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Firestarter, released in 2022, is a supernatural thriller that revisits the haunting tale of a young girl possessing extraordinary pyrokinetic powers, a chilling concept that was first brought to life by Stephen King in his 1980 novel of the same name. The movie is a fresh adaptation and offers a contemporary take on King's work, blending elements of family drama with the suspense of a government conspiracy.

The film unfolds around the life of Charlie (played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong), an exceptionally gifted child who has inherited pyrokinetic abilities, which allow her to set objects ablaze with just a thought—a frightening and sometimes uncontrollable power that poses both a danger to her and those around her. As she grows older, the intensity and strength of her abilities only continue to increase, leading her parents to worry about her safety and her ability to control this potent force she harbors within.

Zac Efron steps into the role of Andy McGee, Charlie's concerned father. As a young man, Andy partook in a mysterious government experiment that altered his genetic makeup, gifting him with his own set of psychic abilities, which he, in turn, passed on to his daughter. Throughout the movie, Efron's portrayal captures the turbulent emotions of a father who is not only fighting to protect his child from the forces that seek to exploit her but is also struggling with his responsibility for her inherited curse.

Sydney Lemmon plays Vicky, Charlie's mother, who shares a deep bond with her daughter and plays a crucial role in trying to help Charlie manage and understand her incendiary gift. Together, the family navigates a dangerous world that holds little understanding or compassion for those who are different.

As the plot unfolds, the family is forced to live a life on the run, evading a government agency called The Shop. Led by unscrupulous officials who are intent on harnessing Charlie's powers for their own gain, The Shop proves to be an omnipresent threat lurking at every corner. Their agents are relentless, equipped with resources and determination that pose a constant threat to the McGees' search for peace and normalcy.

Firestarter continues to build tension throughout its narrative as the family's situation becomes increasingly perilous. Charlie's struggle to contain her fiery power while confronting the challenges of growing up in an unforgiving world is palpable. The intensity of her abilities is matched only by the intensity of her emotions, something that becomes a key facet throughout the movie. Her father, Andy, who understands what it's like to live with abilities beyond the norm, tries to guide her, teaching her the importance of control and self-restraint, but the duo are constantly tested by external pressures and the chaos that their powers can wreak when left unchecked.

The film is a visual spectacle as well, employing state-of-the-art special effects to bring Charlie's pyrokinetic abilities to life. The combustion and flames are rendered with a detailed intensity that underscores the raw power and inherent danger tied to her gift. As the stakes grow ever higher, so too does the visual grandeur of the fiery manifestations, which serves to heighten the film's dramatic tension.

Director Keith Thomas weaves this ominous tale with a steady hand, focusing not just on the spectacle of Charlie's powers, but also on the emotional tapestry of a family fraught with extraordinary circumstances. This is complemented by a score that underscores the tension and drama, helping to bind the viewer’s emotional experience to the plight of the characters and the escalating narrative stakes.

Thematically, Firestarter delves into the nuances of parental responsibility, the ethics of governmental control, and the fear of the unknown. It invites the audience to contemplate the ways in which society reacts to those it doesn't understand and the lengths to which individuals and institutions will go to harness power. Similarly, it touches upon the coming-of-age journey from an unusual perspective – through the eyes of a child who is far different from her peers, yet shares the same desire for identity, acceptance, and freedom.

In conclusion, Firestarter from 2022 provides audiences with a modern retelling of a classic Stephen King story, blending together familial drama with pulse-pounding suspense. Anchored by the performances of Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, and Sydney Lemmon, the film takes the viewer on a turbulent ride of emotion and action, as it explores the complexities of power, both within and without, igniting a compelling narrative that burns brightly amid the landscape of supernatural thrillers.

Firestarter is a Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 110 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 32.

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