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Directed by Lewis Teague and penned by popular horror author Stephen King, Cat's Eye is an intriguing anthology film released in 1985. This triptych of terror uses the journey of a wanderlust-driven tabby cat, or more specifically, its glowing eyes, as the film's connective tissue. Its star-studded cast includes Drew Barrymore, James Woods, and Alan King.

The movie weaves together three distinct tales, each with its unique flavor - a testament to Stephen King's imaginative prowess. All three sections tread on wildly diverse paths, fusing elements of horror, suspense, surrealism, and occasional black comedy into one packaged viewing.

The story begins softly focusing on its globetrotting feline protagonist. It ignites the first segment called "Quitters Inc.", where James Woods plays the role of a desperate man after smoking cessation. He crosses path with the owner of Quitters Inc., portrayed by Alan King, who possesses an immensely successful but peculiar technique for making one quit smoking. The therapeutic intervention, unlike any out there, hinges on punishment rather than reward, redefining the limits one could go to change a stubborn lifestyle. The oscillating blend of horror and humor leaves the audience on pins and needles.

The feline protagonist continues its journey into the second segment, titled "The Ledge," against the backdrop of Atlantic City. A wealthy gambler imposes a deadly wager on a tennis pro, who has schemed his wife and stolen his riches. The wager involves circumventing the ledge of a tall building, a high-stakes bet where the penalty of losing is death. It’s a riveting suspense tale with heights, seagulls, and torment, forcing the viewers to the edge of their seats.

Finally, the cat arrives in North Carolina for its third tale, named "The General." A young Drew Barrymore co-stars in this segment as a girl threatened by a mysterious creature living within the walls of her house. The cat that wandered its way into her home now becomes her only savior, promising a nightly battle royale against the ominous threat. This segment, though a tad lighter than the previous two, is equally impacting and once again cements Stephen King's supernatural storytelling talent.

Among the notable elements of Cat's Eye is its clever narrative structure. The film works as an anthology yet maintains sufficient coherence through its feline character. The cat's role is not just a narrative link but also an essential facet of the stories, especially the last one. The steady transition from one tale to another smoothly with the cat's journey as a backdrop provides a distinctive viewing experience.

The film also showcases an engaging mix of danger, suspense, humor, and surrealism, giving it an unconventional edge amongst its contemporaries. Known for their performances, the cast does a commendable job in the film, with James Woods perfectly portraying the distress of a smoker aiming to quit, and a young, charismatic Drew Barrymore bringing her charm to the table in the third segment.

Furthermore, Cat's Eye is a showcase of the exceptional synergy between Lewis Teague's direction and Stephen King's penmanship. The screenplay balances its unique segments, ensuring that none of them steal the limelight from the other, while the direction weaves the stories impeccably, keeping the audience enthralled.

Throughout the film, the soundtrack by Alan Silvestri plays its role expertly, infusing the ‘80s vibes and embedding emotion to every scene. The cinematography, while doing justice to the ‘80s aesthetic, manages to create a captivating visual narrative that complements King's storylines.

In conclusion, Cat's Eye is an anthology film resplendent with horror, suspense, comedy, and surrealism. This movie merges three engrossing tales, from the torment of quitting smoking, the heights of Atlantic City, to the nightmare of a lurking creature, all connected through a seemingly ordinary, yet mysteriously luminescent cat. Whether a horror fanatic or a casual viewer, Cat's Eye from 1985 is sure to offer an enticing addition to your movie list.

Cat's Eye is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 70.

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