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Wonder Wheel is an engaging and captivating drama that was released in 2017 and directed by the immensely talented Woody Allen. The film features an all-star cast that brings an extraordinary depth to the complex and nuanced characters that inhabit the story's captivating setting. At the forefront of this ensemble is pop star turned actor, Justin Timberlake, the independent film darling, Juno Temple, and the devoted character actor, Robert C. Kirk.

Set in the King's iconic Coney Island amusement park in the 1950s, the title of the film, Wonder Wheel, is derived from the park's Ferris wheel. This provides not only a vibrant and nostalgic backdrop for the unfolding drama, but also serves to symbolize the swings and roundabouts of the character's turbulent lives.

Justin Timberlake portrays Mickey Rubin, a lifeguard who seeks to conquer his world through his love for drama and writing. A veritable cornucopia of emotional complexity, his character forms one of the facets of the film's pivotal love triangle. He narrates the story, offering existential musings as a rookie playwright, providing the audience with a unique perspective on the unfolding events.

Juno Temple takes on the role of Carolina, a young woman hiding from her mobster husband. Her character relentlessly drives the narrative forward and brings an element of suspense and danger to the film. With her infectious optimism and yearning for a better future, Temple's character stands at odds with the festering familial dilemma that lies at the heart of the story.

Robert C. Kirk triumphantly achieves the characterisation of the rigger Humpty, the second husband of Ginny who is Mickey’s clandestine lover. Kirk provides a solid performance, portraying a recovering alcoholic whose life is turned upside down by an unexpected visitor from the past.

Creeping into the light next to this mix of characters is Kate Winslet, playing the role of Ginny, whose deep dissatisfaction with life leads her to embark upon an illicit affair, initiating the film's central drama.

With an intense palette of emotions at play, the narrative of Wonder Wheel spirals and dips just like its namesake ride. The shifting loyalties, passions, and prejudices of the characters lead to stunning sequences which remain glued in the audience’s mind.

Adding the finishing touches to the cinematic spectacle is the spectacular cinematography by Vittorio Storaro. His wizardry with colors lends a unique tonality to the film— making the characters come alive against the backdrop of Coney Island in all its vintage glory. His camera lens has captured the gritty underbelly of the amusement park and the fleeting moments of joy and despair that it witnesses.

The script, penned by Woody Allen himself, focuses on exploring not only the depths of human relationships but also individuals' internal conflicts. It could be considered a theatrical tragedy, filled with character flaws, drama, and intense emotional confrontations. The life breathed into this script by the team lifts it from the ordinary to the extraordinary, imbuing it with a memorable emotional intensity consistent throughout the film.

Furthermore, the movie’s ensemble is well-accompanied by the distinctive Jazz soundtrack, providing an immersive and contrasting backdrop to the film's narrative undercurrents—the upbeat tunes sharply juxtaposing the dramatic and often tragic events unfolding before the viewers.

Overall, Wonder Wheel is a tragic yet beautiful tale woven together with remarkable performances, stunning visuals, and skilled direction. The film is an exploration of regret, passion, and desire set against scenic backdrops and melodic tunes. Each character is wonderfully flawed in their way, adding a level of relatability to the audience.

The film unravels itself like the ebb and flow of the sea tides prominent in the background, perfectly encapsulating life's highs and lows, its moments of happiness, and those of despair. The spinning "Wonder Wheel" serves as an apt metaphor for the way life's fortunes can change, providing an ever-changing vista for observers—just as this film does for its viewers.

Wonder Wheel is a Drama, Romance movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 46.

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