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Victory in the Pacific
The end of the War in the Pacific is one of the great and most terrible tales of modern history. The Japanese simply would not surrender and continued to fight island by island, foxhole by foxhole.

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Victory in Europe
The months of the war in Europe were shocking and desperate. This film follows the British and the Americans as they cross the Rhine and the Russians as they push through Poland into Germany itself.

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The Island War
Since December 1941, a vicious war against Japan was being waged in the Pacific. The Japanese were driven back across the ocean, island by island, in savage hand-to-hand fighting.

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Closing the Ring
In 1944 America and Britain in the West and Russia in the East began to close their pincer around Germany. But even now, the outcome was in the balance.

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Today it is easy to see D-Day as an inevitable - a straightforward victory against a German army that was already all but defeated. This film explodes that myth.

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The Soviet Steamroller
By July 1943, the full extent of Hitler's failed gamble in the East had become clear. After failing to deliver knock-out blows at Stalingrad and Moscow, his army was now at the mercy of the vast Soviet war machine.

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Turning The Tide
Both the Allies and the Nazis were always looking for a single knock-out blow to end the war. Britain's Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris thought the answer might lie in "strategic bombing.

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The Mediterranean and North Africa
Mussolini's ambition had always been to recreate the old Roman Empire. The trouble was, militarily he as a disaster.

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Red Sun Rampart
December 7th 1941 is "a date that will live in infamy" proclaimed President Franklin Roosevelt. That was the day that Japan entered World War II, with its surprise attack upon the US Fleet in Pearl Harbour.

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Hitler Strikes East
When Hitler expounded his intention to invade Russia his generals looked at him in horrified silence. The Soviet Union was vast and had matchless resources.

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Britain at Bay
In July 1940, Britain stood alone against the Nazis. Hitler was convinced that it was only a matter of days before it sued for peace.

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Lightning War
This film shows how the Nazis developed a terrifying new military tactic - Blitzkrieg - and how it caught first Poland and then Britain and France utterly unprepared. It charts the fall of Poland and how Hitler then conquered France in just a few weeks, an achievement that had eluded Germany throughout all the four years of World war One.

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The Gathering Storm
The series starts with that great paradox. How could the settlement at the end of World War One - the "war to end all wars" - lead to an even greater conflict just a few years later?

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World War II In Colour, which aired on the Discovery Channel in 2009, is a captivating historical documentary series that offers viewers a new and immersive way to study the Second World War—through enhanced and authentic colour footage. The show provides a riveting and transformative examination of pivotal events, prominent figures, and devastating battles of the global conflict. This colour representation allows the audience to experience the war much as those living through it would have done and serves to make the war feel more immediate and reality much closer and tangible. Over the course of the series, the creators skillfully illuminate both the grand-scale maneuvers and strategies and the individual experiences and stories that occurred and unfolded between 1939 and 1945. In World War II In Colour, the extensive and exhaustive footage showcases the war's primary theatres—from Europe to the Pacific—an array of pivotal events and intriguing elements of the war years. It provides an unflinching look at both the war's most heroic and poignant moments, as well as its most horrific and tragic ones, revealing the broad scope of human experience characterized by the conflict. The series combines never-before-seen footage, strikingly converted to full-colour images, with compelling narration and analyses from a variety of expert sources. The result is a chronological, comprehensive, and deeply human examination of the war's complex origins, the spiraling escalation of violence, the shifting alliances, and climactic battles that led to the war's ultimate conclusion. Each episode of World War II In Colour is enriched by detailed historical context, giving depth and texture to the moving images on screen. Viewers are thrust into the heart of momentous military strategies, political manoeuvers, groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and unspeakable human suffering. The stark realities of the Holocaust, urban bombings, guerilla warfare, and countless battlefronts are presented compellingly in full-colour footage. Using state-of-the-art colourization techniques, the documentary showcases World War II as never before. This not only makes the footage more relatable for modern audiences but provides an incredible depth and immediacy to the images. The impact of technology on warfare, civil unrest, starvation, victory, and defeat—these and dozens more aspects of the war are brought sharply into focus with the inclusion of colour. All original sounds, speeches, and audio clips used in the series are authentic, providing an undistorted message of the real, raw events that transpired. Simultaneously, the series delves into the personal stories of a host of figures—leaders, soldiers, civilians, sympathizers, and victims. The series traces their journeys, depicting their courage, determination, resilience, or brutality. It does not shy away from the individual perspectives, offering a multi-faceted understanding of the global conflict. World War II In Colour does not limit itself to presenting the war as a series of battles and political intrigues. Instead, it engages with the underlying causes, the societal changes and movements, the political machinations and ideological rifts that caused an escalation of such a tragic scale, resulting in one of the deadliest conflicts in human history. The documentary style of the show is both informative and emotionally engaging. It strikes a delicate and thought-provoking balance between delivering sweeping historical narratives and intensely personal stories of courage and sacrifice. Overall, World War II In Colour is an exceptional documentary series that exposes viewers to World War II in a fresh, innovative way. It combines historical research, modern colourisation technology, expert analysis, and first-hand accounts to create a comprehensive, balanced, and deeply human narrative of the Second World War. The series is a must-watch for history buffs, but it also offers a captivating journey back in time for anyone interested in understanding the world that came before us, marked by both the horrors of war and the unyielding human spirit. With its unique presentation, compelling narrative, and empathetic focus, the series succeeds in making this complex historical period accessible to new audiences. World War II In Colour is not just recounting history – it is redefining how we consume it, one frame at a time.

World War II In Colour is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

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