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An Officer's Commitment to the End
Devoted husband, father and Gang Unit Officer Greg Dankers dedicates his time to offer justice to a victim. Meanwhile, a fellow officer decides it's time to prepare a surprise proposal to his girlfriend.

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Protecting the Home
Gunshots at a party create chaos and an intense pursuit for Officer Terrique Chambers and the Gang Unit. While off-duty, Chambers plans a fund raiser for the organization that has helped his autistic son make remarkable strides.

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Fighting for Truth
Detectives Tim Stanton and Rich Medina are determined to get to the bottom of things in a horrific mutilation case that has scared the victim into silence. Off duty, Officer Jenn Penton enters the boxing ring for the first time to for a good cause.

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Brothers and Sisters
Officer Jenn Penton meets with her troubled twin sister after her stay in drug rehab. Meanwhile, the squad experiences their worst nightmare.

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No More Bullets
After a year of increased tension between rival gangs, the situation culminates into back-to-back retaliation shootings in a single night. Detective Tim Stanton leads an investigation involving both the Gang and Fugitive units to end the battles for good.

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Boston Strong
In the second season premiere, the Boston Police Department is on high alert during the city's July 4th celebrations after the recent tragedies of the marathon.

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Boston's Finest is a compelling police procedural reality-television series that premiered on TNT in 2013. Set in one of America's most vibrant and historic cities, this captivating show provides viewers with an up-close view of the lives and work of the men and women of the Boston Police Department. Heading above and beyond the line of duty, the Boston PD exudes courage under precinct colors and represent the essence of this series.

The series hails from Emmy award-winning executive producer Donnie Wahlberg, an actor renowned for his roles in the Blue Bloods police drama series and a distinguished member of the New Kids on the Block band. Playing a dynamic role in shaping Boston’s Finest, Wahlberg's deeply-rooted connection to the city and its people underscores the show with authenticity and respect.

Across the span of multiple seasons, Boston's Finest showcases various departments within the Boston PD, including the exclusive Gang Unit, Fugitive Unit, and SWAT Team. Each episode is comprised of multiple segments, highlighting different aspects of policing, investigations, detective work, and action-packed enforcement.

Boston's Finest embraces a novel approach to reality television, pushing beyond the typical confines by incorporating elements from crime drama shows. It delivers high stakes, adrenaline-fueled sequences with robust storytelling, forming an engaging hybrid of reality and drama. The editing style elevates the production value, putting it leaps beyond the standardized template of police reality shows by employing a cinematic, polished aesthetic that draws viewers into the action.

The heart and soul of Boston's Finest are its cast – real-life law enforcement officers who bring genuine emotion, dedication, and spirit to the screen. These officers reveal their personal lives and stories, depicting varying backgrounds and upbringings, sharing their struggles and triumphs. This adds an emotional and humanizing depth seldom seen in reality police dramas, offering viewers insight into what it truly means to serve and protect in a city like Boston.

The officers’ narratives shared on Boston's Finest contribute to the overarching theme of resilience and courage. From romantic relationships to the challenges of raising children, coping with loss, and managing work-related stress, the show humanizes the officers by delving into their day-to-day outside the police department. Viewing these narratives through the lens of their lives in law enforcement creates relational understanding and genuine emotion for their sacrifices and tribulations. The personal narratives also explore the impact policing can have on one’s mental wellbeing, inviting viewers to engage in relevant and crucial conversations around police work.

The depiction of community interactions is a vital aspect of Boston's Finest. It showcases the officers as they attend community and cultural events or engage with local civilians in various capacities. The series demonstrates the effort the Boston PD puts into establishing and maintaining trust within the community, giving viewers a view of the intricacies involved in modern community-oriented policing.

At its core, Boston's Finest masterfully combines hard-hitting police action and heartfelt human stories, spotlighting the city's brave protectors who relentlessly combat crime while navigating their personal lives. It blends the intensity of emergency response calls, pursuits, and arrests with the officers' backstories, painting a layered, vivid image of what it means to be a police officer in Boston.

The in-depth exploration of police work, intensive approach to constructing effective community rapport, and the personal lives of the officers create a gripping viewing experience, offering an extensive understanding of intricate law enforcement procedures and fulfilling the series’s dedication to authenticity.

Boston's Finest is more than just another police reality show; it introduces audiences to the heart of Boston – its courage, its community, the individuals who ensure the city's safety, and the trials they face doing their duty. With unparalleled bravery, they persist in maintaining the peace and serving justice in the colorful, dynamic cityscape of an ever-changing Boston.

Boston's Finest is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 15 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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