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California Dreamin'
No-nonsense Nick competes against free-spirited Amanza to see who can pull off the best California Modern living room; Nick is challenged with finding the perfect furniture, while Amanza?s custom furniture could cost her the competition.

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Bohemian Wrapsody
Designers Sunshine and Barrie face off to completely reimagine the living/dining room and transform them into Bohemian style wonderlands.

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Window Stressing
Interior designers Monica and Rosa have just 4 days and $25,000 to take on modern traditional style and completely makeover their homeowners' bland bedrooms. Rosa receives the wrong custom-made window doors which make her high maintenance homeowners quite unhappy, while Monica loses the light trying to glam up her design, resulting in clients who really don't understand her vision.

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Out on a Ledge
Hunky designer, Dan faces off against positive-minded Jinnie, to see who can create the best Modern Rustic den. Along the way, Dan struggles to please his demanding homeowners while Jinnie sparks a massive construction project.

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Mona Lisa Style
Sharp-witted designer Doug competes against DIY queen Nicole in a neo-classical design challenge; Doug struggles to convince his clients to agree to an all gray palette, while Nicole's flooring plan leads to major setbacks.

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Concrete Plans
Cool and Edgy designer Megan faces off against bubbly yet competitive Stephanie to design the sleekest version of Mid-Century Modern for their homeowners.

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Sally Salon Wall
Bi-coastal designer Alex faces off against Swiss transplant Sybille to see who can create the best transitional living room; Alex keeps a cool head while dealing with his homeowner's opinions; Sybille encounters a costly construction issue.

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Bleeding Color
Fresh designer Megan faces off against veteran designer Mat to transform two ordinary suburban homes into chic modern oases.

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Baby, Bedroom or Bust
Pro designers Britany Simon and Jason Lai battle to create the ultimate contemporary style bedroom under the watchful eye of judges Genevieve Gorder, ELLE DECOR Editor-In-Chief Whitney Robinson, designer Jeff Andrews, and a major actress/producer. Britany and Jason are both challenged by install issues, a too-tight stairwell, and unhappy homeowners in their pursuit of a coveted online spread on ElleDecor.

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Home Sweet Home
Fresh face in the design world, Caitlin faces off against sassy young designer Ryan, to see who can create the best Hollywood Regency style living room. Along the way Ryan struggles to stay on budget while Caitlin scrambles to keep her demanding homeowners happy.

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Best Room Wins, a 2019 design competition reality series from Bravo (US), offers an engrossing blend of creativity, competition, and inspiration. Bringing together some of the most talented interior designers to compete against each other for a chance to win a grand prize of $25,000, the show provides viewers with a front-row seat to watch these artists convert ordinary spaces into extraordinary rooms.

The premise of the show centers on two interior designers each week who are given a budget and a design challenge. Each pair of contestants faces the formidable task of transforming their assigned rooms according to a particular architectural style within a manic four-day period. The catch? They have little more than $25,000 to bring their vision to life. The designs range from the traditional to the modern, the minimalistic to the decorative, pushing each designer to think outside the box and push their creative limits.

Adding to the appeal and excitement of the competition, the designers aren't working by themselves. The homeowners of each participating property are also closely involved in the project. This leads to additional dramatic tension as the contestants have to balance their own vision with the clients' expectations, tastes, and feedback. The amount of creativity, flexibility, and empathy required for a seamless blend of professional design and personal taste keeps viewers enthralled throughout each episode.

The competition in each episode is judged by a panel of design industry luminaries led by interior design professional and editor-in-chief of Elle Decor, Whitney Robinson, and renowned interior designer Genevieve Gorder. The winning design of every episode is decided by them along with a rotating guest judge who adds a fresh and different perspective to the proceedings.

One of the unique aspects of Best Room Wins is its instructional approach. Beyond the entertainment and competition, the show delivers a slew of practical design ideas, inspirations, and lessons from professional interior designers. This provides significant added value for viewers, who can learn from the contestants' successes and missteps and apply these insights in their own homes.

Adding a personal touch to the show, each episode features designer and contestant backstories, giving audiences a glimpse of the individuals behind the designs. Participants come from different walks of life but share a common passion for interior design, and it is this shared love that emerges as the universal theme of the show.

Moreover, Best Room Wins presents architecture and design students, enthusiasts, and professionals an invaluable opportunity to explore a diverse range of architectural styles. From Spanish to Mid-century Modern to Contemporary, the show encapsulates the ethos of different styles, teaching viewers about their unique elements, the historical context in which they flourished, and how to incorporate these into modern-day interior spaces.

Bravo's Best Room Wins is filmed in striking high definition, with much emphasis placed on the visual presentation of the series. The before-and-after transformations are dramatically captured, serving to highlight the creativity, hard work, and passion that has gone into each project. This high-quality production value furthers the impact of the series, essentially providing a decadent visual feast for design enthusiasts.

As the season progresses, viewers get to see a plethora of breathtaking designs unfold, and the sense of growth and development among the designers becomes palpable. The competition gets tighter, and the designs get more daring – the excitement never wavers.

Rooted in creativity, competition, and personal narratives, Best Room Wins is a compelling entry into the realm of design-based reality TV. Whether you're an architecture enthusiast, a homeowner looking for design inspiration, or a casual viewer in the mood for compelling television, this design competition reality series delivers the goods while keeping audiences fascinated and on the edge of their seats from start to finish. It's a celebration of the transformative power of design and the brilliant minds that make it happen. It also serves as a reminder that when it comes to interior design, the best room indeed ‘wins’ - not just in terms of aesthetics, but also in the comfort, harmony, and personality it provides to its residents.

Best Room Wins is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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