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The Boost is a stirring exploration of a couple's rapid ascendance into wealth, their plunge into the despair of addiction, and the toll it takes on their professional and personal lives. Directed by Harold Becker, the film made its debut in 1988 and has since maintained a gripping force powered by the stellar performances of James Woods, Sean Young, and John Kapelos. The film effectively charges into challenging themes of substance abuse, ambition, self-destruction, and the cracks in society that encourage such downfall.

The movie introduces us first to Lenny Brown (James Woods), an honest, hardworking New Yorker. Woods gives an outstanding performance of a man who is tested over his limits, capitalizing on his capacity to evoke a truly believable personality. He effectively portrays a life spiraling out of control as his character grapples with addiction brought on by fast-paced success and profit. Sean Young, another critical figure in the film, portrays Lenny's wife, Linda. Young delivers an exceptional portrayal of Linda’s struggle to hold onto her crumbling life.

The story starts in New York, where Lenny is seen struggling to make a decent living as a real estate agent. Things take a dramatic turn when his path crosses with a wealthy entrepreneur, Max Sherman (played by John Kapelos), who offers him an opportunity that can turn his life around. Max entices Lenny to move to Los Angeles, offering him a lucrative role in his high-flying investment company. Tempted by the potential of wealth and a life of luxury, Lenny and Linda take a leap of faith, eliminating any traces of their humble beginnings.

The plot thus masterfully draws the audience into the couple's giddy rise from a life of struggling to a jet-set, fueled by the financial boom of the 1980s. The couple sees a sudden boost in their lifestyles, exploring a world of sudden affluence they had only dreamed about. They find themselves dwelling amidst grand parties, glamorous people, and a kaleidoscope of instantaneous success.

However, as their social and financial status elevate, so do the excesses that come with the world of the super-wealthy. The couple succumbs to the allure of drugs, namely cocaine, as a way of keeping up and fitting in with the high-octane LA lifestyle. This is where The Boost launches them, and the audience, into the devastating effects of addiction. It quickly becomes apparent how their boosted lifestyle evolves into a debilitating cycle of dependency, deceit, and desperation.

The depth of the story is significantly shaped by a supporting cast that includes Steven Hill, Kelle Kerr, and John Rothman. Their performances add layers of complexity and realism to the narrative, highlighting the impact of the couple's self-destructive trajectory on their relationships with family, friends, and society.

Behind the camera, Harold Becker directs with a deft hand, allowing the story to unfold in a manner that neither glamorizes nor overly dramatizes the dangers of addiction. He masterfully navigates the fine line of portraying a brutal reality without it slipping into the realm of overbearing tragedy. Neatly meshed into the narrative are realistic glimpses of the American business practices of the 1980s, molding a backdrop that serves to amplify the unfolding interplay of wealth, addiction, and the human condition.

While The Boost might seem a departure from Hollywood's typical fairytale stories of 'rags-to-riches,' it holds an unforgettable place in the sphere of drama and thriller films. It stands as a hard-hitting testament to the devastating afflictions of drug abuse, the pitfalls of unbridled ambition, and the insurmountable struggle of battling addiction. Both James Wood and Sean Young give moving performances that render this film a deeply emotional and relatable experience.

The Boost is a sobering view into the darkest corners of the American Dream. It's not only a film about addiction, but it’s a complex narrative highlighting the ever-blurring line between success and self-destruction. This captivating exploration reminds the audience that quick ascensions to the top can often lead to equally rapid falls. A must-watch for those interested in narrative depth and acting prowess, The Boost merges robust character development with a well-crafted storyline, creating an experience that leaves a lasting imprint on the viewer.

The Boost is a Drama, Romance movie released in 1988. It has a runtime of 95 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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