students.

The duo aimed to turn their students into elite performers, coaching them to achieve excellence in vaudevillian, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, and acrobatic dance forms. Their knack for leveraging personal relationships with the girls (and their mothers) to draw out their highest potential was a cornerstone of the series.

Every episode featured entertaining dance routines, but Dance Moms: Miami wasn't just about exploring the world of competitive dance. A significant aspect of the show centered around the intricate web of interpersonal relationships between the dance moms and the studio instructors. The series dived deep into exploring behind-the-scenes drama and feuds, showcasing the intense emotions, ambitions, and sacrifices that often came hand-in-hand with the competitive dance scene.

Although the focus often shifted to the instructors, the real stars of the show were the handful of talented dance students. The series followed five young girls: Hannah, Sammy, Kimmy, Jessi, and Lucas, each having their own unique story to share. Whether it was Hannah's struggle to break free from her shy persona, Kimmy's efforts to balance dance with her school, or Jessi's determination to prove herself as a worthy member of the team, every episode painted a vivid picture of their dreams, aspirations, and tribulations, adding a human touch to the captivating routines.

Their moms, much like in the original Dance Moms series, often dominated the drama aspect, with an intense focus on their interactions with the dance teachers and with each other. They were notorious for their competitive nature, always advocating for their child’s dancing career - their agonies, victories, pride, and emotional moments formed an essential part of the series.

Throughout the series, the dance teachers created a weekly list based on the previous week's performances. This controversial list would rank each dancer from top to bottom based on their attitude, performance, work ethic, and improvement. This added another layer of competition, tension, and drama to the ongoing narrative of the show.

Dance Moms: Miami was not merely a dance show. It was a blend of an emotionally charged drama and a stirring reality series that combined the elements of passion, competition, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. It showcased not just the glory of success in dance competitions, but also the tears, sweat, and dedication that went into achieving it.

Although the series only ran for one season, Dance Moms: Miami was a fascinating watch for anyone interested in dance, family dynamics, or the intricacies of competitive environments. This dance studio at the heart of Miami was a stage set for an ever-evolving narrative of ambition, emotions, and unforgettable performances.

Dance Moms: Miami is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.0.

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