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The Born Losers is a 1967 American action film directed by Tom Laughlin, who also stars in the film as the infamous character Billy Jack. The movie introduces Billy Jack as a lone biker, traveling the highways of California. In the movie, a group of teenage girls are kidnapped by a motorcycle gang, whose members beat and rape them one by one.

The main plot of the movie revolves around Billy Jack, who witnesses the gang's appalling acts of violence, and his attempt to bring justice to the victims. The movie follows a typical revenge plot where every character in the movie is seeking revenge for the wrongs that have been done to them.

The movie also features Elizabeth James, who plays a judge's daughter named Vicky Barrington, and Jeremy Slate, who plays the ruthless leader of the motorcycle gang named Danny Carmody.

The pace of the film is set early on, in the opening scene of the movie, when we are introduced to a group of teenage girls who are partying by the beach. We follow their ordeal as they are violently abducted by the group of bikers. Throughout the film, we see Billy Jack’s relentless pursuit to avenge the girls' suffering, with an arsenal of weapons and martial arts skills.

The movie's cast of characters is a mix of bikers, police officers, and everyday people. The Born Losers touches on the broader issue of law and order in society, presented throughout the movie through the inability of the police to fight back the rise of crime on the streets. The movie sends a clear message to the viewers that sometimes good people have to take matters into their own hands to bring justice to the people.

Throughout the course of the movie, a chemistry develops between Billy Jack and Vicky Barrington. There is a subtle romantic connection between the two characters that adds a level of depth to the plot. The film does not overplay this element but gives enough hints to the audience that this could be a potential relationship.

The Born Losers is an action-packed movie filled with suspense and drama. Laughlin does an impressive job of keeping the audience engaged throughout the film, never letting the pace of the movie slow down. The fight sequences in the movie are particularly impressive, with some very dynamic and hard-hitting moves.

The movie has an overall dark tone, with an underlying sense of danger and foreboding throughout the film. It highlights the reality of life in a world where law enforcement has failed, and society is in disarray. The movie is not purely escapist entertainment; it also addresses some urgent social issues of its time, making it a potent example of the exploitation genre.

The Born Losers does not rely on graphic violence to convey its message. Instead, the film focuses on character-driven action, and the audience is drawn in by the raw emotions and vitality of the different characters. The movie points out that justice is elusive, and those who seek it must be prepared to fight for it.

In conclusion, The Born Losers stands out for its unique take on the biker movie genre. It offers an emotionally charged story, combined with action and suspense, making for a gripping film experience. The movie is relevant for its time and even today serves as a timeless reminder of how to take a stand against injustice. Fans of the exploitation genre will find this movie to be a gem; it is genuinely classic fare.

The Born Losers is a Action, Drama, Thriller, Western movie released in 1967. It has a runtime of 113 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9..

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