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The FBI closes in on Kane, just as he plans to retaliate against the Ghost, the man responsible for the attack on his precinct. With the authorities hot on his heels, it is left to Kane's team of hard-bitten cops to make sure he is close enough to finally take his revenge.

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Kane plans to get a shot at his nemesis, The Ghost. However, the FBI has taken notice of Kane's activities and they want him stopped.

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The Cut-Out Man
Kane and his team put the pieces together and figure out things are not exactly how they appear.

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Dead Drop
Kane continues to track the suitcase nukes, but now suspects that his contact inside the CIA may be working against him. Kane knows he’s running out of time and teams up with an old friend to stop the suitcase nukes from reaching their prospective buyers.

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The Conversation
Kane continues to track the suitcase nukes but now suspects that his contact inside the CIA may be working against him. Kane knows he is running out of time and teams up with an old friend to stop the suitcase nukes from reaching the buyers.

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Angel of Death
Kane asks Finch to join the search for the Ghost.

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Toys in the Attic
Kane and his team track two suitcase nukes that have been smuggled into the country. Kane is suspicious of the Ghost and his involvement.

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Violence of Action
Bojan, a ghost from Kane’s past resurfaces and the CIA believes Bojan is in town to protect The Ghost’s personal money launderer - who is also coming to town.

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Dirty Money
Kane continues to track the suitcase nukes, but is suspicious of his CIA contact. As time begins to run short, the former special forces operative teams up with some old friends to complete his mission, but his enemy, the Ghost, draws nigh.

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All In
Kane looks for trafficked nuclear weapons.

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Blood Alley
Elijah Kane Is on a mission for the government after being promised that the CIA will provide information about the person responsible for the hit on his previous team.

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The Untouchables
Kane and the team stay in Vancouver and are asked by the CIA to bust a gang boss working in human smuggling. Upon further investigation, they find the conspiracy is much larger than expected and also includes organ trafficking.

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Vengeance Is Mine
Elijah Kane searches for new recruits after his team was obliterated in an attack on his precinct by the Russians. After burying his friends, the former Special Forces soldier seeks vengeance, and takes his new group of crime-fighters to Vancouver, where they collaborate with the CIA to take down a lawyer who was involved in the assault.

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True Justice is an intense, one-of-a-kind crime series that originally aired on the ReelzChannel from 2010 to 2012. The show stars the iconic actor and 7th-dan black belt aikido expert Steven Seagal, who also serves as a producer for the series. True Justice boasts a perfect merger of action, drama, and suspense, creating a unique blend of high-octane excitement and profound, thought-provoking narratives.

The main character of the series, Elijah Kane, is portrayed by Steven Seagal. Kane is a hard-nosed, former special forces operative turned law enforcer and the leader of an elite, undercover squad of Seattle-based cops. Elijah Kane's past experiences, combined with his unique insight and exceptional combat skills, make him a formidable foe for the city's criminals. Kane is not your average cop – he is a unique, compelling character whose distinct personality adds a captivating flair to the storyline.

Kane's team — Juliet (Meghan Ory), Radner (Warren Christie), and Mason (William Stewart) — are young yet impressively skilled individuals. Each of them brings their unique strengths and background to the team, enhancing their collective efficacy. Their dynamic interactions and team spirit provide the audience with an engaging look into the ups and downs of life on the force, all while adding depth to the storyline.

In True Justice, the audience is treated to high-stakes, intricate narratives involving diverse, challenging cases related to drug dealing, human trafficking, and organized crime. The show does an excellent job of highlighting the victories and defeats that are an inherent part of crime-fighting. The show’s creators don't shy away from showcasing the darker and grimmer aspects of crime scene investigations, which provides a certain touch of graphic realism to the narrative.

One standout aspect of True Justice is how it hits the ground running right out of the gate. The plot begins with immediate action and swiftly ensures that viewers are invested in the journey of Elijah Kane and his team. The pacing and balance between action and storytelling are very well maintained throughout, ensuring that viewers remain entertained and enthralled from the first episode to the last.

The show's action sequences, primarily featuring Steven Seagal's iconic martial arts skills, are nothing short of breathtaking. They are skillfully choreographed and shot, and Seagal’s performance particularly stands out, creating visceral, gripping moments that enhance the show's overall thrill and intrigue. Every fight scene is an authentic demonstration of Seagal’s real-life martial arts expertise, which serves to further heighten the realistic intensity in these scenes.

An important element of True Justice is its character development. The show does an impressive job of gradually revealing the pasts and personalities of its characters, humanizing them and allowing the audience to form connections with each of them. The dialogue is also well-written and often provides insightful glimpses into the characters' mindsets.

The setting of Seattle adds another layer of allure to the story and character development. Despite its cosmopolitan surface, the city hides an underworld of crime, which Elijah Kane and his team are tasked to combat. The scenic locales and city atmosphere are well captured throughout the series, providing a vibrant backdrop to the storyline.

The captivating and intense series that is True Justice is a must-watch for fans of Steven Seagal, as well as for those who love action-packed crime dramas with an unique luminosity. With its tense storylines, well-rounded characters, and high-octane action scenes, True Justice balances excitement and drama with stunning efficiency, creating a series that leaves a lasting impression on its audience. This series stands tall as a testament to Steven Seagal's versatility and mastery in the realm of action-packed crime dramas, cementing its place in the genre of unforgettable police procedurals.

True Justice is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.5.

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How can I watch True Justice online? True Justice is available on ReelzChannel with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch True Justice on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu online.

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