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In Poison Ivy, film buffs experience a thrilling tale of obsession, deceit, and unraveling of relationships. It was directed by Katt Shea and premiered in 1992.

The story follows the life of a teenage girl named Ivy, played by Drew Barrymore, who befriends a wealthy family while working as a domestic helper in their house. She is charming and manipulative, and her growing obsession with the family eventually causes chaos in their seemingly perfect lives. Ivy, who acts like a sweet girl at first, learns how to manipulate her way into more affluent homes by flirting with both husband and wife.

Her family situation was a mess that was a result of the divorce of her parents, and her mother is living with the consequences of her past while she sees herself as someone special, but is not appreciated by society. In her mind, life owes her something because she has struggled too long, and it's time for her to enjoy the fruits of her labour.

In particular, she manages to charm Sylvie, played by Sara Gilbert, a shy girl who is lonely and not very good at socializing. Ivy manipulates her into becoming her friend, and as the two grow closer, Ivy's true intentions come to light. Sylvie has a father, played by Tom Skerritt, that is a successful publisher who is good to everyone, and is easily manipulated by Ivy.

As the story progresses, Ivy's obsession with this family and her need to belong causes their lives to spiral out of control. She becomes increasingly aggressive and jealous, particularly over Sylvie's father, who sees through her flirtatious ways and tries to keep her at a distance. Despite his attempts to maintain a healthy distance, Ivy's advances become more intense, and she manipulates Sylvie into keeping her secrets and helping her gain access to her father.

The film is a slow burn, with foreboding music enhancing the feeling that Ivy's presence will have far-reaching consequences. You know she is not a saint, and it's just a matter of time before her web unwinds. The themes of obsession, unrequited love, and the consequential power struggles are well presented, causing the viewer to feel uneasy about what is to come.

The storytelling is excellent, as it weaves together the different characters' lives, highlighting Ivy's psychological warfare with each of them. What's more, Barrymore's performance as Ivy is a standout, delivering an impressively deep and unsettling portrayal of a sociopath. The disillusioned expressions, empty smiles and piercing eyes piercing through the soul all seem so realistic. Her innocence, coupled with wickedness, disguises her deceitful nature, making her a captivating - yet dangerous - character.

In summary, Poison Ivy is a captivating psychological thriller, very different from the typical Hollywood movie. It is a film that is both subtle and complex and is sure to keep any audience on the edge of their seats. However, it's not a movie for everyone, especially those who dislike dark themes, as it deals with the psychological realities of obsessive love, manipulation, and the consequence of lies. If you enjoy a slow-paced story of treachery, lies, dark obsession, and psychological warfare, then Poison Ivy is the movie for you.

Poison Ivy is a Thriller, Drama movie released in 1992. It has a runtime of 88 min. (rated version) 92 min. (unrated version). Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 51.

Katt Shea
Drew Barrymore, Sara Gilbert, Tom Skerritt, Cheryl Ladd
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