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Unusual Successes
June continues to sing for the Germans at the 50/50 Club, causing a local man to accuse her of sleeping with the enemy.

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Unexpected Revelations
Walker, who's obsessed with Zelda, is in charge of removing Jews from the island. He learns her secret, but she goes into hiding.

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Strange Mercies
Horrified that his scheme to save Eugene failed, James askes the Baron to take his life instead. Philip, continues to pose as the Dorr's gardener.

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To Catch a Spy
Now stuck on the island, Philip and Eugene hide out in Wilf and Kathleen's barn, which is repeatedly searched. Sheldon moves to a new hiding place.

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Living with the Enemy
Cassies refuses to sell to the German soldiers until Lt. Walker pays a visit. Angelique and June reopen the shop abandoned by their father's friend.

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Eve of the War
With a German invasion a virtual certainty, islanders rush to secure spots on the few boats leaving for England. For three families, time runs out.

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Island at War is a deeply compelling drama series that gives an insightful portrayal of life during wartime. This British television series, aired by ITV in 2004, features a talented cast led by renowned actor James Wilby. The narrative unfolds over six hour-long episodes, each packed with its own range of emotions and challenges faced by a community living in the shadow of war. The Isle of Man stands as the inspiration for the fictional St. Gregory, the Channel Island setting for Island at War. This intriguing setting provides a striking backdrop for a narrative that seeks to highlight an often overlooked chapter of World War II history – the German occupation of the British Channel Islands. Though the characters and their stories are purely fictional, they shine a light on the realities of living under occupation, giving viewers a taste of the drama, pain, and courage shown by people in such circumstances. James Wilby delivers a memorable performance as James Dorr, a notable figure within the island community. His character, like the others, is presented with palpable honesty and depth, successfully drawing viewers into Dorr's intense personal journey. Among the members of the well-rounded cast are Clare Holman, who portrays Dorr's wife, and Owen Teale and Julia Ford, who play complicated characters in the backdrop of a society disrupted by war. Each episode of Island at War shows how the idyllic island transforms as the realities of war edge closer. The show starts during the precarious days just before the occupation, gradually building tension as the community grapples with their impending capture. While touching on the political and strategic aspects of the war, the series primarily focuses on how the island's residents - from the ruling classes to the fisherman, and from the shopkeepers to the schoolteacher - deal with the rapid changes and unavoidable challenges that come their way. Throughout the story, various subplots emerge, all reflecting different aspects of life during the war. The villagers deal with personal challenges, clandestine relationships flourish, acts of rebellion are carried out, and individuals show surprising strengths and weaknesses in the face of adversity. A central theme of the series is the moral complexity of life during occupation, with characters often forced into tricky situations and having to make hard choices. The show's creators have gone the extra mile to create an authentic viewing experience. From the 1940s era costumes that grace the characters to the intimate details of the set design, painstaking attention is paid to historical accuracy. Despite its focus on a very specific event and place in history, Island at War presents universal themes of survival, community, bravery, and love, inviting the audience to reflect on what it might mean to live under occupation. Island at War successfully immerses the viewer in a communal narrative intertwined with the unique, personal stories of its characters. As the series progresses, viewers are drawn deeper into the lives of these resilient individuals and the pressures they face. The creators skilfully merge suspense with human drama, yielding a compelling watch that leaves a lasting impression. The picturesque setting offers an uneasy contrast to the grim realities of life during the occupation, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative. The music score, composed by Richard Harvey, beautifully underscores the shifting atmosphere. From tense moments to tender interludes, the music sensitively evokes the emotions of the characters and the situation. By focusing on a less-explored chapter of World War II, Island at War offers viewers a fresh perspective on a familiar era. The rich character development, superb performances, and meticulous production values make this miniseries a worthy watch for history buffs and drama enthusiasts alike. It's a series that doesn't shy away from examining the difficult realities of war but keeps the audience engrossed with its skillful storytelling and deep humanity. To conclude, Island at War is a captivating series that takes viewers on a journey through a challenging time in history, portrayed through the unique lens of the inhabitants of the fictional St. Gregory. With compelling performances, intricate plots, and historical accuracy, it’s a series that compels viewers to explore the complexities inherent in a society under siege.

Island at War is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

Saskia Reeves, Philip Glenister, Owen Teale, Julia Ford, Sean Ward, James Wilby, Sean Gallagher, Joanne Froggatt, Samantha Robinson, Clare Holman
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