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Where Do We Grow from Here?
The Manscapers take on one of the most logistically challenging jobs of their careers at a remote location on Fire Island. Garrett decides to surprise his long-time boyfriend, Andrew with an engagement proposal.

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I Gotta Grow Now
The Manscapers take on a massive challenge in the Hudson Valley of New when they are asked to design a Japanese garden for an ultra-modern home with multiple zones. James further alienates himself from his business partners with dreams of heading west and the trio struggles to agree on a singular vision for the business.

Watch Backyard Envy Season 2 Episode 7 Now

You Grow Girl!
The Manscapers are challenged with their biggest task yet - creating a minimalist space for Mel's friends Nayla and Kevin, which is totally out of their comfort zone. Meanwhile, James is excited to take on a big project - a World Pride float for a hotel giant.

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Who's the Boss?
After successfully completing their first $1 million job, the Manscapers find themselves pulled in different directions.

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More Money Moss Problems
The Manscapers work with Jay and Vic, who were fired by their previous landscapers. They must learn to juggle their burgeoning business as they have booked the biggest job of their careers: a One-Million Dollar job with St.

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Growing to New Heights
The Manscapers are tasked with creating a Tuscan-themed backyard in the middle of New Jersey. With their business growing rapidly, they decide to do some much needed team building and finally lay down ground rules for the Mannies.

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Blurring the Lines
The Manscapers take on their next clients in Brooklyn; Garrett struggles with his work-life balance; James and Mel butt heads over his concerns regarding growing their business; and Mel finally decides to address the pain she's been feeling.

Watch Backyard Envy Season 2 Episode 2 Now

Business Is Blooming
The Manscapers are back and business is better than ever - they’ve expanded their clientele and they have more projects than they can handle.

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Backyard Envy is an American home improvement reality television series that premiered on Bravo in 2019. The show offers viewers an enchanting journey where dreary backyards transform into stunning outdoor spaces full of lush plants, captivating design elements, and functional outdoor amenities. The program is an inspiration for every viewer who aspires to have a backyard that is more than an open space, but rather a lush, inspirational, and comforting place for leisure time.

The show features the team from the New York City-based boutique landscaping firm 'Manscapers', and includes James DeSantis, Garrett Magee, and Melissa Brasier. These talented landscapers are not only business partners but also close friends, which is evident in their camaraderie on-screen. The trio first met in college and built the 'Manscapers' firm from scratch, bringing their unique skills together. The show provides an exciting look into the highs and lows of running a business with friends while maintaining personal relationships and finding balance between work and personal life.

James, Garrett, and Melissa are not your typical landscapers. They are experts who think out-of-the-box, infusing creativity and innovation into each project. DeSantis, who has a knack for design and a background in fashion, lends his artistic eye to create one-of-a-kind spaces. Magee, the “plant whisperer,” offers his expertise and deep understanding of plant life. And Brasier excels in managing the business, keeping projects on schedule and within budget. Together, they form a dynamic trio, turning lackluster backyards into pleasing landscapes.

The unique feature about Backyard Envy is the comprehensive landscaping solutions it provides. It approaches each project holistically, considering factors like the practicality and functionality of design, the lifestyle and preferences of the clients, and the logistics of maintaining the redesigned space. It’s not just about aesthetic appeal; it's about creating practical, usable spaces that the homeowners can enjoy and maintain long after the 'Manscapers' team leaves.

While watching the show, audiences get a sneak peek into the creative process behind each project - right from initial client consultations to ideation, design, installation, and the final reveal. The show does an excellent job of breaking down the often complex landscaping process into digestible parts, making it more approachable and relatable.

Backyard Envy also pays considerable attention to its clients, who come with different needs, budgets, and visions for their backyard. Some want low maintenance patio revamps, while others dream of botanical garden-style makeovers or spaces for family gatherings. Through consultations and conversations, the team always aims to understand the client's vision fully and then translate it into a design that enriches their outdoor living experience.

The show isn't just about the act of landscaping; it dives into the interpersonal relationships and friendships among the three co-owners. It presents a candid portrayal of the challenges and rewards of running a business with friends, making it a reality show as much about relationships as it is about landscaping.

Season after season, Backyard Envy invites viewers to meet an array of clients, from young couples looking to transform their backyard into a green oasis, to families who wish to utilize their outdoor space for socializing and entertainment. Regardless of the scope and budget, the 'Manscapers' show that any backyard has the potential to be transformed into a sanctuary.

Backyard Envy embraces the growing trend of indoor-outdoor living, showing viewers how to enhance their homes' usable space by beautifying their backyards. The show captures the importance of a perfectly landscaped backyard, turning it into a quiet retreat, a place to entertain, or a personal outdoor paradise right in the heart of a bustling city.

Picture-perfect and practical at the same time, Backyard Envy is a reality show that takes you on a scenic journey filled with breathtaking panoramas, stunning landscaping ideas, and a dose of realistic personal dynamics among the trio responsible for creating these magnificent outdoor transformations.

Whether you're a landscaping enthusiast or someone simply looking to spruce up your own backyard, Backyard Envy offers an engaging insight into the process behind designing, creating, and appreciating enchanting outdoor spaces.

Backyard Envy is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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