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In the final episode, host Jonathan Phillips explains how Rome exerted its fullest effort to eradicate Christianity. The faith grew stronger as the empires and emperors weakened.

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Pagans and the Cult of Martyrs
Host Jonathan Phillips treks to North Africa to tell the story of Perpetua, a young Christian martyr, whose extraordinary story still resonates today. Phillips visits places where Christians faced unimaginable violence because of their beliefs, where the Roman Empire threatened everything that Christians stood for with their pagan temples, emperor cult and vicious tortures.

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From Apocalypse to Heresies
In this episode, the city of Jerusalem is rocked by war. Host Jonathan Phillips travels to Patmos Island where John was exiled and visits the cave where John wrote the most enigmatic book of the New Testament, Revelation.

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Age of the Apostles
Travel with Jonathan Phillips on Paul' third and final missionary journey as the Apostolic Age comes to an end. Witness how the remaining apostles, except for John, are martyred for their unwavering beliefs.

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The Great Missionary
Meet the man whose transformation is one of the most compelling in history, the Apostle Paul. Journey with Jonathan Phillips as he re-traces Paul' bold quest to bring the Christian message to Asia and Europe, a quest which would see him imprisoned, beaten and on the brink of death.

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Birth of a Faith
The series begins in Bethlehem and travels throughout the Holy Land. With the Gospels as a guide, host Jonathan Phillips traces the life of Jesus from his birth, ministry, passion, and resurrection.

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Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine is an intriguing and captivating 6-part documentary series broadcasted in 2015 by PBS. Hovering between 50-60 minutes per episode, the series takes viewers on a breathtaking virtual journey across four centuries and a wide array of landscapes and cultures of the classical Roman Empire, tracing the rise of Christianity from the birth of Jesus Christ to the reign of Constantine the Great.

The series explores the historical, political, social, and religious transformations that occurred during one of the most decisive periods in the human history. The primary focus is on how the obscure Jewish sect revolving around Jesus of Nazareth developed into a key religion of the Roman Empire under the rule of Constantine who, in turn, is often credited as the first Christian emperor.

Each episode of Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine has its unique focus but generally follows the geographic and historical trajectory of the early Christian church and its evolution. This includes the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, the ministry of John the Baptist, the crucifixion in Roman-ruled Jerusalem, and the missionary endeavours of Paul across the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the spread of Christianity among Gentiles and the problematic relationship between the young Christian movement and Judaism is discussed, along with the crucial transition of the community after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple.

Across seas and continents, from Jerusalem to Rome, this documentary series takes advantage of the advances in archaeology, historical analysis, and even computer graphics to vividly recreate the diverse world of the Roman Empire. The storytelling combines narration, interviews with renowned scholars, interaction with artifacts, on-location footage, computer-generated reconstructions and dramatic reenactments to cultivate a vibrant and engaging viewing experience.

The host, Jonathan Phillips, a historian and author, takes viewers on this treacherous historical journey, combining his expertise in the Late Antiquity with a charismatic on-screen presence. His interactions with a variety of experts with distinct voices and perspectives, from archaeologists picking apart ruined temples to theologians digging into biblical texts, deepen the understanding of this complex and multi-layered topic.

The historical accuracy and fullness of its portrayal are among the show's core strengths. Digging into the rich expanse of historical sources, Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine paints a highly detailed picture of life during this era. It not only introduces prominent figures, like Roman emperors and Christian apostles, but it also evokes the stories of less-recognized individuals, for instance, Jewish rebels, Roman soldiers, Greek philosophers, and ordinary populace, all of whom played a vital role in the flow of events.

Meanwhile, the series doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of the period, actively acknowledging the social inequalities, political strife, and brutal persecutions that were part and parcel of the era. It captures both, the inspiring stories of how the new faith managed to weather these storms, and the strategic political moves at play that allowed Christianity to secure its position within the empire, contributing to a nuanced and balanced perspective.

PBS's Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine offers a multifaceted glance into a time when the groundwork was laid for a religion that has continued to shape the world. Enlightening, informative, and engaging, the series is a must-watch for those interested in early Christian history, Roman history, religious studies, or simply anyone intrigued by an exploration of the human past.

By successfully amalgamating history, archaeology and contemporary scholarship, it transforms these ancient roads, that once echoed with the footsteps of saints, soldiers, politicians and everyday people, into a virtual platform for us, the modern viewers, to grasp the reality of an era that lies two millennia behind us yet continues to touch our lives.

Undoubtedly, with the insightful guidance of Jonathan Phillips and the stellar production quality of PBS, Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine makes for an intellectual journey that educates as much as it entertains.

Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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