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Eric and Leslie
After a long distance love affair, Eric and Leslie have finally landed in the same city. But until they find a home, Eric is living and working out of his parent's basement and Leslie is cramped in temporary housing.

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Terrance and Mahalath
Terrance and Mahalath have been on an excruciating home-buying search for 4 years. With their family doubling in size ever since Mahalath moved into Terrance's bachelor townhouse, the busy couple still can't settle their style differences to find a forever home.

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Cathy and Adam
Newly married Cathy and Adam are looking to cross another life milestone of their check-list: buying a house! Being new to the Atlanta area, they have called on Anna, Jen, and Michel to help them find a home with investment potential in an up and coming neighborhood.

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Savannah and Brian
With three kids under the age of four, Savannah and Brian have no time to find a home suitable for their growing family. With the school year around the corner the experts Anna, Jen, and Michel scour the city hoping to land a home in a great school district that can be transformed to fit the needs for the very busy and bustling family.

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Gigi and Adrian
Anna, Jen and Michel hope to tick every box on the list for Gigi and Adrian, a couple who has already fallen out of Escrow on two homes. The experts struggle to find and transform a home that can fulfill Gigi's tastes and Adrian's practicality.

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Jennifer and Eric
Anna, Jen, and Michel help a soon to be married couple with their new house and want to make sure it delivers on the stately presence and the personal spaces that each of the newlyweds is hoping for.

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Buying It Blind is a unique, reality-based television show that first aired on Bravo in 2018. The premise of the show is both risky and thrilling, making it irresistible to viewers who appreciate a good adventure, regardless of not leaving their living rooms. It straddles genres as a real estate, home improvement, and reality show amalgamation with a distinctive approach.

The title Buying It Blind isn’t a figurative description – it’s literally the kernel of the show. Prospective homeowners, with an adventurous and trusting spirit, hand over their life savings to a team of professionals who then proceed to pick and purchase a house on their behalf. Why this unique approach? It’s for adventurous souls who are beset with the common malaise of indecisiveness or too many overwhelming choices in today’s oversaturated real estate market. For these souls, having a trained team of industry experts make the choice for them can be a relief.

This is where the powerhouse trio steps in – the real estate agent Anna Kilinski, the contractor Jen Metzger, and the designer Michel Smith Boyd. Each of them are at the top of their game and bring their unique skills, experience, and insight to the table. At the heart of this venture is their collaboration, using their unique perspectives and expertise to buy a house that is both a sensible investment and a suitable home for the buyers. The mission is to completely take over the process - from finding the home and negotiating the price to renovating and styling it to meet the buyer’s personal preferences.

Anna Kilinski, the real estate agent, uses her knowledge and expertise of market trends, locations, and budget management to find a house that ticks all the boxes. Meanwhile, Jen Metzer, the adept general contractor, takes the lead on evaluating the structural integrity of the house, the renovation requirements and possibilities, and ensuring the work remains within the set budget. On the other hand, Michel Smith Boyd, a renowned designer, works his magic in converting the blank canvas of a house into a personalized haven.

The prospective homeowners come into play during an initial consultation, where they summarize their house preferences and hand over their budget. After this, they are deliberately kept in the dark until the big reveal, hence giving the show its catchy title. This kind of blind trust can be a huge gamble. It keeps the adrenaline flowing and the viewers’ nerves at the edge of their seats; a concept Bravo loves to implement.

Buying It Blind explores the world of property buying and renovation in a truly distinctive way. The multiple layers of the program, from Anna's house hunting to Jen's remodeling to Michel's designing, intertwines in a perfectly coordinated symphony. This show offers viewers various perspectives on what to look for when buying a house, how to manage renovation projects, and how to design homes.

Moreover, at its core, the main element of the show is its unpredictability. This results not just from the viewing experience but also from the premise itself. The hobbyist home decorators, DIY initiative takers, real estate enthusiasts, and general viewers invest emotionally in each episode, akin to the prospective homeowners.

Yet, despite that, the show manages to be heartwarming, thanks to its positive vibe throughout. The presentation of various diverse couples, from first-time homebuyers to growing families looking for a larger space, is moving. Each episode brings its story, giving the audience an emotional ride, from identifying with the buyer's needs and the tensions inherent in the process, all the way to the satisfaction and joy of the final reveal.

All in all, Buying It Blind from Bravo is a highly entertaining, suspenseful, and engaging show with plenty of reality TV’s drama, opportunities for learning, and a good amount of renovation and design inspirations. It breaks the traditional real estate show mold, providing it a blind, fresh, suspenseful twist. The show perfectly fits into Bravo's portfolio of reality entertainment, offering two parts drama, one-part education, all parts entirely binge-worthy.

Buying It Blind is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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