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The Aftermath: A Family's Curse of Misfortune and Heartbreak
Bobby blames himself for his brother's death. Five years later, tragedy strikes again.

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The Countdown to Tragedy
Jack and Jackie suffer the loss of their newborn child; she and JFK are in Dallas on that fateful day in November.

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On the Brink of War
The Cuban Missile Crisis brings America and Russia to the brink of war. Jackie leaves JFK after one infidelity too many.

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Moral Issues and Inner Turmoil
Riots over desegregation in the South force JFK to action. Jackie's use of amphetamines continues. Joe Sr. suffers a stroke.

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Broken Promises and Deadly Barriers
The Russians build a wall separating East and West Berlin while Bobby prepares to go after Sam Giancana.

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Failed Invasion, Failed Fidelity
When the Bay of Pigs invasion proves disastrous, JFK makes a difficult decision he will pay for later.

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Shared Victories, Private Struggles
The Presidential election comes down to the wire. Bobby announces he's leaving politics.

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A Father's Great Expectations
In the series premiere of The Kennedys, Bobby tells Joe Sr. he's leaving politics while everyone rallies to get Jack in the White House, but their difficult past illuminates a deeper struggle.

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The Kennedys is a 2011 drama miniseries that first aired on the ReelzChannel. Created by Joel Surnow and Stephen Kronish, the series offers a glimpse into one of the most illustrious political families in American history, unraveling decades of the Kennedy dynasty's compelling narrative. The series stars Alex Holmes, Greg Kinnear, Barry Pepper, and Tom Wilkinson in primary roles.

The miniseries is an ambitious project that attempts to encapsulate over three decades of the Kennedy family's story encompassing political triumphs, personal trials, public service, and private failures. Despite the vast timeframe, the eight-episode series delves deep into the major events and the intricate behind-the-scenes operations of the Kennedy administration.

In the starring role, Oscar-nominated Greg Kinnear portrays John F. Kennedy, presenting a nuanced depiction of the notable president. Kinnear superbly captures JFK's charisma, political acumen, personal struggles, and complex relationships. Katie Holmes embodies Jacqueline Kennedy with grace and reservation, mirroring the elegance of the former First Lady. She brings to life Jackie's public poise, along with her determinations and desperations in private.

Barry Pepper plays Robert F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's brother and Attorney General. Pepper depicts RFK’s transformation from a political operative and brother’s keeper to a significant figure in the fight for civil rights, portraying the courage, compassion, and complexity of his character convincingly. Renowned actor Tom Wilkinson steps into the role of the patriarch and the political architect behind the Kennedy dynasty, Joseph Kennedy Sr. Wilkinson's performance is intense and impactful, encapsulating the ambitions, determination, and power of the man who fashioned the political future of his children.

The excellent ensemble cast further includes Diana Hardcastle as Rose Kennedy, Kristin Booth as Ethel Kennedy, and Chris Diamantopoulos as Frank Sinatra, all of whom add depth to the complex narratives of the Kennedy saga. Other significant characters are played by Charlotte Sullivan, Gabriel Hogan, Ryan Blakely, Serge Houde, Enrico Colantoni, Don Allison, and Rothaford Gray.

Structured as a political drama and a family saga, The Kennedys navigates through their public triumphs and private tragedies over the years. The series starts with JFK’s swift rise to power, from a congressman to becoming the youngest man elected President of the United States. It traverses through the crucial events of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Civil Rights Movement. Simultaneously, it explores the tumultuous personal lives of the Kennedys. Much emphasis is placed on JFK’s battle with Addison's disease, his notorious affairs, and the tight-knit but complex relationships that are the very fabric of the Kennedy family.

Producer Jonathan Koch ensures high production values that lend a painstakingly realistic yet aesthetic backdrop to the narrative. The Kennedys, with its period-appropriate costumes, grand set designs, and meticulous attention to detail in the historical context, is visually captivating. Furthermore, the series also skillfully intersperses real-life footage into the narrative, enhancing its historical authenticity.

While the series was subject to controversy and criticism during its production and release, it was critically acclaimed for the performances of the lead actors, especially Kinnear and Pepper. Both actors received Primetime Emmy nominations for their portrayals, with Pepper winning the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie.

In conclusion, The Kennedys is a vivid, captivating retelling of the Kennedy family history, offering a compelling narrative brimming with political power, personal trials, and family ties. The series underscores the stark contrast between the public and private lives of one of America's most famous families, rendering poignant insights into the many facets of their storied legacy. The series is a must-watch for those who enjoy historical dramas and are fascinated by political dynasties. Its portrayal of the Kennedys as a complex and flawed family, rather than just luminous public figures, gives the audience an intimate understanding of this eminent family and their continued influence on American politics and society.

The Kennedys is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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How can I watch The Kennedys online? The Kennedys is available on ReelzChannel with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Kennedys on demand at Apple TV, History Vault, Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

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